How can I play music while on a call on Android?

Many people enjoy listening to music throughout their day, even when on phone calls. Being able to play your favorite songs in the background while chatting with someone can make routine or dull calls much more enjoyable. Music has been shown to reduce stress, spark creativity, and improve focus and productivity. Bringing these benefits to phone calls is the motivation behind wanting to play music during calls on Android devices.

Whether passing time on hold, catching up with an old friend, or discussing important personal topics, music can enhance the call experience. Background melodies fill awkward silences, provide energy during sluggish conversations, and set the right mood depending on your purpose. With the proper apps and settings, Android users can seamlessly integrate their music library into phone calls for an improved experience.

Enabling Music During Calls

Many Android devices allow you to play music during a phone call by enabling the ‘Media audio’ option in the Phone app settings. This setting allows media audio to continue playing even when you are on a phone call. To enable it:

1. Open the Phone app on your Android device.

2. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

3. Select Settings.

4. Scroll down and tap “More settings.”

5. Toggle on “Media audio” to enable it.

Once enabled, music and other media will continue playing at a lower volume when you are on a phone call. You can adjust the volume balance between the call and media audio using your device’s volume keys during a call. This feature currently works with apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and other media apps.

However, some Android skins like One UI on Samsung devices may not have this setting. You may need to use a third party app instead to achieve the same effect of playing music during calls.

Using a Music App

One way to play music during a call on Android is to use a separate music app. Many popular music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music allow you to play audio in the background while using other apps. This makes it possible to play songs, playlists, or podcasts through the music app while on a phone call.

To do this in Spotify for example, start playing a song or playlist, then open the phone app and make or receive a call. The music will automatically pause when the call starts. Tap the play button on the Spotify notification or app to resume the audio during the call. Both parties on the call will be able to hear the music.

According to a Quora post, apps like Google Play Music and Apple Music work similarly – music can be played in the background during calls if you start it before making/receiving the call and manually resume playback after starting the call:

So using a separate music app is one hands-free way of listening to audio of your choice during phone calls on Android devices.

Bluetooth Headsets

One of the easiest ways to play music while on a call on Android is by using a Bluetooth headset. Most modern Bluetooth headsets have the ability to play music and handle calls simultaneously. This allows you to listen to music or other audio through your Bluetooth headset while also taking or making calls.

To enable this feature, first make sure your Bluetooth headset is paired to your Android device. Open the Bluetooth settings and ensure your headset shows as connected. Then simply begin playing music through an app as normal. When a call comes in or you make an outgoing call, the music will automatically pause during the call. Once the call ends, music playback will resume through your Bluetooth headset.

This makes Bluetooth headsets very convenient for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks and more while still being able to make and receive calls. Just be aware that the person on the other end of the call will be able to faintly hear whatever audio is playing in the background through your headset microphone.

Overall, Bluetooth headsets provide a simple hands-free way to get music and call audio simultaneously on your Android device. Just pair your headset, play music normally, and enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted audio whether you’re on a call or not.

Third Party Apps

There are a few third party apps that allow you to play music during a call on Android. Two popular options are MixMeister and Volup.

MixMeister is an app designed specifically for mixing music and calls. It allows you to play music in the background from your device’s library while on a call. The app mixes both the music and call audio together so both parties can hear it. One limitation is that it only works with the phone’s built-in speaker and not with headphones.

Volup takes a different approach. It enables audio routing to wired headsets, allowing you to hear both music and call audio simultaneously. This makes it possible to listen to music during calls when using wired headphones. The app works by splitting the audio channels going to the headset.

While these third party apps don’t offer complete flexibility, they provide useful options for those wanting to liven up their calls with their favorite music. However, compatibility and quality can vary across devices. Be sure to check app reviews before downloading.

Loudspeaker Mode

One way to play music during a call on Android is to enable loudspeaker mode. This routes the call audio through your phone’s speaker, allowing you to play music out loud from your phone while still being able to talk and listen on the call.

To enable loudspeaker mode during a call:

  • Tap the loudspeaker icon on the call screen. It looks like a small speaker icon in the lower right.
  • This will turn on your phone’s main speaker and route the call audio through it.
  • Now you can open a music app like Spotify and play music. The music will come through your phone’s speaker while the call audio continues over speakerphone.
  • Make sure to lower the music volume so it doesn’t drown out the call.
  • When the call ends, loudspeaker mode will turn off automatically.

The advantage of using loudspeaker mode is that it doesn’t require any special apps or Bluetooth headsets. Almost all Android phones have this feature built-in. However, the sound quality may not be ideal, especially if trying to listen to music and take a call at the same time through the same phone speaker.


There are some limitations to playing music while on a call on Android devices:

The other party on the call will be able to hear your music in the background. This is because when you play music, the sound is routed through the phone’s speakers which also act as the microphone during calls. So any background sound will get transmitted to the other caller [1].

If you want to avoid the other party hearing your music, you need a dual SIM phone. With a dual SIM device, you can put the call on one SIM and play music using the other SIM. This way the music audio is separated from the call audio [2].

The music quality may get degraded during a call on some Android devices. This is because the phone prioritizes call audio over music playback which can result in lower bitrate for the music stream [3].


Here are some solutions for common issues that may arise when trying to play music during a call on Android:

If the music stops when a call comes in, check your notification settings. Go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Notification sound and make sure “Calls” is not set to override other audio. You can also try disabling “Ambient sound” in this menu. [1]

If you get an “Unable to play” error message, try restarting your phone or toggling airplane mode on and off to reset the cellular connection. You may also need to disable battery optimization for your music app in Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access.

Check that you don’t have any accessibility services enabled that might be interrupting music playback during calls, like “Voice Assistant”. Disable any unnecessary services.

Make sure you are using a compatible music app. Some apps have issues continuing playback during calls. Try switching to another app like Google Play Music or Spotify.

If you hear echoing or strange audio quality, try adjusting the “In-call audio” option in your phone’s call settings. Setting it to headset/bluetooth can improve audio performance.

As a last resort, you can download third party apps like “MusicDuringCall” from the Play Store which are designed to resolve playback issues during calls.


Here are some frequently asked questions about playing music during calls on Android:

Can the other person hear my music during a call?

Yes, if you play music out loud or through your phone’s speaker, the other person on the call will be able to hear it. The music essentially becomes background noise that gets transmitted through the call. However, if you play music through headphones or a Bluetooth device, the other person will not hear it.

Does this work on video calls too?

Yes, playing music in the background works the same way for video calls as it does for voice calls. If you play music out loud, the other person will hear it. If you use headphones, they won’t hear it.

What apps support this feature?

Most native calling apps like Phone, Contacts, and Duo allow you to play music in the background. Third party calling apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger also support background music during calls. In addition, music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music work as well.

Does the music stop when I receive or make a call?

It depends on the app. Some music apps like Spotify will automatically pause when you receive or make a call. Others like Apple Music will continue playing in the background. You can enable background playback in your music app’s settings if the option is available.

Why can’t I get music to play during calls?

If music doesn’t play in the background during calls, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the music and calling apps have permission to access the microphone
  • Check that your music app allows background playback
  • Increase the media volume on your phone during the call
  • Switch Bluetooth devices or use the phone’s speaker if needed

If you still face issues, check for app updates, restart your phone, or contact customer support.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to listening to music while on a call on your Android device. Music can help improve focus, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and make the call experience more enjoyable. With the ability to play music through apps, Bluetooth headsets, or loudspeaker mode, Android offers flexible options to enable music during calls. Just be mindful of volume levels and avoiding music with distracting lyrics. Overall, listening to music during calls can be an easy way to enhance your Android calling experience when used judiciously.

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