Does Google Calendar have sound notifications?

Google Calendar is a popular time management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. It allows users to create events, set reminders and notifications, share calendars, and integrate with Gmail and other Google services. Notifications in Google Calendar allow users to be alerted about upcoming events or reminders through email, SMS text message, push notifications on mobile devices, or pop-up notifications in the web interface. This article provides an overview of the sound notification options in Google Calendar and how to customize them across platforms and devices.

Types of Notifications in Google Calendar

Google Calendar supports several types of notifications to alert users about events and reminders, including:

  • Email notifications – Calendar can send email reminders for events to your Gmail account. You can customize when email reminders are sent such as 10 minutes before the event starts.
  • Pop-up notifications – If you are using the Google Calendar website or mobile app, it can display pop-up reminders on your device at the designated times. This works even when you don’t have Calendar open.
  • Sound notifications – Calendar allows you to set custom sounds that will play when reminders occur. This can help alert you even when you aren’t actively looking at your Calendar.

According to Google’s documentation, you can enable different notification types for each calendar you have added to your Google account (source). The user can also customize the delivery method for notifications on a per-calendar basis.

Enabling Sound Notifications

To enable sound notifications for Google Calendar events on Android devices, you first need to open the Google Calendar app. In the top left corner, tap the menu icon and select Settings. Under General Settings, toggle the “Play notification sounds” option to on. This will make Google Calendar play a sound when you receive an event notification.

On iPhone and iPad, open the Google Calendar app and tap on the account icon in the top right corner. Go to Settings and toggle the “Sounds” option to on. This enables sounds for Google Calendar notifications on iOS devices.

On the desktop, open Google Calendar in a web browser. Click on the Settings gear icon and go to General Settings. Check the box next to “Play notification sounds” to turn on audible notifications for Google Calendar events on your computer.

Once sound notifications are enabled, you can customize the notification sound in the app or web settings. This allows you to choose a sound that stands out so you never miss an important Google Calendar alert.

Customizing Sound Notifications

Google Calendar allows you to customize the notification sounds for various types of Calendar alerts. You can choose different sounds for event reminders, all-day events, tasks, and other notifications. This lets you distinguish between different Calendar alerts based on their sound.

To customize sounds on Android, open the Google Calendar app and tap on the menu icon in the upper left. Go to Settings > General > Notifications > Sound. Here you can select different sounds for Event Reminders, All-day Events, Tasks, and Invitations (

On iPhone and iPad, open the Google Calendar app and tap on the profile icon in the upper right. Go to Settings > Notifications > Sounds. This screen allows you to choose different sounds for Upcoming Events, All-Day Events, Reminders, and Invitations (

Google Calendar provides a variety of built-in sounds and alerts to select from. You can also upload your own custom audio files to use as notification sounds if desired. The ability to customize sounds allows you to tune the auditory experience of Calendar alerts to your preferences.

Sound Notification Triggers

Google Calendar can send sound notifications for various types of calendar events and reminders. The main triggers for sound notifications in Google Calendar include:

  • Event reminders – You can set reminders for calendar events, and enable sounds for these reminders. Reminders can be set to notify you minutes, hours, days or weeks before an event.
  • Event start times – Calendar can play a sound when an event is about to start or begins, alerting you that the event is happening now.
  • All-day event reminders – All-day events lasting 24 hours or more can also have reminders enabled.
  • Birthdays and holidays – Google Calendar can automatically add birthdays and holidays from your Google Account contacts and settings. Sounds can play for reminders set for these events.
  • Meeting invitations – When you receive a meeting invite, Calendar can play a sound to notify you of the new invite.

So in summary, the main triggers are reminders for normal events, all-day events, and automatically added events like birthdays. Google Calendar can also play sounds when invites come in and when events start. You can customize which of these triggers make sounds in the notification settings.

Sound Notification Devices

Google Calendar can play sound notifications on various devices, depending on your notification settings. On mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones, Calendar notifications will play through the device’s speakers or headphones if connected [1]. For iPhones and iPads, sound notifications can also be routed to AirPods if paired and connected [2].

On computers like desktops and laptops, Google Calendar notifications will play through the system’s speakers or any connected headphones/external speakers. Sound notifications on computers require having the Chrome browser open and running the Calendar web interface [3]. The audio can also be routed to Bluetooth speakers if paired with the computer.

So in summary, Google Calendar’s sound notifications can be heard from phones, tablets, computers, headphones, external speakers, and Bluetooth audio devices. The sounds will play through the active audio output device(s) based on your notification settings and hardware.

Troubleshooting Sound Issues

If Google Calendar notifications are not producing sound as expected, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

First, check your notification settings in Google Calendar to confirm sounds are enabled. On desktop, click the gear icon > Settings > Notifications. Ensure the box is checked for “Play sound for notifications”. On mobile, go to app settings > Notifications > Sounds. Make sure “Default notification sound” is selected.

If sounds were previously working but have stopped, try toggling the sound notification settings off and back on again. You may also need to check the permission settings on your device to confirm Google Calendar has access to play sounds.

Check to see if your ringer/media volume is muted or turned down low. On both iOS and Android devices, notification sounds will be impacted by your volume settings.

On mobile devices, confirm that Do Not Disturb mode is not enabled, as this can mute notification sounds. Try restarting your phone or tablet as well, as this can resolve temporary sound issues.

If using Google Calendar on desktop, check your computer’s audio settings to rule out any problems with your speakers, volume, default playback device, etc. Try testing other audio like music files or YouTube videos.

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the Google Calendar app on your device. When freshly installed, sounds should work again if no other deeper issues exist.

If troubleshooting does not resolve the missing notification sounds, it’s recommended to contact Google support or post in the Google Calendar community forum for additional help.


Google Calendar does have some limitations when it comes to sound notifications:

  • On iOS devices, you can only select default notification sounds provided by Apple. You cannot use custom sound files for notifications (1).
  • On Android, you are limited to selecting notification sounds from those available on your device. Uploading custom sounds is not supported (1).
  • The maximum length for an alert sound on mobile devices is 30 seconds (2).
  • On desktop, custom notification sounds are supported, but must be in .wav or .mp3 format (3).
  • Notification sounds only play for a short time and cannot be set to continuously loop (1).
  • There are limits to how many notifications can be scheduled per day. Google does not specify exact limits, but excessive notifications may stop working (1).

So while Google Calendar provides various sound notification options, it does have restrictions compared to dedicated reminder apps. You may be limited in customization depending on platform.




Calendar Alternatives

There are several other calendar app options available if you desire more robust sound notification capabilities than what Google Calendar provides. Some popular alternatives include:

Calendar Notification ( – This Android app displays your agenda and events right in your notification shade. It supports sound notifications for calendar events.

Outlook Calendar ( – The calendar included with Microsoft Outlook provides sound notifications on mobile and desktop. It syncs across platforms and integrates well for Microsoft users.

Calendar Event Reminder ( – This app for Android focuses solely on event notifications with custom sound options. It aims to provide robust reminders so you never miss an important event.

There are many other full featured calendar apps to explore if Google Calendar’s notifications don’t meet your needs. Consider testing some out to find the right fit for your schedule and notification preferences.


To conclude, Google Calendar does have the ability to enable sound notifications. Users can customize sound notification options, such as selecting between default system notification sounds or choosing an uploaded audio file. Sound notifications in Google Calendar can be triggered for event reminders, invite responses, and other alerts. The sounds will play on devices where the user is logged into their Google account. However, there can be issues getting the notifications to work properly across devices and platforms. Overall, Google Calendar’s sound notification features provide helpful auditory reminders for those who like an extra cue for their events and appointments.

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