How do I get the Apple keyboard Sound on my Android?

The iconic clicky sounds of Apple’s keyboard have become as recognizable as the company’s sleek product designs. With every tap and click, users are greeted with satisfying, crisp feedback audibly confirming their actions. Since being introduced alongside early MacBooks and iMacs, these signature sounds have persisted across updates and become ingrained into the Apple ecosystem.

In recent years, the keyboard sounds were refreshed in iOS 10 to be even more pleasing and melodic. Many users have raved about the tactile experience the sounds add when typing on iPhone and iPads. On platforms like Reddit, discussions praise the keyboard sounds as one of the most satisfying parts of using Apple devices.

With the sounds being so iconic and appreciated by Apple users, it’s no wonder some Android users want to experience the same auditory feedback. Adding those familiar sounds to an Android device can make it feel more responsive and enjoyable to use.

Understanding the Keyboard Sounds

Apple devices like the iPhone and Mac have distinctive keyboard sounds that play when typing. These audio feedback cues help provide a satisfying tactile experience when pressing keys. The most common keyboard sounds on Apple devices include:

  • Key click sounds – A short tapping noise that plays whenever you press a key. This provides audio confirmation that your finger hit the intended key.
  • Delete key sound – A softer clicking sound for when you press the Delete or Backspace key to remove characters.
  • Lock/modifier key sounds – Lower pitched clicks that sound when you press keys like Caps Lock, Shift, Control, Option, or Command.
  • Quicktype/dictation sounds – Swooshing noises when using dictation or Quicktype word suggestions.
  • Return/Enter key sound – A deeper “thunk” noise for pressing the return or enter key.

These customized sounds are embedded within the iOS and macOS systems to match Apple’s hardware keyboards. They provide intuitive audio feedback, especially helpful when typing without looking at the keys. Apple also allows customizing sound effects or turning them off entirely within system settings.

Why Add Apple Sounds to Android

There are a few key reasons why Android users may want to add the iconic Apple keyboard sounds to their device:

Nostalgia – Many longtime iOS users who switch to Android feel a sense of nostalgia for the familiar tap sounds of the Apple keyboard. The sounds remind them of using their old iPhones and iPads, bringing comfort and familiarity.

Familiarity – Even for those without an iOS background, the Apple keyboard sounds have become globally recognizable through years of Apple’s popularity. The sounds feel familiar from hearing them around us, making them preferred by some over sounds from other keyboards.

Aesthetic preference – Some simply find the crisp, clean Apple tap sounds more pleasing than the keyboard sounds on their Android device. The iconic tap is thought by some to sound more refined. It becomes a matter of personal taste and aesthetics.

By adding these iconic sounds to an Android device, users can elicit feelings of comfort, familiarity, nostalgia, and aesthetic enjoyment. The sounds evoke strong ties to culture, memories, and perceptions of quality.

Methods to Get Apple Sounds

There are a few main ways to get the classic Apple keyboard sounds on your Android device:


One of the easiest ways is to download a keyboard app that replicates the iPhone keyboard and comes with the classic Apple tap sounds. Some popular options include:

Ios Keyboard For Android – This app provides an iOS-style keyboard and lets you customize the key tap sounds.

Ringtones and Notification Tones

You can also set the Apple keyboard sounds as your ringtones or notification tones, so you hear them frequently. Search for “iPhone keyboard sound” on sites like Zedge to find audio files you can download as ringtones or notifications.

Customizing Sounds

Some Android keyboards like Gboard allow you to customize the key tap sounds. You can download the Apple keyboard audio files and upload them to set as your custom tap sounds.

With these methods, you can get the classic Apple keyboard tap sounds on your Android device through a dedicated keyboard app, custom ringtones/notifications, or customizing your existing keyboard.

Best Apps for Apple Sounds

There are a few great apps on the Google Play Store that allow you to easily add Apple keyboard sounds to your Android device.


iKeyboard is one of the most popular and highly-rated apps for getting Apple sounds on Android. It provides an impressive library of over 150 different Apple audio files you can set for your ringtones, notifications, and keyboard taps. The app also lets you fully customize the sounds with options for pitch, speed, echo, and more. It’s easy to use with a clean interface.

Apple Ringtones & Sounds

Apple Ringtones & Sounds, as the name suggests, gives you access to a wide variety of ringtones, alerts, and keyboard tap sounds pulled directly from iPhone system sounds. You can manually assign sounds to contacts or set them as keyboard tap sounds. The app also includes a ringtone manager and audio cutter for customizing your selections.


For a simple yet effective option, check out iSound. It focuses specifically on recreating the iPhone keyboard sounds and haptics experience. Just select your favorite key tap sound effect and vibration pattern to match iPhone. The basic app is free and comes with a few sounds to choose from.

Using Ringtones and Notifications

One of the most popular reasons Android users want Apple sounds is to use them for ringtones and notifications. Setting an Apple sound as your ringtone or notification on Android is a great way to customize your device.

To set an Apple sound as your ringtone on Android:

  1. Download an app like iPhone Sounds for Android that contains Apple ringtones and alerts.
  2. Open the app and browse the available sounds.
  3. Tap on a sound you want to use. The app will open a menu allowing you to set it as your ringtone or notification.
  4. Follow the prompts to select it as your default ringtone or notification sound.

You can also download Apple sound files online and use a free ringtone maker app to convert them to ringtones for Android. Just make sure the sound file is in .mp3 or .m4r format.

Setting Apple sounds as your ringtones or notifications is an easy way to customize your Android and make it feel more like an iPhone. The sounds are crisp, clear, and add a touch of personality.

Customizing the Sounds

Once you have apple keyboard sounds installed, there are ways to further customize and personalize the sounds to your liking. This involves changing out individual sound files or mixing and matching to create unique combinations.

Most keyboard apps that provide iOS sounds will have an area in the settings to manage sounds. Here you can usually swap out button press sounds, keypress clicks, and other effects. By downloading additional sound packs from the Google Play Store, you can integrate new sounds into the iOS keyboard experience on your Android device.

For example, the popular GO Keyboard allows changing out individual keypress sounds and also has an audio mixer to adjust relative volumes of the different sounds. This allows seamlessly blending Apple keyboard sounds with other sound packs for a customized audio experience.

With a little audio editing knowledge, you can even modify the Apple keyboard sound files themselves using audio software on a computer. This allows adjusting volume, pitch, adding effects, merging with other sounds, and more for complete flexibility.

By utilizing these customization options, Android users can tailor the Apple keyboard sounds on their devices to match their personal preferences. The default iPhone key clicks and button presses can be tweaked and modified endlessly for a unique keyboard sound signature.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you are having problems getting the Apple keyboard sounds to work properly on your Android device, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

First, check that the keyboard sound effects are actually enabled in your Android device’s settings. Open Settings, go to Sound & Vibration > Keyboard sounds and make sure the keyboard sound toggle is switched on.

If keyboard sounds are enabled but still not working, try restarting your Android device. Sometimes a simple reboot can resolve minor software glitches.

Check for any available software updates for your Android device and install them. Updates sometimes include bug fixes that could resolve keyboard sound problems.

Try disabling any battery saver modes or power saving settings that may prevent keyboard sounds from working properly. These settings can sometimes mute certain audio effects.

If you are using a third-party keyboard app, open its settings and look for a sound toggle to make sure sound effects are enabled.

Make sure your device’s media volume is turned up high enough to hear keyboard sounds. Press the volume keys on your device while typing to check.

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall both the keyboard app and sound effect app you are using. This can eliminate any corrupted files causing issues.

If nothing seems to work, it may be an compatibility issue with that particular keyboard or sound app on your Android model. Trying another highly rated keyboard and sound effect app may resolve the problem.

Considerations and Drawbacks

While adding Apple’s keyboard sounds to an Android device can be appealing, there are some downsides to keep in mind.

One main consideration is the limits of the Android operating system. Android is designed differently than iOS, so certain features like Apple’s tap sounds may not translate perfectly when ported over. The sounds may not integrate seamlessly into Android, and could potentially cause performance or battery drain issues.

This brings us to the next drawback – potential battery drain. The keyboard tap sounds will require additional processing power to generate, which can put extra strain on your device’s battery. This is especially true if you enable the sounds for the default keyboard app. Constantly triggering tap sounds with every key press could noticeably reduce battery life over time.[1]

It’s also worth considering if the Apple keyboard sounds will get annoying over time. Some Android users may find the tap sounds become a distraction, especially if typing frequently. While initially fun, the sounds may lose their novelty after prolonged use.

Overall, adding Apple’s keyboard sounds to an Android device may not provide the exact same seamless experience as on iOS. Carefully weigh the potential downsides before deciding if it’s worth implementing.


Adding the Apple keyboard sounds to your Android device can be a fun customization that makes your phone feel more unique. While the process does involve downloading third-party apps, the methods covered in this guide are free and easy to implement. Just be sure to choose a highly-rated app with positive reviews to avoid bugs or security issues.

In the end, the choice comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy the crisp, tactile clicks of the iPhone keyboard, downloading these custom sounds is an easy way to recreate that experience on an Android. It can lend familiarity and appeal if you’re switching from iOS to Android. However, some users may find the sounds distracting after a while. Make sure to tweak the volume and test the sounds extensively before committing.

Overall, customizing your Android with Apple’s keyboard clicks is harmless and reversible. If you ever want to return to the default sounds, simply delete the sound pack app or switch the setting back. Whether you’re an Apple fan who wants a taste of iOS or just bored with the standard Android tones, this simple hack lets you personalize your keyboard in a fun new way.

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