Does T-Mobile have voice over LTE?

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It refers to voice calls made over 4G LTE networks instead of the older 2G or 3G networks. VoLTE allows for high-definition voice quality on calls.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, VoLTE is defined as “voice communication (such as telephone calls) transmitted over a 4G LTE network” (

Benefits of VoLTE

VoLTE offers several key benefits over traditional voice calls that make the service attractive to both carriers and consumers:

Higher call quality – VoLTE provides high definition voice quality through wider frequency band (50-7000 Hz compared to 300-3400 Hz on traditional calls). This allows for clearer sounding audio on calls with reduced background noise. According to studies by GSMA, users preferred the quality of VoLTE over traditional voice by a wide margin. [1]

Faster call connectivity – VoLTE calls connect much faster, typically within 2-3 seconds compared to 10+ seconds on traditional networks. This improves overall calling experience.

Ability to use voice and data simultaneously – With VoLTE, users can browse web or use apps while on a call, which is not possible with traditional networks. This allows for a smoother overall experience.

T-Mobile’s VoLTE Offerings

T-Mobile first launched VoLTE capabilities in May 2014 in the Seattle area for select devices like the LG G Flex (Source: Since then, they have expanded VoLTE coverage across their network. As of 2016, VoLTE is enabled by default for all T-Mobile branded devices (Source: This allows T-Mobile customers with supported devices to make high-definition voice and video calls over LTE. T-Mobile was one of the first major carriers in the US to roll out VoLTE technology nationwide.

VoLTE Coverage on T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s VoLTE coverage currently extends across their entire LTE network, providing voice services over LTE to over 310 million Americans. According to T-Mobile’s website, this makes their VoLTE footprint “2x larger than AT&T and 4x larger than Verizon.”

T-Mobile is continuing to expand their VoLTE coverage even further as they acquire additional spectrum and roll out next-generation 5G networks. In a press release, T-Mobile stated that their enhanced LTE and 5G spectrum “will provide a huge boost in network capacity and blanket the country with 5G coverage.” This capacity increase will likely support expanded VoLTE coverage as well.

Phones that Support VoLTE on T-Mobile

Most modern smartphones support VoLTE on the T-Mobile network. This includes flagship devices from major brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, and OnePlus. Essentially if you have a relatively new Android or iPhone device, it likely supports VoLTE out of the box on T-Mobile.

For T-Mobile branded devices, VoLTE is enabled by default. So if you purchase a phone directly from T-Mobile, you don’t have to worry about turning on any settings to use VoLTE. With unlocked phones, you may have to go into the cellular or network settings to make sure VoLTE is enabled.

The main requirement for a phone to support VoLTE on T-Mobile’s network is that it has the proper LTE bands. As long as the device supports band 12 LTE for calls/texts over LTE, and band 4 LTE for faster data speeds, it should work fine for VoLTE on T-Mobile.

International VoLTE Support

T-Mobile offers VoLTE roaming in Canada and Mexico, allowing customers to make HD voice calls while traveling in those countries without losing access to advanced calling features. This is made possible by agreements between T-Mobile and carriers in those countries to allow VoLTE calls over each other’s LTE networks.

T-Mobile has plans to continue expanding VoLTE roaming to more countries over time. In February 2023, T-Mobile announced intentions to launch VoLTE roaming in parts of Europe and South America later in the year (Telstra international roaming). International VoLTE roaming will allow T-Mobile customers traveling abroad to continue placing VoLTE calls to experience HD voice quality, faster call setup times, and simultaneous voice and data.

The ability to use VoLTE while roaming internationally is a major benefit for frequent travelers who want to stay connected without losing the advantages of voice calls over LTE. As T-Mobile expands its network of international roaming partners, customers will be able to enjoy VoLTE in more countries around the world.

Other Carriers with VoLTE

T-Mobile is not the only major carrier in the United States that offers VoLTE capabilities. Many of the other top carriers have also rolled out Voice over LTE to enhance their voice calling services.

Verizon Wireless launched VoLTE in 2014, making them one of the first major carriers to adopt the technology. Verizon now has robust nationwide VoLTE coverage across its network. Features include high-definition voice quality, simultaneous voice and LTE data, and seamless handoffs between VoLTE and other networks 1.

AT&T has also fully deployed VoLTE across its LTE network. AT&T reports it now covers over 400 markets with VoLTE capabilities. Key benefits touted by AT&T include faster call setup times, ability to talk and surf simultaneously, and higher quality audio on voice calls 1.

More recently, Dish Network launched its 5G network in 2020 with voice services based completely on VoNR technology. Dish claims this provides all the benefits of VoLTE plus faster call setup times and more efficient use of spectrum resources.

In summary, while T-Mobile played an early role in driving VoLTE adoption, all of the major wireless carriers in the U.S. now support VoLTE on their networks and offer similar benefits to consumers.

The Future of VoLTE

VoLTE technology continues to advance, with carriers focused on increasing coverage and reliability. As 5G networks expand, VoLTE will provide the underlying infrastructure to enable high-quality HD voice services on 5G networks.

Some key aspects of VoLTE’s future include:

  • Expanding coverage – Carriers are working to expand VoLTE coverage to more areas to provide customers with consistent voice connectivity.
  • Enhanced reliability – Technical improvements will further optimize VoLTE networks to increase call quality and connection reliability.
  • New features – VoLTE will enable advanced communication services like high-definition video calling, enhanced conferencing, and seamless handovers between VoLTE and WiFi Calling.
  • Transition to 5G voice – VoLTE will serve as the foundational technology to support voice services over future 5G networks. This will allow voice calls over 5G while minimizing network architecture changes.

As stated in a Juniper Research report, VoLTE subscriptions are forecasted to reach over 3 billion by 2021. Carriers, equipment providers, and technology partners continue working diligently to advance VoLTE capabilities worldwide.

Why VoLTE Matters

VoLTE provides several key benefits that matter to both users and carriers:

Higher call quality – VoLTE calls utilize the LTE network rather than switching to older 2G or 3G networks. This allows for HD Voice quality, which provides clearer call audio. Users expect high quality calls on their smartphones, so VoLTE meets that demand.

More efficient use of spectrum – VoLTE allows voice calls to be handled directly on the LTE network, rather than forcing the phone to switch between LTE and older networks. This frees up spectrum previously used for voice calls to now be utilized for mobile data. Carriers can make better use of their available spectrum.

Enables advanced LTE features – VoLTE is required to enable certain advanced LTE features like high-speed data during calls, faster call setup times, Rich Communication Services, video calling and more. Carriers need VoLTE to remain competitive and offer the latest innovations.

In summary, VoLTE provides an improved user experience through better voice quality, while also allowing carriers to make the most of their 4G LTE networks.[1]


T-Mobile launched Voice over LTE support back in 2014, becoming one of the first major carriers in the United States to adopt the technology. Since then, T-Mobile has rolled out VoLTE across its entire LTE network footprint. The vast majority of phones sold today support VoLTE on T-Mobile’s network as well. By deploying VoLTE, T-Mobile has been able to improve voice quality and network efficiency as part of its broader effort to advance its network capabilities. With other major carriers having followed suit with their own VoLTE rollouts in subsequent years, this technology looks poised to become a standard feature that consumers can expect on any LTE network. By leading the way, T-Mobile played an instrumental role in driving the adoption of VoLTE and bringing enhanced voice calling to the 4G era.

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