Does Jet Audio work on Android Auto?

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a platform developed by Google to extend the Android operating system to in-car infotainment systems. It is designed specifically for use inside vehicles to provide drivers with an optimized interface for accessing apps and services on their smartphones while minimizing distractions.

The key features of Android Auto include:

  • A simplified interface with larger buttons and fonts for easy visibility and interaction while driving.
  • Deep integration with Google Maps for navigation and traffic updates.
  • Voice control through Google Assistant so drivers can interact hands-free.
  • Immediate access to essential apps like music, messaging, and telephone.

Android Auto does not replace the existing infotainment system but instead works in tandem with it. It requires a compatible in-dash head unit to project the Android Auto interface onto the car’s display. The smartphone runs the Android Auto app which then communicates with the head unit via USB cable to show the optimized interface on the bigger screen.

This allows drivers to leverage the power of their Android smartphone in the car through an interface designed specifically with driving safety in mind. Apps run on the phone but are controlled through the head unit using simple interfaces, voice commands, or steering wheel controls.


What is Jet Audio?

Jet Audio is a popular Android music player app developed by JetAPPFactory (Jet Audio). It offers a range of features for playing and enhancing music, including a 32-band graphic equalizer, widgets, themes, gapless playback, lyrics support, and more.

As an Android music player, Jet Audio aims to provide a high-quality listening experience on mobile. It supports a wide range of audio formats, including FLAC, M4A, OGG, MP3, and more. The app has been highly rated on sites like CNET for its excellent audio quality and customization options (jetAudio on Google Play).

Some of the key features of Jet Audio for Android include:

  • 32-band graphic equalizer with presets and custom EQ settings
  • Variety of widgets for music playback control
  • Themes and skins to customize the look and feel
  • Gapless playback when transitioning between tracks
  • Lyrics support for displaying song lyrics
  • Tag editor for managing ID3 tags and metadata

With its combination of high-quality audio, customization options, and useful playback features, Jet Audio aims to provide an enhanced music listening experience on Android devices.

Android Auto App Requirements

For an app to be compatible with Android Auto, it needs to be specifically optimized for use in vehicles according to Google’s guidelines. Android Auto has strict requirements for app interfaces and functionality in order to minimize driver distraction.

Android Auto apps must have simple, intuitive interfaces with large touch targets, readable fonts, and easy glanceability. They are restricted to a limited set of widgets and cannot display full screen maps, videos, or images according to Android’s app quality guidelines for cars. Apps also cannot launch or show their screen interfaces while the car is in motion.

Audio from apps must automatically pause when the user starts driving. Apps optimized for Android Auto have driving-optimized voice commands and contextual suggestions. They are designed for quick, eyes-free user interactions using voice, steering wheel controls, or a few taps. Apps that do not follow these strict guidelines will not function properly in Android Auto.

Is Jet Audio Optimized for Android Auto?

Based on Jet Audio’s app page on Google Play, it does not appear that Jet Audio has an interface specifically optimized for Android Auto. The app description and screenshots focus on the standard mobile interface and do not mention Android Auto compatibility.

I could not find any official documentation on the Jet Audio website indicating that the app has a dedicated Android Auto mode. The lack of promotional language around Auto optimization suggests Jet Audio largely relies on the default media playback integration through Android Auto, without a custom UI.

According to one Reddit user, while Jet Audio works with Android Auto, the interface is “not as polished as apps that are built for Auto.” Without an Auto-optimized layout, Jet Audio may lack larger buttons and text suited for in-vehicle use.[1]

Workarounds to Use Jet Audio in Android Auto

Although Jet Audio is not directly compatible with Android Auto, there are some workarounds that allow you to play Jet Audio files and playlists through your car’s infotainment system.

One option is to connect your phone to your car stereo via Bluetooth. You can then play music from the Jet Audio app on your phone which will stream to your car speakers. The drawback is that you won’t have direct integration with Android Auto so you’ll need to control playback directly from your phone rather than the car display.

Another workaround is to use the “Media” setting within Android Auto. If you select Media, you can browse all the audio files on your phone which includes files stored in Jet Audio. This allows you to play Jet Audio tracks through your car system. However, you lose out on Jet Audio specific features like playlists and EQ presets.[1]

Some users have reported success by deleting their other music apps like Google Play Music which forces Android Auto to default to Jet Audio for media playback. However, this removes access to streaming apps so is only suitable if you mainly listen to local files.[1]

Overall, while not optimized for Android Auto, there are ways to play your Jet Audio library through car stereo systems. But full integration and voice control is limited without an official Android Auto app from Jet Audio.

Alternative Music Apps for Android Auto

There are many great music apps that are optimized to work seamlessly with Android Auto. Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated options:

Google Play Music – Google’s official music app integrates perfectly with Android Auto. It gives you access to millions of songs, customized radio stations, and podcasts. However Google Play Music is being phased out in favor of YouTube Music [1].

YouTube Music – As the successor to Google Play Music, YouTube Music offers a vast music catalog, smart recommendations based on listening history, and thousands of playlists. It’s designed to integrate with Android Auto.

Spotify – With over 70 million tracks and thousands of curated playlists, Spotify is one of the top music streaming services. The Android Auto app allows you to safely control Spotify using your car’s dashboard.

Pandora – Pandora’s streaming radio gives you access to millions of songs and podcasts. The Pandora for Android Auto app automatically launches when you connect your phone and syncs your saved stations.

Amazon Music – Amazon Music subscribers can stream tens of millions of songs using Android Auto. You get voice control, customized stations, and access to Amazon Music playlists.

Poweramp – For local music playback, Poweramp is a highly rated Android Auto app. It supports many formats and includes a 10-band equalizer and gapless playback. However it requires a paid license for full functionality [2].

Using Jet Audio’s EQ Settings in Android Auto

Unfortunately, Android Auto does not natively support using Jet Audio’s built-in equalizer settings and effects while playing music through the system. This is because Android Auto has strict requirements about which audio apps it allows for integration and optimization, and Jet Audio is not one of the supported apps at this time.

However, according to user reports on Reddit (source), there is a workaround to still make use of Jet Audio’s excellent EQ presets and settings while playing music in the car over Android Auto. The key is to apply the EQ profile within the Jet Audio app itself first. Then simply switch to a different music app like Google Play Music that is integrated with Android Auto and those EQ settings will carry over.

So while you can’t actively control or change the EQ from within Android Auto itself, any custom EQ profiles created in Jet Audio will still take effect on your music when played through Auto. This allows you to tune the sound to your liking for your car’s audio system while still enjoying the conveniences of Android Auto.

Jet Audio’s Roadmap for Android Auto

According to a Jet Audio community manager’s response on Reddit in 2016, there are currently no official plans to develop Jet Audio specifically for Android Auto compatibility [1]. However, some possible workarounds have been suggested by users, such as connecting the phone via USB and controlling Jet Audio remotely through the touch screen interface in Android Auto. This allows access to playlists and EQ presets while driving.

Another workaround is using a different default music player just for Android Auto, while still using Jet Audio as the main music app on the phone otherwise. Apps like Google Play Music or Spotify have direct integration with Android Auto, so setting one of those as the default media player will enable full music playback capabilities in the car.

While not ideal, these workarounds allow continued use of Jet Audio’s excellent audio enhancement features, while gaining the safety and convenience of Android Auto integration for in-vehicle use. Jet Audio may consider developing native support for Android Auto in the future based on user demand.

User Feedback on Jet Audio and Auto

User reviews and discussions on forums indicate mixed feedback on using JetAudio with Android Auto.

On Reddit, some users have complained that JetAudio does not seem fully optimized for Android Auto. Playlists and libraries do not seem to sync properly, with Android Auto often defaulting to Google Play Music for navigation and playback [1]. There are workarounds like disabling streaming options in Google Play Music, but the experience is not seamless.

Other Reddit users have suggested potential fixes like setting JetAudio as the default music player for Android Auto in settings, but this does not resolve all issues [2]. Overall, JetAudio lacks deep integration with Android Auto compared to apps designed specifically for it.

Users have expressed a desire for JetAudio to improve Android Auto support in future updates, to take full advantage of its audio enhancement features. However, currently it appears JetAudio’s Android Auto capabilities remain limited.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Jet Audio does not natively support Android Auto at this time. While there are some workarounds to access your Jet Audio library and playlists through other compatible Android Auto apps, you lose out on Jet Audio’s customized audio settings and interface.

The main drawback is that you can’t directly control or customize Jet Audio through Android Auto. The workarounds also require additional steps compared to apps natively integrated with Android Auto. However, the workarounds do allow you to still enjoy your Jet Audio music collection during drives.

For full Android Auto optimization, including direct interface control, your best option is to switch to a dedicated Android Auto music app like Google Play Music. But Jet Audio could potentially add Android Auto support in future updates based on user demand.

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