Can I record the audio from a YouTube video on Android?

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is one of the most popular websites for streaming video content online. But did you know you can also record just the audio from YouTube videos to listen to offline or share with others? This guide will provide an overview of the different methods available for downloading the audio from YouTube videos on an Android device.

Being able to extract and save only the audio from YouTube can be useful in many scenarios. For example, you may want to listen to a music video, podcast, or tutorial during your commute without wasting mobile data streaming video. You could also edit the audio into a custom ringtone or audio message to share. Downloading just the audio uses less storage space as well.

While YouTube’s terms of service prohibit direct downloads, there are various legal methods to record and convert YouTube videos into audio files. We’ll explore the most popular options, from using third-party apps and websites to recording directly within the YouTube app itself. With the right technique, it’s easy to save audio from YouTube to listen offline on your Android device.

Is it Legal?

According to copyright law in many countries like the United States, YouTube videos are protected by copyright and you generally need permission from the video creator to download or redistribute them. There are some exceptions for personal use and fair use, but downloading YouTube videos for commercial use or wide redistribution may be illegal without permission.

However, many users feel that downloading a video for personal enjoyment or archiving should qualify as fair use. There are ongoing legal debates about what constitutes appropriate personal use when it comes to downloading online videos. Some key considerations include whether the use is transformative, nonprofit, educational, or limited in scope. But many legal experts caution that downloading a full-length YouTube video just to avoid watching it on the website may not qualify as fair use.

In general, it’s recommended to be cautious about downloading and reuploading full YouTube videos without permission. Downloading a short clip for commentary or criticism is more likely to qualify as fair use. As long as you keep the downloaded videos for personal use only, the risk is low. But redistributing, editing, or commercially profiting from downloaded YouTube videos without permission could violate copyright.

Apps That Allow Downloading YouTube Audio

There are several Android apps that allow you to download the audio from YouTube videos. Some popular options include:

NewPipe – This open source app lets you download audio in different formats like MP3, AAC, and OGG. It doesn’t require you to log in and allows background playback. However, the interface is not very intuitive.

Snaptube – Snaptube makes it easy to download audio and convert YouTube videos to MP3. It has a clean, simple interface. The app shows ad banners, and the free version limits file size.

TubeMate – This popular app allows fast downloading even over slow connections. However, it sometimes downloads the video along with audio. There are also ads in the free version.

Some key factors when choosing a downloading app are simplicity of interface, downloading speeds, file format options, and whether ads are shown. Checking reviews can help choose the best app for your needs.

Using a YouTube to MP3 Converter Website

One of the easiest ways to download YouTube audio is to use an online converter website. These websites allow you to paste in a YouTube URL, and will generate an MP3 file for you to download. However, many of these sites contain malware, adware and other security risks, so you need to be cautious when using them.

Look for reputable converter sites that have been around for a while and have positive reviews online. For example, sites like OnlineVideoConverter and OnlineAudioConverter are typically safe options. Avoid any site offering to download YouTube videos, as this violates YouTube’s terms of service.

Make sure to scan any downloaded MP3 files with your antivirus software before playing them. And never download an app or enable browser extensions from an unfamiliar site, as these can inject viruses or spyware onto your device. Using a site inside an isolated virtual machine can also help protect your system.

Downloading the Video and Extracting the Audio

One method is to first download the full YouTube video using an app like KeepVid (, and then extract just the audio portion. KeepVid allows you to download videos from YouTube and many other sites in their original quality. You simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL into KeepVid, choose the video format and quality, and download the video file to your device.

Once you have downloaded the YouTube video, you can use an audio extraction app to isolate the audio track. Apps like Extract Audio on Android let you select a video file and extract just the audio portion, saving it as an MP3, M4A, or other audio file format. The extraction process is quick and you’ll end up with just the audio track from the YouTube video that you can listen to on its own.

The advantage of this method is you can download the full, high quality video file and then convert to audio, rather than just getting an audio recording. The quality of the extracted audio will be much better, especially for music videos. Just be aware of only downloading videos you have the rights to use.

Recording Directly from the YouTube App

One easy way to record the audio from a YouTube video on your Android device is by using a screen recording app. Screen recording apps allow you to capture both the video and audio playing on your device. Here are some options:

AZ Screen Recorder is a popular Android app that lets you record your screen, including any audio playing from videos or music apps. Once you install AZ Screen Recorder, open the YouTube app and start playing the video you want to record. Then launch AZ Screen Recorder and select the settings for capturing your phone’s audio and screen. Finally, start the recording – it will capture the YouTube video’s audio along with the video. You can then extract just the audio portion.

Another option is to use the built-in screen recording feature in the Google Play Games app. Open Play Games and go to “Record.” Tap the settings icon to ensure you have “Record Audio” enabled. Then open YouTube, start your video, and begin recording in Google Play Games. This will save a video file with the YouTube audio included.

So using Android’s built-in screen recording or apps like AZ Screen Recorder allow you to easily capture audio when playing YouTube videos. Just be sure to only use the recording for personal use and not distribute or share the audio without permission.

Using a Downloader Browser Extension

One of the easiest ways to download audio from YouTube videos is by using a browser extension. There are several extensions available such as Video DownloadHelper, YouTube to MP3, and Chrome Audio Capture that add download functionality directly within your browser.

Video DownloadHelper is one of the most popular and highly-rated YouTube downloader extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Once installed, the extension will detect when you are on a compatible site like YouTube and display a download icon in the address bar. Click the icon, select MP3 as the format, and the extension will extract just the audio track for saving to your computer.

The YouTube to MP3 extension works similarly, detecting YouTube videos and providing a simple one-click button to download the audio in MP3 format. This extension is Chrome-only. There is a free version, or a paid version for $2 that unlocks additional features.

Extensions like these provide the easiest and fastest way to save YouTube audio directly from your browser. Just make sure to only use them for your own personal use to avoid copyright issues.

Converting YouTube Links to Audio Playlists

Some sites allow you to generate an audio-only playlist from a list of YouTube links. This can be a convenient way to listen to YouTube audio content without having to download individual files.

Sites like YouTube Playlist Downloader Online Free (MP3/MP4) and Youtube Playlist Mp3 Converter will take a list of YouTube video links and convert them into an MP3 or MP4 audio playlist that you can save and listen to offline.

To use these converters, simply copy and paste your list of YouTube links into the site’s input field. Some sites may have you paste each link on a separate line. Then specify the output format, typically MP3 or MP4. Click the “Convert” or “Download” button to generate your playlist.

The resulting audio files will be available to download in a ZIP file. You can then extract the audio tracks and add them to your preferred music player app. The playlist converters provide a handy way to curate and listen to YouTube audio content without the video components.

Tips for Downloading YouTube Audio

When downloading audio from YouTube videos, there are some best practices to follow:

  • Choose a high-quality output format like MP3 320kbps for the best audio fidelity. Lower bitrates may sound distorted or compressed.
  • Prefer downloading the video and extracting audio over online converters for better quality. Some sites re-encode audio leading to reduced quality.
  • Store downloaded audio properly on your device. Use a music player app and tag files with metadata like title, artist etc. Store on an SD card if internal space is limited.
  • If you face download issues, check your internet connection speeds. Downloading high bitrate audio requires good connectivity.
  • Update the apps and extensions you use to download audio for better stability and success rates.
  • If an online converter isn’t working, try a different site as some may be blocked or discontinued.
  • Use the annotations feature on YouTube to select and download only the segment you want instead of the full video.
  • On Android, grant storage permissions to downloading apps so they can save the audio files.

Following these tips will help ensure you download high-quality audio from YouTube consistently without issues.


There are several methods available for downloading the audio from YouTube videos to your Android device. The easiest options are using a dedicated YouTube to MP3 converter website or installing a downloader browser extension that can extract the audio. You can also use certain apps made for saving YouTube audio or record directly in the YouTube app.

While it is convenient to download YouTube audio tracks, it is important to do so responsibly. Make sure you are not violating any copyrights or downloading entire music albums that should be purchased. YouTube audio downloads are ideal for grabbing individual songs and audio snippets to listen to offline. Just be mindful of copyright and proper attribution of any content you did not create.

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