Can you get Amazon Music on Android?

Amazon Music is a music streaming service developed by Amazon that offers users access to millions of songs and podcasts. The service was originally launched in 2007 as Amazon MP3, before being rebranded to Amazon Music in 2016. It provides two subscription plans – Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon Music is available to download and use across a variety of platforms, including Android smartphones and tablets. The Amazon Music app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store on Android devices running version 5.0 or later. This allows Android users to stream music, download songs for offline listening, and access features like personalized recommendations and playlists.

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a music streaming service that is owned and operated by Amazon ( It allows users to stream, download or purchase music through Amazon’s platform. There are several different tiers of Amazon Music available:

  • Amazon Music Free – This free, ad-supported tier offers limited on-demand playback and customized stations.
  • Amazon Music Prime – Included with an Amazon Prime membership, this offers a catalog of 2 million songs for ad-free streaming.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited – The premium subscription offers access to over 75 million songs for on-demand, ad-free streaming.

Amazon Music competes with other major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. It offers apps across various platforms and devices, allowing users to access Amazon Music on smartphones, computers, smart speakers and more. Some key features include customized playlists and stations, offline listening for downloaded content, and high definition audio options.

Is Amazon Music available on Android?

Yes, Amazon Music can be used on Android devices. The Amazon Music app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users. Once downloaded and installed, Android users can sign up for an Amazon Music subscription or access Amazon Music through an existing Amazon Prime membership to stream or download music.

Amazon Music’s availability on Android allows users to listen to music on the go across a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets. The streaming service offers tens of millions of songs that Android users can play both online and offline by saving music for playback when internet connectivity is limited.

Overall, Amazon Music’s Android app provides full access to Amazon’s music library and listening features like playlists, stations, and Alexa voice controls. Android compatibility makes Amazon Music a convenient option for enjoying ad-free, high-quality music on popular Android devices.

Downloading the Amazon Music App

The Amazon Music app can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play Store on any Android device.[1] Here are the steps to download the Amazon Music app on your Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar at the top, type in “Amazon Music” and press search.
  3. The first result should be the official Amazon Music app published by Amazon Mobile LLC. Tap on it to go to the app page.
  4. On the Amazon Music app page, tap the green “Install” button.
  5. The app will begin downloading and installing on your device. You may need to accept some permissions or terms during the install process.
  6. Once installed, you can open the Amazon Music app from your device’s app drawer or home screen. It’s ready to use!

Downloading the app from the Google Play Store ensures you are getting the official version of the app from Amazon. It only takes a few taps, and you’ll have access to Amazon’s entire music catalog on your Android device.


Signing Up for Amazon Music

Signing up for Amazon Music is easy and gives you access to a huge library of songs to stream or download. There are a few different subscription options to choose from:

Amazon Music Unlimited – This gives you access to over 100 million songs ad-free. There are a few pricing options (Source:

  • Individual plan – $9.99/month after 30 day free trial
  • Family plan – $16.99/month after 30 day free trial, allows up to 6 users
  • Annual Individual plan – $99/year

Amazon Prime Music – If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, this gives you access to 2 million songs ad-free. No additional cost.

Once you decide which subscription you want, simply download the Amazon Music app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Open the app and click on “Create New Account” if you don’t already have an Amazon account. Follow the prompts to sign up for the subscription option you want. Payment information will need to be entered. And that’s it! You can now access Amazon Music from your Android device.

Downloading Music for Offline Playback

One of the key features of the Amazon Music app is the ability to download songs, albums, and playlists for offline listening when you don’t have an internet connection. Here’s how to download music for offline playback on your Android device:

Open the Amazon Music app and find the song, album, or playlist you want to download. Tap the “More Options” menu next to the track or playlist and select “Download”. For Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers, this allows you to download up to 100,000 songs for offline playback.1

Downloaded music will appear in your Library under the “Downloaded” filter. You can access and listen to downloaded music offline as long as you open the Amazon Music app on your device. Downloads are stored locally on your device and don’t count against any cloud storage limits.

The Amazon Music app allows Unlimited subscribers to download up to 10 devices, with up to 10,000 songs able to be downloaded per device. Downloaded songs will stay on your device indefinitely and won’t expire unless you delete them.

Amazon Music App Features

The Amazon Music app for Android comes packed with useful features that enhance the listening experience. Some key features include:

Playlists – Create and access playlists customized to your tastes. Playlists can be downloaded for offline listening.

Stations – Amazon Music’s stations are similar to Pandora, providing a personalized listening experience based on songs, artists, eras, and your activity. No searching required.

Alexa Integration – Control music playback via Alexa voice commands when using Amazon Echo devices. Ask Alexa to play music, control volume, skip tracks, and more.

Offline Playback – Download songs, playlists, stations, and podcasts to your device for offline listening anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

Lyrics View – View real-time lyrics synced to the music as you listen. Great for sing-alongs.

Spatial Audio – Get a surround sound experience using Dolby Atmos for immersive listening with compatible headphones.


Listening to Amazon Music

Listening to Amazon Music on your Android device is easy once you have the app downloaded and set up. Here are instructions for streaming music and using offline downloads:

To stream music, simply open the Amazon Music app and browse or search for artists, albums, songs or playlists you want to listen to. Tap on a song, album or playlist to start streaming it. The app has options to shuffle playback, repeat songs, and view lyrics.

For offline listening, tap the “download” icon next to any song, album or playlist while connected to WiFi to save it to your device. Downloads are available for playback offline as long as you remain an Amazon Music subscriber. To access downloads, tap on the “My Music” tab and select “Downloads”. Manage your storage by deleting downloads you no longer need.

The Amazon Music app also offers personalized recommendations on the home screen dashboard so you can easily discover new artists and music tailored to your tastes. You can also access Prime playlists and stations that are curated by Amazon’s music experts.

Overall, the Amazon Music app for Android makes it simple to stream, download and listen to music on your mobile device. The downloads feature is especially useful for listening offline or conserving data usage when you’re on the go.

Amazon Music Limitations

One of the most notable limitations of Amazon Music is the lack of a free, ad-supported streaming tier. Services like Spotify and Pandora offer free streaming options supported by advertisements. Amazon Music requires a paid subscription to stream music. While Amazon Prime members get access to the limited Prime Music catalog, a full Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is needed to access Amazon’s full music catalog without ads or skip limits.

Additionally, Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions are limited to a single Echo or other Alexa device [1]. This means you cannot stream Amazon Music across multiple devices at the same time without paying for a more expensive Family Plan. Other services like Spotify allow streaming on multiple devices simultaneously even at their most basic subscription tier.

Amazon Music also lacks some more advanced features offered by competitors. There is currently no option for lossless high-definition audio quality, which services like Tidal have popularized. And while Amazon Music has steadily improved its custom playlists and music discovery features, competitors like Spotify and Pandora still have an edge when it comes to advanced algorithms for recommending music tailored to each listener.

Overall, the paid subscription requirement, single-device limitation, and lack of some competitor features present some drawbacks for potential Amazon Music subscribers compared to other services.


In summary, yes you can get Amazon Music on Android devices. By downloading the Amazon Music app from the Google Play Store, Android users can sign up for an Amazon Music subscription or access Amazon Music content they already own.

Some key benefits of using Amazon Music on an Android device include:

  • Access to over 100 million songs in the Amazon Music catalog to stream or download
  • Offline playback – download songs, albums or playlists to listen without an internet connection
  • Ad-free, high-quality audio streaming
  • Voice control with Alexa to easily search and play music
  • Curated playlists and stations based on your preferences

So for Android users looking for a robust music streaming option, Amazon Music is a great choice that integrates seamlessly across Android devices.

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