How do I get voice directions on Google Maps Android?

Using Google Maps to get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions on your Android device is easy and convenient. With just a few taps and voice commands, Google Maps can guide you to your destination hands-free using clear spoken directions. This allows you to keep focused on the road while driving without having to constantly look down at your phone’s screen.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with voice directions on the Google Maps app for Android. We’ll walk through how to enable voice features, start navigation and activate voice guidance, and customize your experience. With voice directions, Google Maps becomes an intelligent co-pilot right on your Android device.


Before getting voice directions in Google Maps, you need an Android phone or tablet running Android 6.0 or newer. According to Google support, you’ll need this version of Android or higher to receive updates to Google Maps. Older versions of Android may not fully support all of Google Maps’ features.

You’ll also need to have the latest version of the Google Maps app installed. Make sure you’ve updated to the most recent version through the Play Store to enjoy the full capabilities. Additionally, your device will need an active internet connection (cellular data or WiFi) to access real-time maps, traffic information, and voice directions.

Enable Voice Directions

To use voice navigation in Google Maps on your Android device, you first need to make sure the voice feature is enabled. Here’s how to turn on voice directions in the Google Maps app:

Open the Google Maps app on your device. Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. In the menu that opens, tap on “Settings”.

Under the “Navigation settings” section, check that “Voice guidance” is toggled on. If not, tap on it to enable voice directions.

You can also customize the voice used for navigation under “Voice selection”. Choose between the standard Google voice or a variety of other options.

Once voice guidance is enabled in your Google Maps settings, you’ll be able to get turn-by-turn voice directions during navigation. The Google Maps voice will speak street names, directions, and other instructions to guide you along the route.


Start Navigation

To start navigation in Google Maps on your Android device, first open the Google Maps app. Once the app is open, you will see a search bar at the top of the screen.

Tap inside the search bar and enter your desired destination. You can type the full address, or just the name of a place. As you type, Google Maps will provide suggested destinations.

When you see your intended destination appear in the results, tap on it to select it. This will open the location details in the Google Maps app.

In the location details screen, tap on the “Directions” icon, which looks like a navigation arrow. This will begin navigation and provide turn-by-turn voice directions to your selected destination.

If you don’t see the voice directions automatically start, look for a microphone icon at the bottom and tap it to enable voice prompts. The Google Maps app will now provide turn-by-turn voice directions during your navigation.

At any time, you can tap the microphone icon again to repeat the last voice prompt if you missed a direction. This provides a handy way to hear the last guidance again in Google Maps on your Android phone or tablet.

Tap Microphone Icon

Once you have started navigation in Google Maps, you will see a microphone icon in the bottom right corner of the directions screen. This is the voice control button that allows you to provide voice input for your directions.

To use voice directions, simply tap the microphone icon. The icon will turn red to indicate it is listening. You can then speak your destination or next instruction. According to Google Support, Google Maps will provide voice prompts to guide you along the route.

The microphone icon serves as a quick and hands-free way to control your directions using your voice instead of typing or tapping the screen. Just tap it at any time to provide voice input during navigation.

Speak Destination

Once you activate voice navigation by tapping the microphone icon, you can speak your destination address to get directions. According to Google Support, it’s important to speak the complete destination address in a clear voice. This includes the full street address number, street name, city, state and zip code.

For example, you may say “Navigate to 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, 94043”. Google Maps will provide voice prompts to confirm the destination address. If it does not recognize the full address, try speaking slower and enunciating each part of the destination clearly.

Providing the complete information helps Google Maps accurately identify the location. You can also say general locations like “coffee shop”, but a precise street address lessens the chance of errors.

Follow Voice Prompts

Once you start navigation in Google Maps for Android, listen carefully to the voice guidance during your route. The voice will provide turn-by-turn directions to guide you along the best route to your destination according to real-time traffic conditions. Some key things to listen for in the voice prompts include:

  • Advanced notice of upcoming turns or exits, usually around 500 feet before you need to maneuver. This allows you time to move into the proper lane.
  • Street names or signs to look out for to identify your turns.
  • Directional guidance like “turn left” or “take the ramp on right.”
  • Distance and time until next turn.
  • Warnings about potential traffic delays or road closures ahead.
  • Instructions when approaching the final destination.

Paying attention to each voice prompt will enable you to navigate safely and efficiently without needing to look at the phone’s screen. You can keep your eyes focused on the road while still following the route. Adjust the volume as needed so you can clearly hear each direction.


If you are not getting voice directions when using Google Maps, here are some troubleshooting tips to try:

First, make sure the volume on your phone is turned up and not muted. Voice directions will not work if your device is silenced or muted.

Check that you have given Google Maps permission to access your microphone. Go into your phone’s settings, find Google Maps in the apps list, and make sure Microphone access is enabled

Force quit and relaunch the Google Maps app. This will refresh the app and may resolve any bugs stopping voice from working.

Make sure Google Maps has the latest updates installed. Go to your device’s app store, search for Google Maps, and install any available updates.

Try toggling voice directions off and back on in the Google Maps settings menu. This resets the voice capability and can get it working again.

If voice directions still do not work, try uninstalling updates for Google Maps and revert back to the factory version. Then test voice again before updating.

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall Google Maps completely to fully reset the app. Make sure to back up any saved maps or locations first.

If you have tried all troubleshooting tips and voice navigation still does not work, you may need to contact Google Maps support for further assistance.

Customize Experience

One of the best features of Google Maps voice navigation is the ability to customize the experience to your preferences. You can change the voice that provides directions as well as the language used.

To change the voice in Google Maps for Android, open the app and tap on your profile icon in the top right corner. Then go to Settings > Navigation settings > Voice selection (1). Here you’ll see a variety of voice options to choose from, including male and female voices. Select the one you prefer.

On iPhone and iPad, you can change the voice by going to Settings outside of the Google Maps app. Go to Settings > Maps > Navigation voice and choose from the available options (2).

In addition to the voice, you can change the language used for navigation instructions. This may be helpful when traveling abroad or preferring directions in your native language. On Android, go to Navigation settings > Language. On iOS, go to Settings > Maps > Navigation language. Select from the available languages.

Customizing these simple settings goes a long way in providing a better navigation experience tailored to your needs and preferences.




Using voice directions on Google Maps for Android can make navigating to your destination easier and more convenient. By enabling voice directions in the settings, tapping the microphone icon when viewing directions, and speaking your desired destination, Google Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation by voice. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while still receiving the directions you need. With options to customize the voice, language, and other preferences, Google Maps voice directions offer a hands-free navigation experience for Android users on the go.

In summary, the voice directions feature in Google Maps for Android allows users to navigate safely and efficiently without having to look at or touch their phone. While it may take some initial setup and practice, voice directions offer a convenient way to get accurate, real-time navigation guidance entirely by voice.

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