How do I add music to Adobe rush Android?

Adobe Rush is a video editing app developed by Adobe that makes it easy to create and share online videos from Android or iOS devices. One of the key features of Rush is the ability to add background music to videos to make them more engaging and dynamic.

Adding music is a great way to enhance the mood and energy of a video. With the music tools in Rush, you can browse and preview music options from the app’s free library, easily add a music clip to the video timeline, adjust the audio levels to get the mix right, and export a completed video with the music track incorporated.

This guide will walk through the straightforward process for Rush users to find, add and customize music directly within the Android app. Whether you want an upbeat, energetic song or a soft, atmospheric melody, Rush’s music library has diverse options to complement any video style or theme.

Locate the Music Tool

The music icon in Adobe Rush on Android is easy to find. Simply tap on the “Add Media” button at the bottom of the app. This will open up a menu where you can choose to add media like video clips, photos, audio, and music. Select the “Audio” option.

This will open the audio menu where you will see the music icon in the top left corner. The icon looks like a music note. Tap on this to access the built-in music library in Rush (Source:

Access the Music Library

To access the music library in Adobe Rush on Android, tap on the musical note icon in the bottom toolbar. This will open the audio options. Here you will see tabs for Audio, Music and Voice. Select the Music tab to browse the Rush stock music library. This contains a variety of royalty-free music clips that you can use in your videos.

You can also add your own music files to the library. Tap the plus icon while viewing the Music tab and select “Add File” to upload audio files from your Android device storage. The music clips will then be available alongside the Rush stock music options. Refer to Adobe’s support article for more details on importing media.

Once in the music library, you can preview and select clips to add to your video project timeline. The library provides an easy way to browse and access music options within the Rush app.

Browse music options

Adobe Rush provides a built-in music library that can be browsed to find the perfect songs and audio for videos. Tapping the Audio icon in Rush and selecting Music will open up the music browser. Here users can scroll through different categories like Trending, Moods, Genres and more to find fitting music [1].

The music library features both free tracks users can utilize in videos as well as premium options available through their Creative Cloud subscription. A search bar allows looking up specific songs, artists, albums or audio clips. Previews of tracks are available to test them out before adding to the timeline.

If the built-in music library does not have what you need, it’s possible to download additional free music options within the app. Just tap the “+” icon at the top of the music browser to access the menu, then choose “Download More Music” [2]. This provides genres and collections of music to install directly in Rush for easy access later.

Preview music clips

Before adding music to your Adobe Rush video, it’s a good idea to preview the clips to find the right one. Here’s how to preview the available music clips in Adobe Rush for Android:

Open the Music panel and tap on a music track to see a preview player. Use the play button to start the music clip. You can drag the blue handles left and right to listen to a shorter segment of the track. The preview player allows you to get a sense of the mood, tempo, and length of each music clip before adding it to your video.

If you want to try out multiple music options, tap on each track to preview it in the player. Once you’ve found the perfect music for your video, you’re ready to add it to the timeline.

For more details, see Adobe’s support article on importing media in Premiere Rush.

Add music to the timeline

To add a music clip to your Adobe Rush project’s timeline on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Adobe Rush app and tap on the create new project icon (it looks like a + symbol).
  2. On the media page, tap on the music icon in the top right corner. This will open the audio library.
  3. Browse through the available music clips. You can preview any clip by tapping on it.
  4. Once you’ve found a music clip you want to use, tap on it to add it to the timeline at the current playhead position. The clip will be placed on the music track of the timeline.
  5. You can drag the edges of the clip to trim it and adjust its length as needed.

And that’s it! The music clip is now added to your project’s timeline in Adobe Rush on Android. You can continue editing the video and audio, then export the finished video with the music track included.

Trim the clip

You can trim the length of a music clip on the timeline in Adobe Rush for Android. This allows you to customize the duration that the music plays in your video.

To trim the music clip, tap and hold on the edge of the clip in the timeline. Handles will appear that allow you to drag the edge in or out to shorten or extend the clip length. You can also tap the clip once to bring up options to trim the start or end points. Adobe Premiere Rush Help

When trimming the music, listen to your video playback to ensure the music starts and stops at the appropriate points. Trim gradually, dragging the handles in small increments to refine the timing. The waveform view can help visualize where to trim the music around dialogue or action in your video. Once trimmed, the music clip length will be shortened or extended on the timeline.

Adjust audio levels

After adding your music clip to the timeline, you may need to adjust the audio level so it blends well with your video audio and isn’t too loud or soft. To change the volume of the music clip:

  • Tap the music clip on the timeline to open the audio options.
  • Use the Clip Volume slider to increase or decrease the volume of the music clip until you reach the desired audio level.
  • You can adjust the volume from -96 db up to +20 db.
  • Listen to your video playback with the new music clip volume to ensure it sounds balanced with the rest of the audio.
  • If needed, continue adjusting the music clip volume until you are satisfied.

According to the Adobe Help article on adding audio, “The Clip Volume slider will allow you to adjust the overall volume of the clip.” This makes it easy to get your music audio to just the right level for your video in Premiere Rush.

Mix Music and Video Audio

Once you have added your music track to the timeline in Adobe Rush, you may need to balance the audio between your project audio and the music track. Here are some tips for mixing music and video audio in Rush on Android:

Open the audio mixer in Rush by tapping the audio icon in the toolbar. This will display volume controls for each audio track in your project. Use the sliders to adjust the levels of the music bed and the video audio separately.

Typically you’ll want the music slightly lower than the voice audio. Find a balance where the music enhances and supports the video without overpowering it.

Use keyframes in the audio mixer to automate volume changes over time. Lower the music under important dialog, or raise it during transitions. This allows you to dynamically mix the audio.

Add audio effects like Eq or Compressor to enhance the music track. Boost low frequencies for powerful bass or roll off highs to make the music sit better behind voice audio.

Listen on different speakers to ensure the mix translates. Headphones exaggerate bass, while smaller speakers can highlight mid-range. Strike a balance that works across devices.

If needed, reduce clip volume directly on the timeline, or adjust the overall project volume under Project Settings. This affects all audio tracks equally.

For more advanced audio editing, tap “Edit Audio” to open the clip in the Rush audio editor. Here you can make edits to music clips, apply effects, and mix multiple music tracks.

Balancing project audio and music takes some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you achieve the right mix for your video.

Export final video with music

Once you are satisfied with how the music works with the video, the final step is to export the video with the audio mix. In Adobe Premiere Rush on Android, go to the share screen and select Export. This will render out the final video file with the music incorporated.

Depending on the length and resolution of the video, the export process may take some time as Rush renders the video and audio together into the final output file. You can choose the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and other export settings to balance quality and file size.

According to Adobe’s help documentation, Rush places the separated audio directly under the audio video clip during the export process so that the music and original audio are combined in the final render (

Once the export is complete, you will be able to find the final video with music in the share tab. The video file can then be shared directly to various social media sites and video platforms that Rush supports.

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