How can I download YouTube audio to my phone for free?

Downloading audio from YouTube videos has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are several reasons why people may want to download just the audio track from a YouTube video:

First, it allows people to listen to the audio offline when they don’t have an internet connection, such as while commuting, traveling, or working out. Downloading the audio can save mobile data usage compared to streaming the video. It also saves device storage space since audio files are smaller than video files.

Additionally, some people prefer to collect music or listen to podcasts as audio only files rather than video. Downloading the audio allows it to be added to an audio player or music library. Some also use downloaded YouTube audio for sampling and remixing into their own musical creations.

Furthermore, YouTube audio can be higher quality than streaming media at lower bitrates. Downloading allows access to the highest available audio bitrate, even for users without high speed internet. This results in better sound quality for critical listening.

For these reasons, many YouTube users are interested in learning how to extract and download the audio portion from their favorite videos on the platform. The rest of this guide will explore the various methods and tools to download YouTube audio simply and legally.

Legal Considerations

Downloading audio from YouTube videos does raise some legal concerns related to copyright. YouTube videos may contain copyrighted music or other audio content, and downloading this without permission could be considered copyright infringement. However, copyright law does include exceptions for “fair use,” such as using a small portion for educational purposes or commentary. Personal use downloads likely fall under fair use, but the legality can be unclear.

According to legal experts, simply watching or streaming YouTube videos is not illegal, as that is considered private use which is permissible under copyright law. However, downloading videos does make an unauthorized copy, which could potentially violate copyright. That said, copyright owners are unlikely to pursue legal action against someone who downloads audio for personal, noncommercial use in most cases.

The website StackExchange explains there is “no law against downloading any video from YouTube,” but YouTube prohibits it due to copyright. So while personal downloads are in a legal gray area, they violate YouTube’s terms of service.

Overall, downloading YouTube audio for personal use has a low risk of legal consequences. But excessive sharing or commercial use of downloaded content without permission could increase legal risks.

Downloading Options

There are several methods you can use to download YouTube audio to your phone for free:

Using Video Downloader Websites

Video downloader websites like YouTube to MP3 Converter allow you to paste a YouTube URL and download the audio in MP3 format. These sites convert the video file on their server and provide you with just the audio to download. This method is quick and easy, but be aware some sites may contain ads or try to get you to install software.

Using Converter Apps

Mobile apps like ToMP3 let you download YouTube videos directly on your phone and convert them to MP3. These apps make it convenient to download audio right from YouTube without needing a computer. However, app quality can vary.

Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions like downloaders and YouTube to MP3 converters can be added to Chrome or Firefox to download audio from YouTube videos. This method avoids ads and software installs of websites. But you’ll need to transfer the downloaded audio to your phone.

Using Video Downloader Websites

One easy way to download YouTube audio is to use free online video downloader websites like or These sites allow you to simply enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download and it will extract just the audio in MP3 format. The sites work by downloading the full video file from YouTube then running it through an converter to strip out just the audio track.

The advantage of using these sites is you don’t need to install any software and it’s very quick and easy. However, there are some downsides. First, downloading copyrighted content from YouTube may be illegal depending on your country’s laws. Second, these sites typically place their own ads on the pages, or require you to complete surveys before your download. Finally, the audio quality may not be as high as downloading the original source video yourself. But for quickly grabbing audio clips from YouTube to listen to offline, these downloader sites do the job.

Using Converter Apps

Converter apps provide an easy way to download YouTube audio directly on your mobile device or computer. There are free converter apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms.

Some top-rated converter apps for Android include iTubeGo, Any Video Converter, and YTD Video Downloader. These apps allow you to paste the YouTube link, convert to MP3, and download the audio file directly to your device. Many also include advanced features like batch downloading, metadata editing, and exporting to different formats.

On iOS, some recommended options are Documents by Readdle,, and Any Video Converter. They can download YouTube videos and convert to MP3 with just a couple taps. However, iOS apps have restrictions on downloading so you may be limited in usage.

For desktop, free converter apps like Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, ByClick Downloader, and aTube Catcher make it easy to bulk convert YouTube to MP3. They also include features like editing metadata, library management, and playlist creation.

Overall, converter apps provide a fast and simple way to download YouTube audio on mobile and desktop devices. Just be sure to use reputable apps and watch for ads or software bundles during installation.

Using Browser Extensions

One easy way to download YouTube audio on your phone is by using browser extensions. Browser extensions are plugins that add extra functionality to your web browser. There are many free YouTube audio browser extensions available such as Audio Only YouTube, Audio Only for YouTubeTM, and Youtube audio_only.

These extensions allow you to listen to the audio of YouTube videos without loading the video. This saves bandwidth and battery life on your phone. The Audio Only YouTube extension for Chrome, for example, enables you to disable only the video on YouTube which saves over 50% of internet usage when you just want to listen to the audio. The Audio Only for YouTube extension for Chrome similarly lets you load YouTube videos with audio-only content.

To use these extensions, simply install them in your phone’s web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Then when you play a YouTube video, the extensions will detect the video and only load the audio track, saving you bandwidth and battery life. The process is quick and easy.

Downloading Directly on Your Phone

There are several apps that allow you to download YouTube videos and audio directly on your Android or iOS device without needing a computer. Some popular options include:

Snaptube – This free Android app lets you download YouTube videos in different formats like MP3, MP4, etc. You can download entire playlists or channels too.

Videoder – Available for Android, this app downloads videos and extracts audio in formats like MP3, M4A, etc. It supports background downloading and lets you manage and organize downloads.

TubeGet – Compatible with Android and iOS, TubeGet downloads videos and audio from YouTube and other sites. Downloads are available in multiple file formats.

Insdrom – Working on both Android and iOS, this app allows downloading audio and video from YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also import music files to your device.

The benefit of using a dedicated app like these is the ability to download YouTube audio directly on your smartphone or tablet, without needing a computer for file transfer later. Just make sure to only use legally downloaded audio for personal use.

Transferring to Your Phone

Once you have downloaded the YouTube audio file to your computer, you need to transfer it to your phone in order to listen to it. There are a few different methods you can use to send files from your computer to your phone:

USB Cable – Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Open the file manager on your computer, locate the downloaded audio file, and drag and drop it into the music folder on your phone. This will copy the file directly onto your device.

Bluetooth – Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly transfer files between devices. Enable Bluetooth on both your computer and phone. On the computer, right click the downloaded file and select Send via Bluetooth. Select your phone from the list of available devices and it will start transferring.

Cloud Storage – Upload the audio file to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Open the app on your phone, navigate to the file, and download it onto your device for listening offline.

Email – Attach the audio file to an email from your computer. Open the email on your phone and save the attachment to download it.

Apps – There are specialized apps like ShareIt, Xender, or Snapdrop that allow you to directly transfer files from computer to phone wirelessly over WiFi.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to save the downloaded audio file in the music folder on your phone so you can easily access it in your music player app.

Listening Options

Once you have downloaded the YouTube audio files to your phone, you will need a good audio player app to listen to the music. There are many great options for Android music apps that allow you to play audio files stored locally on your device. Some top options include:

MediaMonkey – A powerful music player that supports many formats and features playlists, EQ, organization tools and more (Source).

PlayerPro Music Player – A customizable player with support for hi-res formats and gapless playback (Source).

Musicolet – A minimalist, no-frills music player with support for cue sheets and an efficient engine (Source).

Omnia Music Player – A beautiful, intuitive player for local audio files with multiple themes and customization (Source).

There are many excellent options for mobile music apps that allow you to easily listen to downloaded YouTube audio files. Look for features like sound quality, library management, playlists, widgets, customization and ease of use when selecting the best app for your needs.


The main summary points are that users looking to download YouTube audio to their smartphone have options to do so free of charge, though it’s important to consider copyright and personal use guidelines when downloading YouTube audio. The most popular options to do this include using web-based video downloader sites, downloading apps made for audio ripping, using browser extensions, or using built-in download features on the YouTube mobile app. Each method has its pros and cons to consider. Overall, with the range of options available, most users should be able to find a straightforward method to download YouTube audio that fits their needs and works on their smartphone device. Just be sure to use downloading options ethically and legally.

In conclusion, downloading YouTube audio can be accomplished for free through various methods. Users should think through which option best suits their needs and technical capabilities. With a range of options readily available, smartphone users can access YouTube audio downloads conveniently. Just be sure to use these download features in alignment with copyright and personal use guidelines.

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