How do I add custom sounds to Messenger?

Messenger is Facebook’s popular messaging app that allows users to communicate with friends and contacts. One of Messenger’s customizable features is the ability to set custom sounds for notifications, message sends, and other in-app actions. Adding custom sounds can personalize the Messenger experience and make conversations more fun and expressive.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to find, download, and add custom sounds to Messenger. You’ll learn how to set custom sounds for incoming messages, outgoing messages, and other notifications. We’ll also cover how to share your custom sounds with friends and troubleshoot any issues.

Using custom sounds in Messenger allows you to express your personality and mood through unique audio clips and effects. Custom sounds make your messaging interactions more dynamic, help conversations feel more realistic, and add an element of fun to your chats. Overall, custom sounds give you more control and customization over your Messenger experience.


To add custom sounds to Messenger, you’ll need to have the latest version of the Messenger app installed. Messenger supports Android 5.0 and up and iOS 10 and up (source). To ensure you have the most recent version, check for any available updates in the App Store on iOS or the Play Store on Android.

You’ll also need to be logged into your Facebook account in the Messenger app. Messenger requires you to have an active Facebook account to use the messaging features (source). Make sure you are logged in before trying to add custom sounds.

Finding Custom Sounds

There are two main ways to find custom sounds to use for Messenger alerts:

1. Searching online for mp3 files – You can search on sites like, Free Music Archive, CCMixter, SoundBible, and other similar sites offering free audio downloads. Look for short audio clips and sound effects that could work for a notification alert. Make sure the sound file is an mp3.

2. Recording your own sounds – If you want a completely unique alert sound, you can record your own using your phone’s audio recorder or an app like Voice Recorder. Record a short audio clip like you saying a phrase, making a sound effect, or capturing any other short sound. Save the recording as an mp3 file.

The key is to find or create a brief audio file in .mp3 format to use for your custom Messenger sound. The sound should be around 1-5 seconds long to work best.


Downloading Custom Sounds

There are a couple ways to download custom sounds to use in Messenger:

Using a Download Manager

A download manager, like Free Download Manager, can help speed up and manage downloads from sites hosting custom sounds. Download managers allow pausing and resuming downloads, downloading multiple files at once, and scheduling downloads.

To use a download manager:

  1. Install the download manager software on your computer.
  2. Find the web page with the custom sound file you want to download.
  3. Copy the download link for the sound file.
  4. Paste the link into the download manager and start the download.
  5. The file will download to your computer so you can add it to Messenger.

Direct Download from Sharing Sites

Many websites like Freesound allow direct downloading of custom audio files. These sites often host user-submitted sound effects and clips that you can download.

To directly download from file sharing sites:

  1. Go to the site and search for the desired sound effect or audio clip.
  2. Click the download link or button on the sound file’s page.
  3. The file will download directly to your computer so you can add it to Messenger.

Adding Custom Sounds to Messenger

To add custom sounds to Messenger, you first need access to the sounds folder on your device where the app stores notification sounds. On Android devices, this folder is usually located at Internal Storage/Notifications. For iPhones, the folder is in Internal Storage/Library/Ringtones.

Once you have located the sounds folder, you can add custom sound files by copying them into that folder. Make sure your sound files are in a compatible format like .mp3 or .wav. You may need to connect your phone to your computer to easily copy files over.

After adding custom sound files to the folder, they should now show up as available notification sounds within the Messenger app. You can go into your Messenger settings, choose “Notifications” and then select your new custom sound from the list.

For more details, refer to: StackExchange

Using Custom Sounds

Once you’ve added custom sounds to Messenger, using them in your conversations is easy:

  1. Open a Messenger conversation with a friend or group.
  2. Tap the sound icon in the text box to bring up the sound selection menu.
  3. Select your desired custom sound from the menu. It will now be used for notifications from that conversation.

The custom sound will now play any time you get a new message in that conversation on your device. You can set different custom sounds for different conversations to help distinguish between them.

Sharing Custom Sounds

Once you have added custom sounds to Messenger, you may want to share them with your friends and contacts. There are a couple ways to easily share your custom Messenger sounds:

You can send the sound file directly to contacts through Messenger. Open your chat with the contact, tap the + icon, and select the sound file to send it. They will receive it as an attachment that they can save and add to their own Messenger app.

Another way is to post the custom sound on social media for your friends to download. You can upload the file to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. and include a link for people to download your custom Messenger sound. Just make sure the file is hosted somewhere accessible for downloading like Google Drive or Dropbox. Some popular places to share custom sounds are subreddits like r/GalaxyS22 or r/iphone.

Sharing your custom sounds is a great way for friends and Messenger contacts to get the same fun notification sounds that you have. It also lets your custom sound creations be enjoyed by a wider audience.


If you are having issues adding or using custom sounds in Messenger, here are some common troubleshooting tips:

File format – Make sure your custom sound files are in a compatible format like MP3 or WAV. Messenger may not support other formats like FLAC or AIFF.1

Messenger permissions – Check that you have allowed Messenger access to storage in your phone’s app permissions settings. Messenger needs access to storage to be able to add new custom sounds.2

Restarting Messenger – Try force closing and restarting the Messenger app if sounds are not working properly. This can sometimes resolve glitches.

Update Messenger – Make sure you are running the latest version of Messenger, as older versions may have bugs related to custom sounds.

Try adding the sound again – Remove the custom sound and re-add it to Messenger to see if it works properly on the second try.

Contact support – If you still cannot add or use custom sounds, consider contacting Messenger support for additional troubleshooting help.

Custom Sound Ideas

When selecting custom sounds for Messenger notifications, you have tons of options to choose from. Here are some popular categories of custom sounds to consider:

Funny sounds for pranks – Choose goofy, laugh-inducing sounds to playfully prank your friends. For example, pick cartoon voices saying silly phrases or outrageous sound effects.

Movie and TV quotes – Pick iconic lines from your favorite films or shows to give your notifications some pop culture flair. For example, “You’ve got mail” or “Say hello to my little friend.”

Unique notification tones – Opt for distinctive chimes, chords, or instrument sounds to make your notifications truly one-of-a-kind. Get creative with chiptunes, exotic instruments, or your own custom melodies.

The key is choosing a sound that fits your personality and brings a smile to your face or the recipient’s. So feel free to get weird and have fun with your custom tone!


Adding custom sounds to your Messenger conversations can be a fun and easy way to personalize your experience. To recap, you can find free custom sound effects, ringtones, or audio clips online, download them to your device, and then upload them to your Messenger app. When you send a message, you’ll see your custom sounds available next to the default options and can choose one to play for your recipient.

Having custom sounds allows you to express yourself in your own unique way during chats. It’s a quick and simple customization that makes your conversations feel more like you. Whether you want to send a funny sound effect, a short musical clip, or a personal audio message recorded in your own voice, custom sounds give you that ability.

Overall, adding custom sounds can bring some extra personality into your Messenger chats. With just a few taps, you can liven up your messaging threads and share fun audio notes with friends or family. Take the time to find or create sounds that represent your style, and enjoy adding that personal touch to your conversations going forward.

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