Can I delete Amazon Music app?

What is the Amazon Music App?

The Amazon Music app allows users to stream music from the Amazon Music service on various devices. According to Amazon’s website, Amazon Music is an on-demand streaming music service, similar to Spotify or Apple Music, that offers a catalog of 100 million songs ad-free.

The Amazon Music app comes pre-installed on many Amazon devices, including Amazon Echo smart speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices. It is also available as a free download for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as a desktop app for Windows and Mac computers. Some key details about the Amazon Music app:

  • Streams music from an Amazon Music subscription, either Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime Music (for Prime members).
  • Allows users to download songs for offline listening.
  • Access music libraries and personalized playlists.
  • Play music on multiple device types, with syncing capabilities.

Reasons to Delete the Amazon Music App

There are several reasons why you may want to delete the Amazon Music app from your device:

  • Save storage space. The Amazon Music app can take up a decent amount of storage space on your device. Deleting it may free up storage to install other apps or store more photos/videos.
  • Remove unused apps. If you don’t use the Amazon Music app, deleting it removes clutter and unused apps from your device.
  • Stop accidental charges. If you accidentally start an Amazon Music subscription, deleting the app can prevent further charges.
  • Privacy concerns. Some users prefer deleting apps they don’t use regularly to protect their privacy (source).

The amount of storage space freed up will vary depending on your device and the amount of content saved locally within the app. But removing unused apps generally helps minimize clutter and device storage issues.

How to Delete the Amazon Music App

The process to delete the Amazon Music app varies slightly depending on your device and operating system. Here are the steps for the most common devices:


To delete the Amazon Music app from an iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap General > iPhone Storage
  3. Find Amazon Music in the list and tap on it
  4. Tap Delete App > Delete App again to confirm

This will remove the app from your iPhone but keep your music library intact (1).

What Happens When You Delete the App?

When you delete the Amazon Music app from your device, you will lose any offline music downloads that were saved for listening without an internet connection (source). The app itself acts as the access point to stream or play downloaded music from your Amazon Music library.

If you reinstall the Amazon Music app later on the same device, you will need to redownload any music you want available for offline listening. Your full music library and any playlists are still saved in your Amazon Music account online, but you’ll have to download songs again for offline access.

Deleting the app does not cancel your Amazon Music subscription or remove anything from your library. It just takes away the access point to that music from your device. As soon as you reinstall the app and sign in again, you will have full access to your library and account details.

Alternatives to Deleting the App

Before deleting the Amazon Music app completely, there are a few alternatives you may want to try:

  • Turn off auto-renew for your Amazon Music subscription. This will allow you to keep using the app but prevent being unexpectedly charged for renewal. You can manage your settings in Amazon Account Settings.
  • Restrict permissions for the app so it has less access to data on your device. Go to Settings > Apps > Amazon Music > App Permissions. Turn off permissions you don’t want to grant.
  • Clear the cache and data for the app to delete temporary files and reset it. Go to Settings > Apps > Amazon Music > Storage. Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data. This will delete offline songs.

These options allow you to keep using the music library and recommendations you’ve built up in the app without fully deleting it. You maintain more control over app functionality and data access.

Many users find limiting permissions and turning off auto-renew solves issues rather than requiring full deletion. However, if problems persist, deleting the app and subscribing to an alternative like Spotify or Apple Music may be the best approach. Carefully consider the pros and cons before deleting.

Recovering Your Music Library

If you decide to reinstall the Amazon Music app after deleting it, you’ll be able to fully recover your music library. When you sign back into your Amazon account in the app, it will automatically sync and restore your entire library from the Amazon Music servers.

Any downloaded content or playlists saved for offline listening will need to be re-downloaded. You can do this by going to the song, album, or playlist and selecting the download option. Allow time for all content to sync back to your device.

According to an Amazon customer support document, you can also force a manual refresh of your music library using these steps. This might help restore missing songs or albums if they don’t automatically reappear.

Using this process, you should be able to fully reinstate everything in your music library after deleting and reinstalling the Amazon Music app. Let the app completely resync upon logging back in for the first time to avoid any issues accessing previous purchases or Prime selections.

Cancelling an Amazon Music Subscription

If you no longer want to pay for an Amazon Music subscription, you can cancel it by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Amazon Music Settings

Step 2: Go to the Amazon Music Unlimited section if you have that subscription. If you only have a Prime or single device subscription, go to that section instead.

Step 3: Select the “Cancel” option to cancel auto-renewal of your subscription. Confirm that you want to cancel when prompted.

Keep in mind that Amazon offers different music subscriptions:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited is the premium subscription with over 75 million songs.
  • Amazon Music (Prime) is included with a Prime membership and has 2 million songs.
  • Single device plans allow downloads to one device only.

So when you go to cancel, make sure you are canceling the correct subscription based on which one you originally signed up for.

Once canceled, you’ll be able to use the subscription until the end of the current billing period. You won’t be charged again unless you re-activate the auto-renewal option.

Listening to Amazon Music Without the App

If you decide to delete the Amazon Music app but still want access to your music library, there are a couple options to stream without needing the app installed:

Access via Web Browser

You can access your Amazon Music account by visiting in any web browser. After logging into your Amazon account, you’ll have full access to your music library and can stream songs and playlists just like in the app. This works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Use Alexa Voice Commands

If you have an Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo, you can use voice commands to request songs from your Amazon Music library. Just say “Alexa, play [song name/artist]” and Alexa will stream the music directly from your account without needing the app.

So even without the app, you still have options to listen to download music from Amazon. The web browser gives you full access while Alexa allows hands-free voice control.

Pros and Cons of Deleting the Amazon Music App

There are several pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to delete the Amazon Music app from your device. Here are some of the main benefits and downsides to weigh:


  • Deleting the app saves storage space on your device (source)
  • Removing the app provides more privacy and app access control
  • Deleting can help avoid unwanted subscription charges if you no longer wish to use Amazon Music


  • Any downloaded music will be lost if you delete the app
  • Accessing Amazon Music will be less convenient without the app

As the pros and cons show, deciding whether or not to delete the Amazon Music app depends largely on your personal usage and preferences. The main benefits relate to saving space and avoiding unwanted charges, while the main cost is losing access to downloaded content and making it less convenient to stream music.


In summary, the Amazon Music app provides a way to listen to music and other content from Amazon’s digital library. Reasons for deleting it include the desire to free up space on your device, disliking Amazon’s platform or music selection, or no longer wanting to use the service. The app itself is generally safe and straightforward to remove.

Before deleting the app, consider whether you still want access to your Amazon Music library and playlists. You can listen on the Amazon Music website instead of the app, but functionality may be reduced. Also weigh alternatives like turning off auto-updates or restricting background data usage if space is your concern.

In the end, if you are sure you no longer want the Amazon Music app, deleting it is a simple process and causes no issues with subscriptions or your Amazon account. Just understand you will lose offline saved content and the native mobile experience. If you expect to still use Amazon Music, keeping the app is recommended for the best experience.

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