How can I put music as my ringtone Android?

What is a ringtone?

A ringtone is a short audio file that plays when an incoming call or notification is received on a mobile phone or other device. The main purpose of a ringtone is to alert the user to an incoming communication. Ringtones allow users to customize their phones and stand out from others when their phone rings in public places.

The first ringtones used in mobile phones were simple monophonic tones. According to Wikipedia, polyphonic ringtone technology dates back to 1999 with the Yamaha MA-1 sound chip that enabled multiple notes to be played at once [1]. Over time, ringtones advanced to polyphonic MIDI format, then to MP3 format, allowing short music clips and customizable sounds.

Nowadays, ringtones remain an important way for mobile users to personalize their devices and express themselves. Most smartphones come with default ringtones, but customizing ringtones is a popular way to add personality. The ringtone a person chooses can reflect their style, musical taste, personality or mood.

Why customize your ringtone?

There are several benefits to setting a custom ringtone on your Android phone:


Custom ringtones allow you to personalize your phone to your own style and tastes. You can pick ringtones that represent your personality or favorite music genres. According to Verizon, custom ringtones provide a form of self-expression.

Distinctive alert

A custom ringtone allows you to set a unique alert for your phone calls and notifications. This makes it easier to identify your phone versus others in public places or group settings, without having to pull your phone out to check. As noted by Optimum Mobile, custom ringtones can help you respond faster to important calls.

Creative expression

Customizing your ringtone allows you to showcase your creativity. You can create ringtones using your own recordings, mix music samples, or convert songs. Setting a custom ringtone is an easy way to share your musical tastes and creative talents with others.


In order to set a custom ringtone on your Android device, there are two main requirements:

1. A compatible Android device. Most modern Android smartphones and tablets support custom ringtones, but older devices may not. You’ll need Android 5.0 or newer to use some of the latest customization features.

2. A custom ringtone audio file. The most common and compatible file formats for Android ringtones are:

  • MP3 (.mp3) – This is the most widely supported format. Any MP3 file can be used as a ringtone on most Android devices. (Source)
  • M4A (.m4a) – M4A is also a very compatible format. You can convert songs purchased from iTunes to M4A. (Source)
  • WAV (.wav) – WAV files work well, but result in larger file sizes.
  • OGG (.ogg) – Ogg is an open-source audio codec that works on most Androids.

For best results, aim for small audio files under 1MB. You can use audio editing software to trim longer songs or sounds into a short ringtone clip.

Locate or Create a Ringtone File

There are a few different ways to get a ringtone file for your Android phone:

  • Download ringtones from an app store – Apps like Zedge offer thousands of free ringtones you can browse and download.
  • Convert a song into a ringtone – Use an app like Ringtone Maker to trim any song file into a ringtone.
  • Trim an audio file on your computer – Open an audio file in a program like Audacity to cut it down to under 30 seconds, the typical ringtone length limit.

The most common ringtone file formats are MP3 and M4R. Make sure the file size is under 1-2 MB.

Transfer ringtone to device

There are a few different ways to get your custom ringtone file onto your Android device so you can set it as your default ringtone or assign it to specific contacts.

Via USB cable

One of the easiest ways is to transfer the ringtone file via USB cable from your computer to your Android device. First, connect your Android phone to your computer using the USB cable. Then on your computer, locate the ringtone file and copy it. Next, open your Android’s file manager app, browse to the Ringtones folder, and paste the ringtone file there. For detailed instructions, visit this Google support page.

Email ringtone file

Another option is to email the ringtone file to yourself. First, attach the ringtone file to an email on your computer and send it to your Android device’s email address. When you receive the email on your Android, download the ringtone attachment. Then use your file manager app to move it to the Ringtones folder.

Bluetooth file sharing

You can also transfer the ringtone file via Bluetooth. First pair your Android device with your computer or other Bluetooth device that has the ringtone file. Then initiate a file transfer to send the ringtone file to your Android device. Accept the file transfer request on your Android and move the file to the Ringtones folder.

Set default ringtone on Android

The default ringtone is the sound that will play for all incoming calls, unless you set a custom ringtone for specific contacts. Here’s how to set the default ringtone on an Android device:

First, open the Settings app on your Android phone or tablet. Look for a menu option called “Sound” or “Sounds and vibration.” Tap to open it.

Next, look for the “Phone ringtone” or “Default ringtone” option. Tap on it to open the ringtone selection screen.

You will see a list of the ringtones available on your device. Tap on the one you want to set as the default. It will often play a preview so you can hear it.

Once selected, this ringtone sound will now be used for all incoming calls and notifications, unless you customize them for specific contacts or apps.

You can return to this screen any time to choose a new default ringtone for your device. Some phones also allow you to add custom ringtone files as options.

Set custom ringtone for contacts

You can assign a unique ringtone for incoming calls and notifications from specific contacts on your Android device. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Contacts or Phone app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the contact you want to set a custom ringtone for to open their contact details.

3. Tap the menu button or icon (usually 3 vertical dots in the top right corner) and select Set ringtone.

4. You will see a list of ringtones. Select the ringtone you want to use for that contact.

5. Confirm the selection. Now calls and notifications from that contact will play the custom ringtone.

To set unique ringtones for other contacts, repeat steps 2-5 choosing a different ringtone each time. The default ringtone will still be used for contacts without a custom ringtone set.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your custom ringtone is not playing in Android, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure media volume is turned up – Go to Settings > Sound and check the media volume slider is not muted or set too low.
  • Check you are using a supported file format – Android supports common formats like MP3, WAV, OGG. Other formats may not play correctly.
  • Restart your device – Sometimes a simple reboot can resolve ringtone issues. Turn your phone fully off then back on to refresh audio settings. (Source)

Customize notification sounds

Notification sounds are separate from ringtones and allow you to customize sounds for notifications from specific apps. The process to customize notification sounds is similar to customizing your ringtone.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Sound & vibration.
  2. Tap Default notification sound.
  3. To select one of the preloaded notification sounds, simply tap on it. Or tap My Sounds to choose from custom sounds on your device or to upload new ones.
  4. You can also tap the Advanced menu to customize notification sounds for specific apps. Tap an app and select a sound for notifications from that app.

Following the same steps, you can customize notification sounds for each individual app. This allows you to set different notification sounds to identify alerts from your most important apps.

Creative ideas

Personalize your Android even more by getting creative with your ringtones. You can make your own ringtone from your favorite song or sound clip. Change up your ringtone for the seasons or holidays to keep it fresh. Match specific ringtones to individual contacts so you can identify callers without even looking at your phone. Get the whole family involved by setting funny custom ringtones recorded by your kids or partner. The options are endless when you use your imagination!

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