Does pixel 6 have dual speakers?

The Pixel 6 is Google’s flagship smartphone released in October 2021. It features a 6.4-inch OLED display, Google’s own Tensor processor, and a dual camera system. One of the highlights of the Pixel 6 is its stereo speaker setup, which provides an immersive audio experience.

In this article, we will evaluate if the Pixel 6 truly has dual speakers by examining the speaker specifications, performance, and other audio features. We will also compare it to other flagship phones to see how it stacks up in terms of audio quality.

What Are Dual Speakers?

Dual speakers refer to smartphones that have two speaker grills, with a dedicated speaker behind each one. This allows for stereo sound output. Single speaker phones, on the other hand, only have one speaker, usually located on the bottom or side of the device.

Having two speakers allows for separated right and left audio channels. This creates a wider, more immersive soundstage compared to single speaker devices. The stereo separation provides a more natural listening experience closer to what you’d get from a pair of headphones.1

Dual speakers can also get louder and produce fuller sound than single speakers. The two speakers can combine to put out greater audio power and volume. Having two separate speakers prevents one speaker from being overloaded and distorted at high volumes.

In summary, dual speaker setups provide advantages like:

  • Stereo separation for more immersive audio
  • Wider soundstage and imaging
  • Increased loudness capabilities
  • Richer and fuller sound

Pixel 6 Speaker Specs

The Pixel 6 has a stereo speaker setup consisting of two speakers – one top-firing speaker above the display and one bottom-firing speaker located on the bottom edge of the phone (Android Authority). Google does not officially disclose the speaker drivers or power output, but sources indicate the speakers are likely 0.7 inches in diameter and powered by a combination amplifier/speaker driver chip (DXOMARK).

While the exact wattage is unknown, reviews suggest the total speaker output power is approximately 2-3 watts. The top speaker focuses on higher frequencies while the bottom speaker handles mids and lows (DXOMARK). This configuration allows the Pixel 6 to deliver a stereo audio experience when holding the phone in landscape orientation.

Speaker Performance

The Google Pixel 6 has received generally positive reviews for its speaker sound quality and volume. According to testing by DXOMark, the Pixel 6 scores very well in recording timbre thanks to its smooth and consistent midrange, clear treble, and accurate bass. The dual speakers provide good stereo separation and immersion. DXOMark noted the Pixel 6’s speakers produce clear vocals and crisp highs. However, the Pixel 6 Pro was found to have slightly better speaker performance with richer and fuller sound compared to the more midrange-focused Pixel 6.

In real world testing, reviewers found the Pixel 6 speakers to perform well for a smartphone. The stereo speakers provide decent clarity and volume for watching videos, listening to music, and speakerphone calls. While bass is lacking compared to phones with front-facing speakers, the Pixel 6 speakers offer reasonably good performance. Overall, the Pixel 6 is rated as having above-average speakers for its class though audiophiles may want more power and fullness.

Stereo Sound

The Pixel 6 features dual speakers that work together to produce a stereo audio experience. According to DxOMark’s audio review, the phone has one speaker at the bottom edge and another speaker under the display at the top. These two speakers can play audio channels independently to create a wider, more immersive soundstage.

Reddit users have confirmed that having a speaker at both the top and bottom of the phone enables a proper stereo separation when listening to music or watching videos. The two speakers can reproduce different elements of the audio, like vocal tracks on one side and instrumental tracks on the other side. This setup aims to mimic a stereo speaker configuration.

Additionally, the two speakers being positioned at opposite ends of the phone contributes to a wider soundstage with audio seeming like it’s coming at you from different directions. This creates a more realistic and surround-like listening experience compared to single speaker phones. So in summary, the Pixel 6’s two speaker system takes advantage of directional and stereo audio to provide an enhanced entertainment experience.

Comparisons to Other Phones

The Pixel 6 features a stereo speaker setup, with one speaker at the top and another at the bottom when holding the phone vertically. This allows for a wider, more immersive audio experience compared to phones with a single bottom-firing speaker.

In comparison to other flagship phones like the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21, the Pixel 6 holds its own in terms of speaker loudness and quality according to reviews. One Redditor commented on noticing a “drastic difference” between their old Galaxy S7 and new Pixel 6 Pro, preferring the Pixel’s speaker audio.

While the iPhone 13 Pro may have slightly better maximum volume and stereo separation, the Pixel 6 speakers provide rich, clear audio perfect for podcasts, videos and speakerphone calls. Overall it competes well with other top phones in its class while providing a balanced stereo setup.


Although the Pixel 6 has dual speakers for improved audio, some users have reported facing issues with sound quality and volume. In a Reddit thread, several Pixel 6 owners complained that maximum volume levels from the speakers are too low. Some users called the Pixel 6 speakers “disappointing” especially in noisy environments. In DxOMark’s audio test of the Pixel 6, they noted that low frequency reproduction from the speakers is limited especially compared to other premium smartphones.

Other Audio Features

While the Pixel 6 does have stereo speakers, there are other important audio features to consider as well. The Pixel 6 has other capabilities through the headphone jack and Bluetooth technology.

The phone does still come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack which allows you to plug in wired headphones or external speakers. The headphone audio provides robust sound quality and volume for listening to music or taking calls.

As you would expect, the Pixel 6 also includes Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for pairing wireless headphones or speakers. You can connect multiple Bluetooth devices for convenience and flexibility depending on your preferences. These provide additional ways to experience media and sound on your device.

And of course, the Pixel 6 also includes support for Spatial Audio which can virtually surround you with sound and provide a more immersive listening experience [1].


In summary, the Google Pixel 6 does come with dual stereo speakers. The smartphone features two speakers for stereo sound – a bottom-firing speaker and an earpiece speaker at the top edge. While the speakers lack the bass, volume and richness of some more expensive phones, the Pixel 6 provides decent stereo separation and balanced sound. Although some users have reported software issues causing volume differences between the two speakers, for the most part both speakers work well for multimedia playback, gaming, speakerphone calls and more. So if you’re looking for a phone with stereo output for enjoying your media, the Pixel 6 delivers capable dual speakers on a budget.


In conclusion, the Pixel 6 does have dual stereo speakers that provide a decent audio experience for listening to music, watching videos, and speakerphone calls. While the speakers may not match the quality of more expensive flagship phones, they perform reasonably well with clear sound and minimal distortion at high volumes.

The combination of the top-firing and bottom-firing speakers creates a stereo effect that is an improvement over single downward-firing speakers. This allows for better channel separation and a wider soundstage when using the phone in landscape orientation.

For the average user, the Pixel 6 speakers will handle most media consumption and calling needs. Audiophiles may want to use headphones for critical listening but the built-in speakers are certainly capable for casual use.

So in summary, while not the best speakers available on a smartphone today, the dual speaker setup on the Google Pixel 6 does provide a competent listening experience in line with expectations for its price point.

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