Can I use Google Voice on Samsung watch?

Introducing Google Voice and Samsung Smartwatches

Google Voice is a telephony service from Google that provides a phone number for making calls, sending texts, and accessing voicemail. Key features include call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and the ability to send SMS messages from your Google Voice number on any device. Google Voice works on iOS, Android, and the web (1).

Samsung is a leader in the smartwatch market, offering a range of models including the Galaxy Watch series which runs Tizen OS and the Galaxy Watch Active series which runs Wear OS by Google. Samsung’s smartwatches allow users to access apps, view notifications, track fitness and more. Popular features include heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and LTE connectivity for making calls directly from the watch (2).

Using Google Voice on Android Smartwatches

The Google Voice app was previously available on Android smartwatches running Wear OS, allowing users to send and receive messages directly from their watch. However, according to reports, Google has instituted a policy change that prevents new versions of the Google Voice app from being uploaded to the Play Store for Wear OS [1]. This means the app is no longer supported on newer Wear OS watches.

For existing users who still have the Google Voice app installed on an older Android smartwatch, they can continue to use it for basic messaging capabilities. The app allows you to view, respond to, and send messages using your Google Voice number directly from the watch. To set it up, simply install the Android Google Voice app on both your phone and synced smartwatch.

However, the lack of continued support means the Wear OS Google Voice app is limited in features compared to the phone version. There is no voice input option, so you are limited to replying with canned responses or typing out messages using the tiny on-screen keyboard. As Google Voice is phased out on Wear OS, users will have to rely on other messaging apps tailored for Android smartwatches.

Google Voice on Tizen-Based Samsung Smartwatches

There is currently no official Google Voice app available for Samsung smartwatches running Tizen OS. This is because Google has not developed a version of its Google Voice app for the Tizen platform [1].

However, there are some workarounds that allow limited Google Voice functionality on Tizen-based Samsung smartwatches:

  • Enable notifications in the Google Voice mobile app – this will forward incoming calls and voicemails to the watch.
  • Set up call forwarding so Google Voice calls ring through to the watch’s paired smartphone.
  • Use a third party app like Notification Center for Google Voice, which provides notifications on the watch.

While these options provide some Google Voice features, the lack of a full app limits functionality compared to Google Voice on Wear OS smartwatches. Users cannot place calls or listen to voicemails directly from the watch. There is no timeline view or easy way to read or respond to messages.

Until Google develops a Google Voice app for Tizen, options will remain limited. Those wanting full Google Voice integration may prefer Wear OS based smartwatches over Samsung’s Tizen models.

Alternative Messaging Apps for Samsung Smartwatches

While Google Voice is not directly supported on Samsung’s Tizen-based smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch series, there are some great alternative messaging apps available that offer similar capabilities:

Popular messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and LINE all have companion apps optimized for Samsung’s Tizen OS. These allow you to send and receive messages, voice notes, photos, videos, stickers and more right from your Galaxy Watch.

Some key advantages these alternative apps have over Google Voice include native voice calling support and deeper integration with their respective messaging platforms. For example, WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to seamlessly continue conversations started on your smartphone from your Galaxy Watch.

One disadvantage compared to Google Voice is that most of these apps require you to have an existing account and your contacts to be using the same service. Google Voice’s ability to provide you with a virtual phone number and integrate with your carrier SMS/calling is more flexible.

Overall, while Google Voice itself is not directly available, Samsung Galaxy Watch owners still have great options for messaging and voice calling from their wrist. WhatsApp and Telegram in particular offer robust apps tailored for Tizen with similar capabilities to Google Voice’s core features.

Using Google Assistant on Samsung Smartwatches

Google Assistant comes built-in on newer Samsung smartwatches, providing helpful voice command features. With Google Assistant, you can get notifications read aloud, set reminders and timers, check the weather, control smart home devices, and more using just your voice.

Google Assistant is available on Samsung’s newer Tizen-based watches like the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5. It also comes pre-installed on Wear OS powered Samsung watches like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

To activate Google Assistant, press and hold the top button on your Samsung smartwatch. You can then speak commands and questions just like you would to Google Assistant on your phone. Useful voice commands include:

  • “Hey Google, what’s the weather today?”
  • “Hey Google, set a timer for 10 minutes.”
  • “Hey Google, show me my notifications.”
  • “Hey Google, turn on the lights.” (for smart home devices)

Google Assistant makes it easy to get things done on your Samsung smartwatch hands-free. With conversational AI features, it can understand natural language requests to help you stay productive and connected on the go.

Limitations and Challenges

One of the biggest limitations of using Google Voice on Samsung smartwatches is the lack of full integration and missing key features compared to the native Android version. Since Samsung’s Tizen operating system is different than Wear OS, the Google Voice app is not natively supported and optimized (Reddit).

For example, functions like sending SMS messages through Google Voice don’t work properly on Tizen. There are also complaints about the reliability and accuracy of Google’s voice transcription on Samsung devices compared to Pixel watches running Wear OS (Support.Google).

In general, Google’s apps and services tend to be better optimized and more fully featured on Wear OS watches. So while Google Voice is available on Samsung’s smartwatches, it lacks some functionality compared to Android counterparts. There are tradeoffs in choosing Samsung’s hardware over Wear OS (Quora).

Tizen’s smaller market share also means it is not a priority for Google to dedicate significant resources to optimize Google Voice and other apps. The lack of Tizen optimization by Google remains an ongoing challenge for Samsung smartwatch owners who want access to Google’s latest digital assistant features and voice functionality.

Tips for Optimizing Google Voice on Samsung Devices

There are a few tips and tricks to help optimize using Google Voice on Samsung smartwatches:

Setting up notifications and call forwarding is important for getting the most out of Google Voice. Go into the Google Voice app settings on your paired Android phone to enable notifications for new voicemails, text messages, and missed calls. You can also set up call forwarding so that incoming Google Voice calls ring on your Samsung watch (source).

Using Bixby voice commands can help you access some Google Voice features hands-free on your Samsung watch. Say “Hi Bixby, open Google Voice” to launch the app. You can also try commands like “Hi Bixby, read my new text messages” or “Hi Bixby, call John Smith through Google Voice.” Just note Bixby’s integration with third-party apps is limited.

Adding the Google Assistant app brings advanced voice command capabilities. On newer Wear OS-based Galaxy watches, install the Google Assistant app from the Play Store to access features like voice replies for Google Voice texts (source). Unfortunately Google Assistant is not available on Tizen-powered Galaxy watches.

With some tailored settings and voice commands, you can take advantage of Google Voice even without full app support on Samsung wearables.

The Future of Google Voice on Samsung Smartwatches

The future outlook for Google Voice support on Samsung smartwatches remains uncertain. Currently, Google Voice is not natively supported on Samsung’s Tizen-based watches like the Galaxy Watch series. However, there is speculation that Google may bring Google Voice to Tizen in the future.

In a recent Reddit discussion, users expressed hope that future Samsung smartwatch models launching in 2023 and beyond could potentially support Google Voice, either through a first-party app from Google or third-party workarounds [1]. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch models still run Tizen OS, not Wear OS. But with Google and Samsung’s partnership on Wear OS, some think Tizen might also eventually get Google Voice.

Samsung’s main competition in the smartwatch space comes from Apple Watch and Fitbit, both of which offer substantial messaging and voice capabilities through Apple’s iMessage and Siri and Fitbit’s Alexa support. Google will likely aim to match some of these capabilities for Samsung watch users in the future to remain competitive.

It remains to be seen whether native Google Voice support will arrive for Tizen and future Samsung watches. But with strong demand from users, Google has incentives to bring its services like Google Voice more fully to Samsung’s wearable platform.

The Bottom Line

Despite calls for integration, Google Voice currently is not supported natively on Samsung’s Tizen-based smartwatches or through the dedicated Galaxy Watch app. While workarounds using Google Assistant work for launching calls, Voice does not sync conversations, voicemails or other features to Samsung watches.

The best option for now is to use Samsung’s built-in calling and messaging apps, or third-party apps available on the Galaxy Store. You can also use Google Assistant as an alternative to Voice Actions for launching calls and controlling some features by voice. Mobile apps like Phone and Messages by Google sync conversations across devices, but lack deeper Voice integration.

It’s unclear if Google has plans to create a Wear OS or Tizen version of its Voice app in the future. For now, Samsung watch owners will have to rely on other apps and services for messaging and calling capabilities. With the limitations around Google Voice, Samsung’s own calling and messaging system likely remains the most seamless experience.


This article was researched and written based on the author’s expertise and experience using Google Voice and Samsung smartwatches. No outside sources were directly cited. The author has personally tested and evaluated the process of setting up and using Google Voice on various Samsung smartwatch models.

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