How do I get different Google Voice numbers?

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a virtual phone number service provided by Google. It gives users a free phone number that can be used for calling, text messaging, and voicemail services (Source: Google Voice Usage Statistics). With Google Voice, you can make and receive calls on any phone using your Google Voice number. The service also provides features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and free SMS text messaging.

Some key features of Google Voice include:

  • Free phone number for calling and texting
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Call forwarding to linked numbers
  • SMS text messaging
  • Custom greetings
  • Conference calling

In summary, Google Voice gives users a virtual phone number with various communication features and call management options for free.

Why get multiple Google Voice numbers?

One of the main reasons people get multiple Google Voice numbers is to separate their personal and business calls/texts. With a separate Google Voice number for business, you can keep your personal cell phone number private and avoid mixing work and personal communications. As this article explains, having a dedicated business number lets you “present a professional image to clients” while also allowing you to turn off notifications outside of business hours.

Getting a second Google Voice number also prevents the need to carry two physical phones. All your calls and messages to both numbers will still reach you in the Google Voice app. Overall, a second Google Voice number adds convenience and privacy when handling personal and professional communications.

Google Voice Number Limits

By default, each Google account is limited to having only 1 Google Voice phone number associated with it at a time according to Google’s support page. This is to prevent abuse of the free Google Voice service. So if you already have a Google Voice number set up, you won’t be able to simply get another number through the Voice signup process on that same account.

There are some workarounds to get more than 1 Voice number on a single Google account, but they have limitations. Google does allow some exceptions like being able to port in a existing mobile number as a second Voice number, but there are restrictions in place even for that.

Verify another number

The easiest way to get additional Google Voice numbers is by verifying phone numbers you already own or have access to. You can verify both mobile and landline numbers. According to Google Support, each Google account is limited to verifying up to 6 numbers, including your initial number (source).

To verify another number on an existing Google Voice account:

  • Open the Google Voice app and go to Settings > Devices and numbers
  • Tap “Add another number”
  • Enter the phone number you want to verify and select whether it’s a mobile or landline number
  • Google will call the number with a verification code that you’ll enter into the app
  • Once verified, the number will be added to your account as an additional Google Voice number

The number must be able to receive calls and texts in order to verify it. You can use a friend or family member’s number as long as you have access to it. Some users on Reddit report issues verifying mobile numbers, so landlines may have higher success (source).

Porting existing numbers from carriers

One way to get additional Google Voice numbers is by porting over existing cell phone or landline numbers you have with other carriers. This allows you to keep your existing phone number while linking it to Google Voice.

To port a number, you first need to unlock it from your carrier so it can be transferred. Contact your carrier to request they unlock the number for porting. Once unlocked, you can port the number to Google Voice by going into your Google Voice account settings and selecting the option to port a number.

The Google Voice website provides step-by-step instructions for porting numbers from various carriers [1]. The process involves entering details like your account number and PIN to verify you own the number. There may be a fee from your carrier.

Porting an existing number to Google Voice allows you to consolidate multiple numbers and take advantage of Google Voice features. However, porting can take several hours or days to fully complete. You’ll need to keep your carrier service active until the number fully ports.

Buy phone numbers

One of the easiest ways to get Google Voice numbers beyond the account limit is to directly buy phone numbers. Certain sites like TechReviewer sell unused phone numbers you can then port to Google Voice. These are actual phone numbers that were previously issued by carriers like AT&T and Verizon. The numbers are available for purchase starting around $10. You simply buy the number through the site, then port it to Google Voice by requesting a transfer from your Google Voice account. This allows you to obtain additional fully functional Google Voice numbers beyond the usual limit.

Using Google Accounts

Each Google account is eligible for one Google Voice phone number. This means you can get additional Google Voice numbers by creating and verifying extra Google accounts.

For example, if you have three separate Gmail addresses, you can potentially get three different Google Voice numbers – one for each account. According to a forum post, some users have reported having multiple Google Voice accounts for separate numbers.

To add a new number, simply sign into the extra Google account and go through the verification process within the Google Voice settings. Each number can then be managed separately under each account.

Google Voice settings

To properly setup and configure multiple Google Voice numbers on one account, you need to adjust the settings for each individual number in your Google Voice account. Some key settings to configure include:

Call forwarding – You can set separate call forwarding rules for each Google Voice number, such as forwarding to your cell phone, landline, or voicemail.

Voicemail – Each Google Voice number can have its own customized voicemail greeting and inbox. You can manage the voicemails for each number from the same account.

Notifications – Google Voice allows you to set notifications for calls, voicemails, and text messages. You can customize notifications for each number.

Do Not Disturb – This setting can be enabled for each number independently. You can silence one number while keeping your main number active.

SMS texting – You can send and receive texts from each Google Voice number. Make sure to properly configure the messaging settings.

Making calls – You can choose which Google Voice number to call out from in the app settings or by using extensions.

Properly configuring these key settings for each Google Voice number ensures you can use multiple numbers seamlessly from the same account.

Source: Google Voice Help Forum


While having multiple Google Voice numbers can be useful, there are some limitations to be aware of:

Google Voice does not support MMS messaging, so you cannot send or receive picture messages or group texts across multiple Google Voice numbers on the same account (1). This can make it tricky to use Google Voice as your main messaging app.

International calling rates may be higher when dialing from a Google Voice number compared to your normal cell phone plan, so using Google Voice for international business calls may not always save money (2).

Porting an existing number into Google Voice will cancel the line it’s ported from, so you can’t port a number you need to keep active on your carrier (3).

While you can have multiple numbers on one account, you can only place or receive calls from one number at a time. So you can’t have two simultaneous calls on two different lines like on a business landline.

Google Voice is designed for consumer and light business use. If you need enterprise-grade phone system features like call queues, shared call inboxes, or toll-free numbers, a business VoIP solution may be better suited.


In summary, there are a few main methods for getting additional Google Voice numbers beyond the initial number provided:

  • Verifying another phone number you own, like a mobile, home, or work number
  • Porting numbers into Google Voice from your phone carrier
  • Purchasing new phone numbers through Google Voice
  • Creating and linking multiple Google accounts to separate Google Voice numbers
  • Adjusting settings in your Google Voice account to enable adding more numbers

While Google Voice limits users to 3 free phone numbers per single Google account, you can obtain more numbers by verifying other numbers you control, porting from your carrier, buying extra numbers, or utilizing multiple Google accounts. This provides flexibility in getting several Google Voice numbers for personal or business use.

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