How do I install Vanced music on YouTube?

What is Vanced Music?

Vanced Music is a modded version of YouTube Music that blocks ads and unlocks additional features not available in the official YouTube Music app, such as background play and downloading songs. It provides an enhanced music listening experience compared to the standard YouTube Music app.

Vanced Music is based on the open source YouTube Music Vanced project. It is an unofficial third party mod that is not affiliated with YouTube or Google. The app has customized code and patches applied on top of the original YouTube Music APK to enable premium features without paying for a YouTube Music subscription.

Is Vanced Music legal?

Vanced Music violates YouTube’s terms of service since it is a modified version of the official YouTube app. However, according to a Reddit discussion, using Vanced is unlikely to get an individual into legal trouble. While Google forced Vanced to shut down due to legal threats, according to The Verge, this was primarily targeted at the developers and not end users.

The core functionality of Vanced, like background play and ad blocking, violates YouTube’s terms and could potentially lead to your Google account being banned. However, the legal risk for individuals using Vanced Music is generally low. It’s primarily an issue of ethics and whether you want to violate YouTube’s terms of service.

Requirements for installing Vanced Music

In order to install Vanced Music on your Android device, you’ll need the following requirements:

  • Android phone or tablet running Android 5.0 or higher (according to
  • Vanced Manager app downloaded and installed (from official source at
  • Stable internet connection for downloading and installing the app

Downloading and Installing Vanced Manager

The first step to getting Vanced Music is installing the Vanced Manager app which lets you easily install Vanced and other Vanced apps. To download Vanced Manager:

1. Go to the Vanced Manager website on your Android device and tap the download button. This will start downloading the Vanced Manager APK file.

2. On Android, enable “Install from unknown sources” in your device Settings to allow installing apps outside of the Google Play Store. This is required to install the downloaded Vanced Manager APK file.

3. Once downloaded, open the Vanced Manager APK file on your device. You may need to go to your Notifications or File Manager to find the downloaded file. Tap the APK to begin installing Vanced Manager.

4. Accept the device permissions requested by Vanced Manager to install it on your device. After installing, you can open Vanced Manager from your device’s app drawer.

Adding Vanced Music in Vanced Manager

Once you have downloaded and installed Vanced Manager on your Android device, you will need to add Vanced Music as an additional app. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Vanced Manager app on your device.

2. Tap on the ‘Music’ tab at the bottom.

3. You should see the version of Vanced Music available for installation. Select the latest version.

4. Tap on the green ‘Install’ button at the bottom right. This will begin the installation process.

5. Vanced Manager will automatically download and install Vanced Music on your device. Be patient as this may take some time depending on your internet speed.

That’s it! Vanced Music will now show up in your app drawer or menu. You can open it and log in to start using the modded ad-free YouTube Music app with additional features.

Installing Vanced Music

Now that you have Vanced Manager set up, it’s time to install Vanced Music. The process is simple:

1. Open Vanced Manager and you should see Vanced Music listed there.

2. Tap ‘Install’ next to Vanced Music (do not select a version; usually the latest is the top one). Vanced Manager will download and install the app.

3. Once installation is done, tap on Vanced Music to launch it. It will prompt you to grant certain permissions required for the app to work properly. Grant all permissions when prompted.

And that’s it! Vanced Music is now installed on your device through Vanced Manager. The next sections will cover logging in, enabling features like background play, downloading songs, and troubleshooting.

For more details on requirements for Vanced Music, check this guide.

Logging into Vanced Music

To log into Vanced Music to access your YouTube Music playlists and libraries, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vanced Music app.
  2. Select the “Log in” option at the top right corner.
  3. Enter your Google account details (email and password) in the boxes.
  4. Select “Sign in” to log into your Google account.

If you are facing an error logging into your account such as “Can’t sign in”, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Go to the microG settings in Vanced Manager and clear data for your logged in account. Then try logging in again [1].
  • Remove your account in Vanced Music and re-add it.
  • Disable and re-enable Google services in microG.

Enabling background play and downloading

Vanced Music lets you listen to music or watch videos while using other apps or with your phone screen off. You can also download music and videos to listen to offline. This is enabled through the app settings.

To enable background play and downloading:

  1. Open Vanced Music
  2. Tap the profile icon to open the side menu
  3. Go to Settings > Background & downloads
  4. Toggle on “Background play”
  5. Toggle on “Download videos”

Now you can minimize Vanced Music or turn off your screen while audio continues to play. You can also tap the download button on videos and songs to save them locally on your device.

According to this source, changing the “Playback” setting to “Always On” may also keep playback going when switching between apps.

Using Vanced Music

Vanced Music allows you to search and play music just like the regular YouTube Music app, but without any ads interrupting your listening experience. One of the key features is the ability to play music in the background. This means you can minimize the app or switch to another app, and the music will continue playing.

To enable background play, open the Vanced Music settings and toggle on “Background play”.

Another great feature is the ability to download songs for offline listening. To download a song, tap the 3 dots next to any track and select “Download”. The downloaded songs will be available in the “Downloads” section of the library tab. Downloads work even without a YouTube Premium subscription. Source

Overall, Vanced Music provides an ad-free YouTube Music experience with background play and downloading capabilities for free. It makes listening to your favorite music on YouTube much more enjoyable.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues using Vanced Music, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check for Vanced updates in Vanced Manager and install any available updates. Updates often include bug fixes.
  • Try reinstalling Vanced Music if it is frequently crashing or freezing.
  • Clear the cache and data for Vanced Music via your device settings or Vanced Manager. This can resolve some issues.
  • Uninstall any other YouTube mod apps you may have. Keeping multiple modded YouTube apps can create conflicts.
  • Check that you have a stable internet connection. Connection issues can prevent Vanced Music from working properly.
  • Restart your device. This can clear up temporary glitches and errors.

If the basic troubleshooting steps do not resolve your issues with Vanced Music, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app or wait for a future update. The Vanced team is constantly working to improve stability and fix bugs.

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