Is Amazon Music Unlimited available on Android Auto?

Introducing Android Auto and Amazon Music Unlimited

Android Auto is a phone projection system developed by Google to allow Android phones to integrate with vehicle infotainment systems. It was first announced in 2014 and allows users to access apps and services on their phone through the vehicle’s dashboard screen. This provides a safer and more seamless experience than looking at the phone directly while driving. Android Auto aims to minimize distractions and streamline using apps like Google Maps, streaming music services, and communications tools hands-free. According to Straits Research, Android Auto held a 35% market share of in-vehicle infotainment systems in 2022.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium music streaming service developed by Amazon. It provides access to over 90 million songs on-demand without ads. Users can download songs for offline playback and access exclusive albums and playlists. Amazon Music Unlimited provides curated playlists and personalized recommendations tailored to each user. It can be accessed across devices like smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and computers. Key features include high-quality audio, on-demand playback, and offline downloads. Amazon Music Unlimited competes with services like Spotify and Apple Music in the music streaming market.

Android Auto Compatibility

Android Auto is compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 2015 and many aftermarket stereos from manufacturers like Pioneer, Kenwood, and JVC (source). However, compatibility depends on both the head unit in the vehicle and the smartphone being used.

For vehicles, Android Auto requires a compatible head unit with a touchscreen display. Over 500 different vehicle models support Android Auto, including popular models from Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and more. Google maintains a regularly updated list of compatible vehicles and head units on their Android Auto website (source).

On the smartphone side, Android Auto requires phones running Android 6.0 or higher that support 5V/1.5A power charging. Most modern Android phones from Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, and other brands are compatible. The smartphone must be connected to the head unit via USB cable for wired Android Auto functionality.

For wireless Android Auto connectivity, which allows using Android Auto without plugging the phone in, both the head unit and phone must support wireless mode. Only select head units and phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 series support this currently (source). Wired connection via USB is still more common.

Using Amazon Music on Android Auto

Connecting Amazon Music to Android Auto is straightforward. First, make sure both the Amazon Music and Android Auto apps are installed on your Android phone. Open the Android Auto app and connect your phone to your car’s infotainment system either via USB cable or wireless Android Auto.

Once connected, tap the media icon on your car’s display and select Amazon Music as the audio source. Android Auto will launch the Amazon Music app and begin playing music from your library or customized stations. You can then use your car’s controls or voice commands to browse and play content from Amazon Music just like any other media app.

However, there are some limitations to using Amazon Music on Android Auto compared to the standalone app on your phone:

  • Playback is limited to songs and stations in your library – you cannot browse Amazon’s full catalog of music or start new stations from scratch while using Android Auto.
  • Advanced features like spatial audio and high-quality streaming are not supported.
  • Downloading music for offline playback is not possible through the Android Auto interface.
  • There is no access to Amazon Music podcasts, live streams, or other exclusive content.

While the ability to access your personal Amazon Music library is useful, the app’s capabilities are constrained due to restrictions within Android Auto itself. For full access to Amazon Music, you still need to directly use the mobile app on your phone.

Advantages of Amazon Music on Android Auto

One of the biggest advantages of using Amazon Music on Android Auto is the seamless access it provides to your full music library. Once you link your Amazon Music account to Android Auto, you’ll be able to access all of your playlists, stations, recently played songs, and more through your car’s infotainment system. This makes it easy to continue listening to music you enjoy without having to build new playlists or re-find favorite songs.

Another key benefit is the hands-free voice control capabilities. Android Auto allows you to use “OK Google” voice commands to search for and play music from Amazon Music. You can say things like “OK Google, play my Dinner Party playlist on Amazon Music” or “OK Google, play some upbeat pop on Amazon Music.” This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while controlling your tunes.

Overall, the seamless integration and voice control help make listening to Amazon Music a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience on Android Auto. You get access to your full music library without the distraction of handling your phone while driving.

Disadvantages and Limitations of Amazon Music on Android Auto

One of the main disadvantages of using Amazon Music on Android Auto is the inability to download songs for offline listening. Since Android Auto requires an internet connection to stream music from Amazon Music, you cannot listen to tracks if you lose connectivity.

This can be frustrating for those who like to download playlists for trips without reliable cell service or data. With Amazon Music’s mobile apps, you can download music to listen offline, but this feature does not extend to Android Auto.

Another limitation is the restricted navigation of app features in Android Auto. Because it is optimized for safe driving, the Android Auto interface limits what you can do within the Amazon Music app. Actions like browsing music or stations, viewing your library, and managing playlists are restricted or unavailable.

This means you have less control over music playback and discovery versus using the full mobile app. You are largely limited to playing existing playlists and albums rather than deeply exploring the Amazon Music library.

While these disadvantages do not make Amazon Music unusable on Android Auto, they may influence one’s enjoyment and access to music while driving. Users who rely heavily on offline listening or app navigation may find the experience lacking compared to other music apps.

Comparison to Other Music Services

When it comes to music services that work with Android Auto, Amazon Music Unlimited has some key differences compared to rivals like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

One advantage Amazon Music Unlimited has is integration with Alexa and Echo devices, allowing voice commands through Android Auto. Spotify and Apple Music lack native integration with Alexa, which can be a perk for existing Amazon ecosystem users. However, Spotify does have its own voice assistant capability.

In terms of music selection, Amazon Music Unlimited’s 75 million song catalog is comparable to Spotify and Apple Music’s libraries of over 80 million songs. Google Play Music, now replaced by YouTube Music, historically had a smaller catalog. An area where Amazon lags is podcasts – Spotify and Apple offer much more robust podcast libraries [1].

When it comes to pricing, plans are very similar across the major services. Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music all offer $9.99/month individual plans. Amazon does have a slight edge for Echo device owners, with discounted $3.99/month individual plans available.

Lastly, while Android Auto compatibility is excellent across the board, Apple Music naturally has some limitations given its iOS focus. Features like Siri requests do not work on Android Auto. Meanwhile, YouTube Music lacks a download for offline listening feature, which Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music all offer.

Tips for Using Amazon Music on Android Auto

Here are some recommendations for getting the most out of using Amazon Music with Android Auto:

Make sure you have the latest version of the Amazon Music app installed on your Android phone. Keeping the app updated ensures you have all the latest features and improvements for Android Auto compatibility. You can check for updates in the Google Play Store.

If you are having trouble getting Amazon Music to work on Android Auto, try re-linking your phone through the Android Auto app. Go to Settings > Connected cars and select your car, then tap “Forget” and relink your phone.

Use voice commands as much as possible when accessing Amazon Music through Android Auto. You can use commands like “Play [song name]” or “Play music by [artist]” to quickly start playback without needing to manually browse menus.

If you want to play a specific album, playlist or station, build these in the Amazon Music app first before connecting to Android Auto. This allows you to easily access your pre-built content using voice commands.

Bookmark your most-listened to playlists, albums and stations in the Amazon Music app for quick access. The Android Auto home screen surfaces these bookmarked items prominently.

One limitation is that you cannot currently search for music directly through Android Auto. Search for artists, albums, songs etc. within the Amazon Music app before connecting. Or, ask Alexa on your phone to play content.

Currently, you cannot download tracks for offline listening within the Android Auto interface. Downloads must be managed in the Amazon Music app prior to connecting.

The Future of Amazon Music on Android Auto

There is optimism that Amazon Music support on Android Auto will improve in the future, based on comments from Amazon and Google. According to a recent Reddit thread, an Amazon spokesperson said the company is “actively working with Google to provide full integration between Amazon Music and Android Auto in future updates” (Source). This indicates that Amazon is prioritizing improved Android Auto capabilities.

Google has also acknowledged the customer demand for better Amazon Music integration. On a support thread, a community specialist said “The Android Auto team is aware that many users want full Amazon Music Unlimited support” and suggested potential improvements are planned (Source).

As the Android Auto platform evolves, we may see features like voice commands, playlists, and recommendations added for Amazon Music. The adoption of Android Automotive OS in vehicles also bodes well for Amazon Music, as demonstrated by the recent Amazon Music app release (Source). With Amazon and Google incentivized to improve the experience, the future looks promising.


Amazon Music Unlimited is fully compatible and available for Android Auto as of 2022. By linking your Amazon Music account to the Android Auto app, you can easily access your full music library and customized playlists directly on your car’s infotainment system screen.

The Android Auto interface for Amazon Music provides a seamless and intuitive in-car listening experience. You get full playback controls, album/playlist browsing, and voice commands via Google Assistant. Audio playback quality is excellent, on par with using the Amazon Music app directly on your Android phone.

Overall, Amazon Music on Android Auto offers a great hands-free way to listen to your music collection on the go. The integration works smoothly, with few disadvantages besides potential data usage if not on WiFi. For Amazon Music subscribers, having full access right from your car’s infotainment system is a major convenience while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using Amazon Music on Android Auto:

Does Amazon Music Unlimited work with Android Auto?

Yes, Amazon Music Unlimited is fully compatible with Android Auto. As long as you have an active Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you can stream music through the Android Auto interface in your vehicle.

What devices support Amazon Music on Android Auto?

Any Android smartphone running Android 5.0 or newer that supports Android Auto can play Amazon Music through Android Auto. Your car’s infotainment system must also be compatible with Android Auto. Consult your car’s manual or the Android Auto website to check compatibility.

How do I get Amazon Music on my Android Auto screen?

Once you connect your Android phone to your car’s infotainment system via USB, the Android Auto interface will launch on your vehicle’s display. Open the music app in Android Auto and select Amazon Music to start streaming. Make sure the latest versions of both apps are installed.

Can I access my full Amazon Music library in Android Auto?

Yes, you can access your entire Amazon Music library including playlists, stations, downloaded songs and more through the Android Auto interface. Streaming may depend on your data connection.

How do I control playback in Android Auto?

You can control Amazon Music playback in Android Auto using your car’s infotainment system controls or voice commands. Use your steering wheel buttons or touchscreen to pause, skip tracks, adjust volume and more. You can also use voice commands like “Play songs by The Beatles” or “Play my Driving playlist”.

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