How do I set a song as my alarm on Android?

Android phones offer the ability to set any song as an alarm sound instead of using the default system alarm tones. You can pick songs from music apps on your phone, such as Spotify or YouTube Music, or use mp3 files saved on your device.[1] This allows you to wake up to your favorite songs or energetic tracks that can help jumpstart your morning.


Before setting a song as your alarm tone, make sure your Android device meets the minimum requirements:

  • You’ll need an Android phone or tablet running Android 5.0 or higher. Older versions of Android do not support custom alarm tones.
  • Your device should have enough built-in storage or an SD card to save the song file.
  • You’ll need access to the song file, either downloaded onto your device already or accessible on a streaming service.

As long as your Android device meets these requirements, you should be able to use any song as your alarm tone.

Access Alarm Settings

To access your alarm settings on an Android phone, you’ll first need to open the Clock app. The Clock app comes pre-installed on most Android devices and can be found in your app drawer or home screen.

Once you have the Clock app open, tap on the “Alarm” tab at the bottom of the screen. This tab may show a bell or alarm clock icon. Tapping this tab will take you into the device’s alarm settings where you can view, edit, create and delete alarms (1).

If you don’t see the Alarm tab, tap on the menu button or navigation drawer in the Clock app to access tabs and settings (2). The Alarm tab may be located there.

Add a New Alarm

To add a new alarm on Android, simply tap the + icon in the top right corner of the Alarms screen in the Clock app. This will open the Add Alarm screen where you can configure the details for your new alarm.

According to the Android Help article “Set, cancel, or snooze alarms,” you can add a new alarm by tapping Add when viewing your list of existing alarms in the Clock app.

The Android Police article “How to quickly set an alarm on your Android phone” also mentions tapping the + icon to add a new alarm after opening the Alarms section of the Clock app.

Set Alarm Details

Once you’ve created a new alarm, you can customize all the details for when it goes off. Here are the steps to set the specifics:

  • Set Time – Tap on the time listed below the alarm and a pop-up will appear allowing you to set the exact hour and minutes. Scroll through to find the desired time.
  • Choose Days – By default the alarm is set for everyday but you can limit it to weekdays or weekends by tapping on the days of the week listed. The selected days will be highlighted.
  • Label – Tap on the label, which defaults to the set time, to give your alarm a custom name like “Morning Alarm.”
  • Repeat – Choose if you want the alarm to repeat by selecting the repeat option. You can set it to repeat daily, on weekdays, on weekends, etc.
  • Vibrate – Tap the vibrate icon to toggle vibration on or off when the alarm goes off.
  • Delete – If you want to delete the alarm, tap on the trash icon.

Customize any of these options to set your desired schedule and label for when the alarm activates.

Select Sound

Once you have opened the alarm settings and created a new alarm, the next step is to select the sound for the alarm. By default, most Android phones will have a selection of ringtones and notification sounds to choose from. However, if you want to set a song as your alarm sound, you will need to tap the “Sound” option.

When you tap on Sound, you will see a list of the default sounds provided by Android. To pick a song instead, you need to tap on the “Music” option at the bottom of this list. Tapping on Music will give you access to all of the audio files and songs stored on your Android device.

According to AlphaR, once you tap the Music option, you can browse your music library and select any song you want to set as your alarm sound. This includes music you may have downloaded or synced to your device from iTunes or another music app.

Choose Song

Once you are in the alarm sound menu, you will see options to browse your music files and select a song to set as your alarm. Here are the steps:

Tap on the “Music” tab – this will open up your music library. Browse through your artists, albums, songs etc.

When you find the song you want, tap on it to select it. The song title will be populated in the Alarm sound field.

Some Android phones may have a built-in music app like Google Play Music, while others have third party apps. The steps are generally the same, allowing you to browse your music library and select a song.

Choose a song that is upbeat and that you enjoy, to start your day off right! Selecting a gradual song with a fade-in intro is also a gentler way to wake up.

Adjust Song Volume

Once you have selected the song you want for your alarm, you can adjust the volume to your liking. The song will play at full volume by default, but you may want to lower the volume so the alarm isn’t too jarring when it goes off.

To adjust the volume, simply use the volume slider in the alarm settings. Drag the slider to the left to lower the volume or to the right to increase it. You can set the volume to anywhere from silent to full volume. Find the level that suits you best.

Setting the volume lower can make waking up to your favorite song more pleasant. You’ll still be roused by the alarm, but it will start softly and then gradually increase to a reasonable level. This is gentler than suddenly blasting music at full volume.

Test out some different volume levels and choose what works best for you. The alarm preview lets you get a sense of the volume before saving your alarm. Adjust until you find the perfect volume to start your day right.

Save Alarm

Once you have selected the song and adjusted the volume level, it’s time to save your new alarm. Here are the steps:

1. After choosing the song and volume, tap the “OK” button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. This will take you back to the main Alarm screen that shows all your alarms.

3. You should now see your new alarm with the song listed under the alarm details.

4. Tap “OK” or the back button to save the alarm.

The alarm is now saved and will play the song at the set time. Tap OK to save the alarm with the song.


In summary, setting a song as your alarm on Android requires a few simple steps. First, access your alarm settings, then add a new alarm or edit an existing one. Tap on the alarm sound to change it, select “Pick a song” and browse your music library to choose the desired song. You can then adjust the volume for that alarm sound specifically. Finally, save your changes and the chosen song will play when the alarm goes off. With just a few taps, you can wake up to your favorite tunes and start your day right.

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