How do I get MP3 from YouTube on my Android phone?

Downloading YouTube videos as MP3 audio files allows you to save the audio from videos and listen to them offline. This can be useful for listening to music, podcasts, audio books, and other content from YouTube without needing an internet connection. Some key benefits of converting YouTube to MP3 include:

– Listen offline: MP3 files can be played anytime without buffering or needing mobile data or WiFi. This makes them great for playlists, commutes, flights, and other offline listening.

– Save storage space: MP3 audio files are smaller in size than video files. This saves storage space on your mobile device.

– Playback on more devices: MP3s can be played on more devices than YouTube video files. You can listen on old MP3 players, car stereos, and non-smart devices.

– Focus on audio: For music tracks, podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio-focused content, the MP3 format removes the video and focuses purely on the audio.

This guide will walk through the steps to easily convert and download YouTube videos as MP3 files onto an Android device.


There are a few key requirements you’ll need in order to download MP3 files from YouTube videos on your Android phone:

  • An Android phone – The steps outlined will only work on Android devices.
  • YouTube video URL – You’ll need the URL of the specific YouTube video you want to download as an MP3.
  • Stable internet connection – A strong and stable internet connection is required to successfully download the MP3 file.

As long as you have an Android phone, the YouTube video URL, and a good internet connection, you should have everything you need to get started.

Download a Converter App

There are many converter apps available to download MP3 files from YouTube videos on an Android device. Some popular and reputable options include:

Videoder ( – This free app allows you to download videos and convert them to MP3 files. Key features include downloading entire playlists or channels, converting to multiple formats, and downloading videos up to 4K.

SnapTube – Another free YouTube to MP3 converter app with over 100 million downloads. It can detect and download MP3 files of any YouTube video. You can also download entire playlists. SnapTube has options to share downloads on social media.

To download a reputable converter app safely, only use the official website or trusted app stores like Google Play. Beware of fake copycat apps by sticking to well-reviewed and downloaded converters like Videoder or SnapTube.

Install the App on Your Android Device

Once you’ve downloaded a YouTube to MP3 converter app from the Google Play Store, you’ll need to install it on your Android device. Here are the steps to install a third-party app:

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the search bar at the top and search for the name of the YouTube to MP3 converter app you want to download, such as “Video to MP3 Converter.”

3. Tap on the app in the search results to open its page in the Play Store.

4. Tap the “Install” button to begin downloading and installing the app.

5. You may see a permissions pop-up asking you to allow the app to access certain features on your device, like storage. Tap “Allow” to grant the necessary permissions.

6. Once installed, you can open the converter app from your home screen or app drawer.

By default, Android allows installation of apps from the Google Play Store and other trusted sources. However, you may need to check your security settings to ensure app installs are enabled and allow permissions for third-party apps like YouTube converters.

Copy the YouTube Video URL

The first step is to open the YouTube app on your Android device and find the video you want to download as an MP3 file. Once you have located the video, tap on the share button below the video. This will bring up a menu with various sharing options.

Select the “Copy link” option to copy the URL of the YouTube video. This copies the video’s unique URL to your clipboard so you can paste it into the MP3 converter app in the next step. The URL identifies which specific video to download.

For example, if the video URL is, copying this link will allow the converter app to identify and download this exact video file when you paste in the URL.

Paste the URL in the Converter App

Once you have copied the YouTube video URL, the next step is to paste it into your converter app. Open the app and look for a text box or search bar where you can enter the URL. Often this will be on the main screen or home page of the app.

Paste the full YouTube video URL into this text box or search bar. Make sure you have copied and pasted the entire URL, including the https:// and .com portions.

After pasting in the URL, find the “Convert” or “Download” button in the app. This will start the conversion process. The app will connect to YouTube, extract the audio from the video, and convert it to an MP3 file.

Many converter apps allow you to select the output format before starting the download. Look for a settings icon or dropdown menu where you can choose “MP3.” This ensures you get the MP3 format rather than another audio file type. Select MP3 as the output format before hitting Convert/Download.

Download the MP3 File

After pasting the YouTube URL in the converter app and selecting the MP3 format, wait for the download to finish completely. The time it takes will depend on the length of the video. Many converters show a progress bar to track the download status.

Once finished, you can find the downloaded MP3 file in your Android device’s storage. By default, downloads on Android devices go to the “Downloads” folder. You can access this Downloads folder from the Files app on your Android phone. Some Android skins like Samsung may save downloads to a different default folder, so check your device settings if you don’t see the file in Downloads.

To play the downloaded YouTube MP3, open your music player app like Google Play Music, go to your library and select the “Downloads” section. You should see the file there and be able to play it like any other MP3 track on your device.


Play the Downloaded MP3

Once the YouTube to MP3 conversion is complete, you can play the downloaded file through your Android device’s music player app like Google Play Music. Here are the steps to play the MP3:

  1. Open your music player app like Google Play Music.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the YouTube MP3 file was saved. This is usually the “Downloads” folder if you did not specify a different download location in the converter app.
  3. Find the downloaded YouTube MP3 file in your music library or file manager.
  4. Tap on the MP3 file to play it.
  5. You can also add the downloaded MP3 to playlists, set it as a ringtone, etc. like any other song in your music library.

The converted YouTube video is now an MP3 file you can freely listen to offline on your Android device just like any other song.

Troubleshooting Tips

You may encounter some issues when converting YouTube videos to MP3 files on your Android device. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Fixing Download Errors

If you get an error message when trying to download the MP3 file, first check that the URL you entered is correct. YouTube video URLs can be complex, so it’s easy to make a mistake copying them over. Double check that the full URL is entered properly in the converter app.

Also try restarting both the converter app and your Android device. This can clear out any temporary glitches that may be preventing the download.

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the converter app. This will flush out any corrupted files that could be disrupting the download process.

Improving Download Speeds

YouTube to MP3 conversion can take some time on mobile devices. If downloads are consistently slow, try changing your Internet connection to a faster WiFi or mobile data network.

Close any other apps running in the background that could be using bandwidth. The converter app will have better performance with more processing power dedicated to it.

Some converter apps have settings to limit the output quality to save on file size. Experiment with lowering this, as smaller files will download faster.

Fixing Low Quality MP3s

If your converted MP3 files sound distorted or low quality, first check the audio settings in the converter app. Increasing the bitrate will produce higher audio quality.

Also try downloading the video again. The video itself could have poor audio quality. Testing a different YouTube video can help determine if the issue is with the source material or the conversion process.

As a last resort, use a different converter app. Some apps utilize better encoding algorithms resulting in higher quality audio output.

Converting YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

The process for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files on an iPhone is similar overall, but there are some key differences to be aware of.

Here is an overview of the main options for iPhone users:

– Use the Files app to convert videos to MP3s. You can download a video from YouTube using Safari, then open it in Files and convert to MP3 (Apple support).

– Download a third-party converter app from the App Store. Some popular options are Video to MP3 Converter and YT Converter.

– Use AirDrop to send the YouTube video from your iPhone to a Mac, where you can more easily convert it to MP3 using iTunes or another desktop app.

The key differences to note for iPhones:

– You may need to purchase a converter app, since there is no free built-in option like on Android.(Apple support)

– Safari downloads must be opened in the Files app for conversion, instead of directly in the converter app.

– The MP3 conversion process can take longer compared to Android.

Overall the process is very similar, just with a few extra steps required. With the right app, iPhone users can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3s.

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