How can I use my phone as a karaoke microphone?

Karaoke is more popular than ever, with karaoke bars popping up in cities across the globe and karaoke features being added to popular apps. Using your phone as a karaoke microphone allows you to enjoy karaoke anytime, anywhere. Your phone offers several advantages over traditional karaoke microphones:

– Convenience – Your phone is always with you, so you can start singing karaoke at a moment’s notice, whether you’re at home or on the go.

– Affordability – There’s no need to buy a dedicated karaoke microphone when you already have a mic built into your phone.

– Portability – Your phone’s compact size makes it easy to take your karaoke setup anywhere without hassle.

– Access to Songs – Karaoke apps give you instant access to thousands of karaoke songs without having to buy costly karaoke tracks.

– Recording Capabilities – You can record your karaoke performances directly on your phone and share them with friends.

With just a few easy steps, you can turn your phone into a portable karaoke machine perfect for parties, get-togethers, or your own personal karaoke jam sessions.

Turn On Microphone Access

Before using your phone as a karaoke mic, you need to enable microphone access for karaoke apps in your phone’s settings. Here’s how to do it on Android:

1. Open your phone’s Settings app.

2. Tap Apps & notifications (on some phones it may be App permissions or App management).

3. Select the karaoke app you want to use.

4. Make sure the Microphone permission is turned on for that app. Toggle it on if needed.

You can also go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and toggle on microphone access for all apps. Just make sure it’s enabled for whichever karaoke app you want to use your phone’s mic with.

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and make sure microphone access is enabled for your karaoke app.

Now your phone’s mic should be ready for karaoke! Be sure to adjust your microphone sensitivity in your karaoke app’s settings for optimal performance.

Get a Karaoke App

There are many great karaoke apps to choose from. Some top options include:

  • Smule – One of the most popular karaoke apps, with a huge song catalog and fun social features. You can perform duets with other singers around the world.
  • Starmaker – Starmaker has a big library of songs and vocal effects. It lets you record and share your performances.
  • Yokee – Yokee has thousands of karaoke music videos to sing along to. It also has fun themed challenges.
  • KaraFun – KaraFun provides karaoke tracks with scrolling lyrics. There are songs in multiple languages.

The best app for you depends on your needs. Smule is great for duets and social singing. Starmaker is better if you want to record and produce high-quality performances. Yokee has the largest music video library. And KaraFun is excellent for lyric reading and multilingual singing. Compare features before choosing the app that fits your style.

Connect Your Phone to Speakers

To use your phone as a karaoke microphone, you’ll need to connect it to a speaker system to amplify the sound. There are two main options for connecting your phone to speakers for karaoke:

Bluetooth: Most modern karaoke machines and Bluetooth speakers allow you to pair your phone via Bluetooth. This gives you a wireless connection, which is convenient for moving around. Look for the Bluetooth pairing button on your speaker system and follow the instructions to connect your phone. The range is usually around 30 feet. Just make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.1

Wired: You can also use a wired connection like an AUX cable or adapter. This can provide better sound quality than Bluetooth. Connect one end to your phone’s headphone jack or charging port and the other to the Aux In port on your speaker. Just be careful not to trip over the wire when performing!

Most Bluetooth speakers and karaoke machines have both wireless and wired options. Choose the method that works best for your setup and performance space.

Position Your Phone

Proper positioning of your phone is key for getting the best sound quality when using it as a karaoke mic. Here are some tips for optimizing your phone’s position:

Hold the phone about 6 inches from your mouth when singing. This gives enough distance to avoid blowing out the mic but still picks up your voice clearly. Avoid holding it too close to your mouth or too far away.

Aim the phone’s mic towards your mouth by tilting it slightly upwards. Pointing the mic right at your mouth helps maximize sound capture.

Hold the phone with a solid grip to keep it steady. This prevents distracting shaking or disruption if you move around. Consider investing in a phone grip accessory for added stabilization.

Angle the phone to the side of your mouth rather than directly in front. Turning it slightly avoids puffs of air and lip pops directly into the mic.

Adjust the angle and distance from your mouth depending on volume. For belting out loud notes, tilt the phone farther away to avoid peaking the mic.

Experiment to find what works for your singing style and the acoustics of your space. Be prepared to make adjustments on the fly.

Sing Away!

Once you have your phone connected to speakers, you’re ready to start singing karaoke. Here are some tips for beginners singing into a phone microphone:

Proper posture is important. Stand up straight with your shoulders back to open up your chest and diaphragm. This allows you to take full, deep breaths and project your voice more powerfully. Keep your chin parallel to the floor rather than tilting it up, which can constrict your airways.

Get close enough to the phone microphone for it to pick up your voice, but not so close that you’re right on top of it. Generally 6-12 inches away is ideal. Experiment to find the optimal distance for your phone’s microphone.

Sing directly into the microphone. Avoid turning your head side to side while singing, which can alter the sound quality.

Hydrate before and during your performance. Take sips of water to keep your vocal cords lubricated.

Sing within your vocal range and don’t strain to hit high or low notes. Pick songs that suit your natural register.

Start softly on longer notes then increase volume. This provides more control and a cleaner sound.

Enunciate clearly and pronounce words fully. Resist mumbling or trailing off at the ends of phrases.

Have fun! Relax and get into the music. Your enthusiasm will come through in your performance.

With practice, you can sound great singing karaoke through your phone. Let your inner rock star shine!

Record and Share Performances

One of the best parts of using your phone for karaoke is being able to easily record your performances. Here are some tips for capturing and sharing your karaoke skills:

Most karaoke apps have a built-in recording feature to record your singing. Simply tap the “Record” button before selecting a song to capture your performance. Make sure to enable microphone access for the app in your phone’s settings for this to work properly.

You can also use your phone’s regular camera or video app to record yourself singing along to karaoke tracks. Prop up your phone on a stand, enable “Selfie” mode, and hit record as you sing your heart out.

Edit recordings to create short clips or highlights of your best vocal moments using editing apps like InShot or GarageBand.

Post your edited videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Use relevant hashtags like #karaoke, #singing, or #vocalcover to help others find your content.

Going live on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch is also a fun way to share karaoke performances in real-time with an audience.

Sharing your phone karaoke recordings is a great way to showcase your singing skills and get creative with musical content online!

Consider Accessories

There are some accessories you can get to enhance your phone karaoke experience:

  • Microphone attachments – You can get a microphone attachment that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack or lightning port to give you a mic to sing into. This can improve audio quality.
  • Phone tripod – A mini tripod to set your phone on while singing can help keep it stable and angled up towards you.
  • Portable speaker – For louder, better sound, you can connect your phone to a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • Colorful lights – Fun lights that flash along with the music create a party atmosphere.

Accessories like a mic attachment, tripod, and portable speaker can take your phone karaoke to the next level. Deck out your setup with cool lights too for extra fun!


If you run into issues using your phone as a karaoke microphone, there are some common fixes you can try. One of the most frequent problems is no sound or very low volume coming from the phone. First, check that the microphone access is enabled on your phone and the volume levels in the karaoke app are turned up. Connect your phone to speakers using an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth to amplify the sound. Position the phone close to your mouth so it can easily pick up your voice. If connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, make sure the devices are paired properly and no other Bluetooth connections are interfering. You may need to reset and re-pair the Bluetooth devices. As a reference, see troubleshooting tips for sound issues from Singing Machine.

Another common karaoke problem is microphone feedback or echo. This can happen if the phone microphone is too close to the speakers. Try increasing the distance between the mic and speakers to prevent feedback. Also check the microphone settings and turn off any enhancements that could cause an echo effect. Restarting the karaoke app and phone can clear up microphone feedback as well.

If the issues persist, you may need to adjust the microphone sensitivity in your phone’s settings or in the karaoke app settings. As a last resort, use a dedicated karaoke microphone designed to avoid feedback, which will provide better sound quality than a phone.


Using your phone as a karaoke microphone can be a fun and easy way to enjoy karaoke at home. We covered the key steps to get started, including turning on microphone access, downloading a karaoke app, connecting to speakers, positioning your phone properly, and singing your heart out. With the right setup, you can sound like a karaoke pro without needing fancy equipment.

The options are endless when using your phone for karaoke. You can access thousands of songs through various apps, record your performances to share, and use accessories like stands and lights to enhance the experience. Troubleshooting steps are available if you run into any audio issues. Overall, your smartphone has everything you need to bring karaoke night to your living room.

Singing karaoke on your phone is a great way to have fun with family and friends. It allows you to showcase your singing skills and perform your favorite hits. So grab your phone, pull up the lyrics, and let your inner rock star shine through!

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