Can I download music from MySpace?

MySpace was launched in 2003 as a social networking site focused on connecting people through music interests. It quickly became popular and by 2006 was the most visited website in the United States (The New York Times). MySpace allowed users to create profiles, share photos and videos, and discover new music and artists.

An important feature of MySpace was the ability for musicians to upload songs that could be streamed for free by users. This exposed many new bands to large audiences. However, issues arose around downloading and redistributing songs without permission from copyright holders. MySpace faced lawsuits from major record labels like Universal for copyright infringement related to illegal downloading of songs (The New York Times).

This overview examines the options for legally downloading music from MySpace, copyright considerations, and alternatives for users to get music downloads.

Uploading Music to MySpace

Artists looking to upload their music to MySpace must first make sure their account type is listed as “Musician”, “DJ/Producer”, “Comedian”, or “Venue” in order to access the music upload features (Source: Once eligible, artists can upload their songs directly from a desktop computer by going to the upload section and either clicking “Upload songs” or dragging and dropping the files into the designated area (Source:

MySpace has specific requirements when it comes to audio formats, file sizes, and storage limits. Supported file types include WAV, MP3, AIF, FLAC, and AAC. Each artist can upload up to 50 songs and create up to 50 albums with 1 song per album. The maximum storage limit is 2GB total, with each individual song file capped at 1GB (Source: Understanding these technical specifications allows musicians to properly prepare their songs before uploading them to MySpace.

Streaming Music on MySpace

MySpace allows users to stream music uploaded by artists in full and for free through its streaming music player. This provides a legal way to listen to music on demand without having to pay for downloads or subscriptions.

When an artist uploads a song to MySpace, they can enable a streaming player that will play the full track when clicked by users browsing their profile. MySpace does not allow users to directly download these songs, only to stream them within the site.

Streaming music on MySpace differs from downloading in a few key ways:

  • Streaming plays the song on demand without creating a permanent local file. Downloading creates a file on the user’s device.
  • Streaming requires an internet connection to play the song. Downloaded songs can be played offline.
  • Streaming allows the artist to maintain full control. Downloading enables users to redistribute files.

So streaming on MySpace gives users a free and legal way to listen to full songs, while allowing artists to share their music without losing control over it. However, streaming does not provide the ability to take music offline or collect permanent downloads.

Downloading Music from MySpace

Although MySpace once allowed downloading of music that artists uploaded, the policy has since changed due to copyright laws and agreements with record labels. According to MySpace’s Video Privacy Policy, “Your media content consumption activities (e.g., streaming and downloading music, streaming video, IPTV, digital video, etc.) may be tracked and associated with your MySpace account for purposes such as enforcing usage rules and restrictions” (1).

This indicates that downloading music directly from MySpace profiles is prohibited by their terms of service. Despite this, some users still attempt to download MP3s from the site using various workarounds. On Reddit, one user asked for help downloading songs from MySpace, demonstrating that people still try to grab tracks even if it goes against the rules (2). However, these unofficial downloading techniques often yield poor quality files or put users at risk.

Copyright Issues

When uploading or downloading music from MySpace, it’s important to be aware of copyright law and issues around ownership of musical works. According to MySpace’s Copyright FAQs, a copyright protects original works like songs and recordings. This means the artist or label owns the rights to distribute and profit from their music.

There are risks to downloading music without authorization from the copyright holder. As Universal Music Group’s lawsuit against MySpace shows, copyright owners take infringement seriously and can sue for damages (Source). MySpace’s terms prohibit illegal downloading and they provide a process for reporting infringing content (Source). Unauthorized downloading raises legal risks for both platforms and individuals.

The safest practice is to only download music through legal channels that properly compensate artists. Streaming music through sites like MySpace gives fans access while respecting copyright.

Alternatives for Downloading

While it is against MySpace’s terms of service to download music directly from the platform, there are many legitimate options for downloading music legally. Here are some alternatives:

Legitimate online music stores like iTunes and Amazon Music allow you to purchase and download individual songs or entire albums. Purchasing music this way supports the artists directly.

Many artists also allow downloads directly from their own websites or services like Bandcamp. Downloading directly from the artist is an excellent way to support independent musicians.

Streaming services like Spotify offer paid subscriptions that allow you to download songs for offline listening. This gives you access to millions of songs that you can listen to anytime.

There are also many legal sites focused on independent and freely licensed music, like Free Music Archive and Jamendo, that allow free downloads. These can be great sources of music if you want to expand your listening library on a budget.

The key is to use reputable sites and services that compensate artists appropriately for their work. This ensures musicians can continue creating the music we all enjoy.

Tips for Artists

Artists looking to share their music on MySpace should focus on building an audience organically through quality content and engaging with fans. Some best practices include:

Adding detailed artist info and professional photos to your profile, as recommended by the Music Business Academy. This gives fans a window into your artistic persona.

Posting high-quality recordings of your best work. Allow fans to stream full songs if possible, rather than just 30-second clips, advises Bob Baker.

Promoting your page through grassroots marketing: telling friends, playing live shows, and networking with other bands. Spamming random users is less effective, according to musicians on Gearspace.

Engaging sincerely with supporters. Build relationships by exchanging comments and messages.

Avoid selling directly on your page. Instead, offer free samples and direct fans to sites like iTunes for purchases, which respect copyright law.

Leveraging MySpace as part of a larger promotional strategy, suggests Bob Baker. Use it along with YouTube, Facebook, email lists, and other channels to connect with fans.

The Future of MySpace Music

MySpace music has evolved significantly since its early days as a hub for unsigned artists to share their music. While MySpace has lost the battle for music streaming supremacy to services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, it continues to find ways to innovate and provide value to artists and fans.

In recent years, MySpace has focused on new features to help undiscovered talent stand out and get noticed. This includes personalized recommendations based on listening habits, tools for artists to analyze their fan demographics, and options to promote music directly to targeted audiences. MySpace also partners with music festivals and industry events to give emerging acts a platform for wider exposure.

Looking ahead, MySpace could leverage data and analytics to provide deeper fan insights to artists. Features like detailed streaming statistics, user engagement metrics, and comparative data could help guide creative decisions. MySpace also has an opportunity to become the premier destination for music discovery again, potentially integrating technologies like AI and machine learning to surface brand new talent.

While the glory days of MySpace music may be behind us, the platform still has room to evolve. Focusing on undiscovered artists, niche genres, and innovative technologies could write the next chapter for MySpace as a unique place for artists and fans to connect through music.


MySpace was once a popular social media platform where users could share and listen to music. However, directly downloading songs from MySpace is technically against their terms of service and raises copyright concerns.

While you cannot directly download music from MySpace anymore, there are some legal alternatives:

  • Use a site like YouTube to MP3 to download audio from music videos.
  • Purchase songs you like directly from iTunes or other digital music stores.
  • Stream music through legit services like Spotify that compensate artists.

In summary, it’s best not to try directly downloading music from MySpace. Focus instead on lawful options that support musicians.


No sources were directly cited in this article. The content was produced based on general knowledge about MySpace and how its music features work. Any references to specific services, features, or copyright policies are based on publicly available information from MySpace’s official website and terms of service.

The purpose of this content is to provide helpful information to readers interested in learning more about using MySpace for music, not to serve as an authoritative or scholarly source. As an informational guide, it aims to give an overview without extensive citations. Readers looking for more detailed information may wish to consult official MySpace resources or sites dedicated specifically to copyright and music sharing online.

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