Can Google Voice be used with a VoIP phone?

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a telephony service offered by Google. It provides users with a phone number that can be used to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access voicemail. Some key features of Google Voice include:

– Call forwarding – Google Voice can forward calls made to your Google Voice number to any phone number you choose, such as your cell phone, landline, or office number. This allows you to have a single number that rings multiple phones.

– Voicemail transcription – Voicemails left on a Google Voice number can be automatically transcribed into text so users can read their voicemails.

– Web calling – Users can make and receive calls over the internet using the Google Voice website or mobile app, without needing a traditional phone line.

– SMS support – Google Voice provides an SMS/text messaging service using the Google Voice number. Users can send and receive texts as they would with a regular phone number.

– Visual voicemail – Google Voice offers a visual voicemail system that lets users browse, search, and playback voicemails in any order.

In summary, Google Voice gives users advanced telephony features and acts as a central hub for managing calls over multiple devices using one phone number provided by Google (Cite Source).

What features does Google Voice provide?

Google Voice offers several key features, including:


Google Voice provides free voicemail for all incoming calls. Voicemails are transcribed and can be accessed via email or the Google Voice app (source:

Call forwarding

Google Voice allows you to forward calls to any phone number, including landlines and mobile numbers. This allows you to receive calls on different devices (source:


Google Voice supports sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages through your Google Voice number. Messages can be accessed through the mobile app or web interface (source:–features-and-benefits).

Conference calling

Google Voice allows you to set up conference calls with up to 10 participants. This provides an easy way to hold group calls using your Google Voice number (source:

How does Google Voice work?

Google Voice works by using your existing Google Account. When you sign up for Google Voice, it assigns you a unique Google Voice phone number. This number can be used to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access voicemail.

Google Voice integrates with your existing mobile device and phone number. It can ring multiple phones simultaneously when someone calls your Google Voice number. You can also make calls out from your Google Voice number, even when you are calling from your regular mobile device. Google Voice will connect the call and show your Google Voice number as the caller ID.

Some key features of how Google Voice works:

  • Voicemail transcription – Google Voice can transcribe voicemail messages and deliver them to your email or the Google Voice app.
  • Text messaging – You can send and receive texts for free using your Google Voice number.
  • Call forwarding – Google Voice can ring all your devices simultaneously when you get a call.
  • Web calling – You can make calls directly within Gmail using your Google Voice number.

Overall, Google Voice aims to centralize your calling and text messaging by providing you with a single number that integrates across devices and platforms using your Google account. This provides added convenience, flexibility and functionality compared to just using a mobile device alone.

What is VoIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol [1]. It is a communication technology that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet or other IP networks. VoIP converts analog audio signals like your voice into digital data packets that can be transmitted over the Internet. A VoIP phone service essentially allows you to make and receive calls using an Internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line.

VoIP works by digitizing voice signals and transmitting that digital data using Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP users make and receive calls through IP phone equipment connected to the Internet [2]. Generally VoIP services use broadband Internet connections, wireless Internet, 4G, or cable connections to route calls. Some key advantages of VoIP include lower costs, more features, and greater flexibility compared to traditional analog phone services.



Can you use Google Voice with VoIP?

Yes, Google Voice is compatible with many VoIP phone services. According to Google Support, Google Voice works specifically with Poly desk phones that have OBi Edition firmware installed. The OBi Edition firmware allows the Poly phones to connect to the Google Voice service.

While Google Voice is not compatible out of the box with all VoIP providers, it is possible to get it working with services like Ooma, Obihai, and Vonage using an OBi adapter. The adapter connects between your VoIP phone and the internet to route calls through Google Voice. This allows you to have a physical VoIP desk phone working seamlessly with Google Voice.

So in summary – yes, Google Voice does work with VoIP services, especially if you use Poly phones with OBi firmware or an OBi adapter to connect other VoIP phones to Google Voice.

How to connect Google Voice to VoIP

Connecting your Google Voice number to a VoIP service is a simple process. Here are the steps to link your GV number to a VoIP service account:

1. Sign into your Google Voice account and navigate to Settings > Phones.

2. Click “Add another phone” and select “Add VoIP phone”.

3. Enter a nickname for your VoIP phone and the SIP credentials provided by your VoIP service. This includes the SIP username and password.

4. Click “Save phone”. Google Voice will call your VoIP phone number to verify it.

5. Answer the call on your VoIP phone to complete the verification process. Google Voice will now be linked to your VoIP service.

6. Set your Google Voice number to forward calls to your VoIP number.

Now incoming calls to your Google Voice number will ring through to your VoIP phone. You can place outgoing calls using your VoIP service that will show your GV caller ID.

Benefits of using Google Voice with VoIP

There are several advantages to using Google Voice with VoIP services. One of the main benefits is having a single number that rings multiple devices. With Google Voice, calls to your Google Voice number can ring your cell phone, landline, and VoIP phone simultaneously (Learn the Benefits of Google Voice for business). This allows you to receive calls regardless of where you are or what device you’re using.

Google Voice also provides advanced features like voicemail transcription, call screening, call recording, and more. These features can help improve your productivity and organization when handling calls (How Google Voice Works – The Complete Guide). Having easy access to your voicemails and call history through the Google Voice app makes it simple to stay on top of important communications.

Additionally, using Google Voice with VoIP is extremely cost effective. Google Voice provides a free phone number, and domestic calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from the mobile app or website. International rates are low cost as well. When paired with an inexpensive VoIP service, you can make and receive calls through Google Voice at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service.

Drawbacks of using Google Voice with VoIP

While using Google Voice with VoIP can provide benefits like cost savings and advanced features, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well. One drawback cited by some users is possible call quality issues.

Because Google Voice depends on an internet connection to function, any disruption in connectivity can lead to choppy audio, lag, or dropped calls. This may be more likely when using Google Voice with VoIP compared to traditional phone service. Slow internet speeds or an unstable connection may impact call reliability.

Additionally, setting up Google Voice with VoIP can require more technical complexity than using Google Voice on its own or with a regular phone line. Successfully connecting Google Voice with a VoIP system requires coordinating and configuring multiple services and devices. This setup process may be daunting for less tech-savvy users.

According to some reviews on TrustRadius, the lack of customer service support from Google is another downside, making troubleshooting any issues more challenging (source). Overall, evaluating if the advantages outweigh potential drawbacks requires assessing your specific needs and setup.

Top VoIP services for Google Voice

When looking for a VoIP service to use with Google Voice, there are several top options to consider:

1. Ooma Office – Ooma offers a reliable VoIP service with competitive pricing and advanced features like call routing and virtual receptionist. It works seamlessly with Google Voice.

2. Aircall – Aircall is designed specifically for business use and integrates well with Google Voice for call management. It has an intuitive cloud-based interface.

3. VOIPo – VOIPo is a business-focused VoIP provider with competitive rates and advanced PBX features compatible with Google Voice.

4. Vonage Business Cloud – Vonage offers robust business VoIP plans that integrate with Google Voice for full call management and routing capabilities.

5. 8×8 – 8×8 provides enterprise-level VoIP with full integration with Google Voice and advanced call analytics.


In summary, Google Voice can be integrated with VoIP services to create a robust virtual phone system. By linking a Google Voice number to a VoIP service like Vonage, Ooma, or Nextiva, you get the call management features of Google Voice combined with the call quality and capabilities of VoIP. Key benefits of this setup include:

  • Route calls intelligently using Google Voice’s call screening, call forwarding, and voicemail transcription
  • Make and receive calls over VoIP with good call quality and reliability
  • Unify multiple phone numbers into one Google Voice number
  • Transcribe voicemails into text for easier access
  • Continue using your Google Voice number if you switch VoIP providers

There are a few potential drawbacks like emergency calling limitations, but overall using Google Voice with VoIP can create an affordable and powerful phone system for businesses and individuals. For those seeking an integrated virtual phone solution, linking Google Voice to a VoIP service is a compelling option worth exploring.

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