How do I link my phone contacts to Google Voice?

Google Voice is a phone service that provides users with a phone number through which they can place and receive calls, send and get text messages, and access voicemail. Some key features of Google Voice include:

– Voicemail transcription – Google Voice converts voicemails to text so users can read messages

– Free calling within the U.S. and Canada

– SMS messaging

– Customizable greetings

– Call screening and blocking

One useful feature of Google Voice is the ability to link your existing contacts to your Google Voice account. Linking contacts enables you to automatically see the name of callers even if they aren’t already stored in your Google Voice contacts. It also allows you to easily call or message your existing contacts through your Google Voice number. Linking your phone’s contacts to Google Voice saves time and effort while also providing a more seamless experience.


Before you can link your phone contacts to Google Voice, you’ll need to have a few things in place:

  • A Google account – You’ll need an existing Google account, such as a Gmail address, to use Google Voice. If you don’t already have one, you can create a new Google account.
  • The Google Voice app – Download and install the free Google Voice app, available for both iOS and Android. This will allow you to manage your Google Voice account and contacts.

Once you have those two things ready, you’ll be ready to start linking your existing phone contacts to your Google Voice account.

Adding Individual Contacts

The most straightforward way to link your phone contacts to Google Voice is to add them one by one. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Contacts app on your phone and select a contact you want to add to Google Voice.
  2. Tap the share button (usually represented by a box with an arrow pointing out of it).
  3. Select Google Voice from the sharing options.
  4. Google Voice will now add that contact to your account.
  5. Repeat this process for each contact you want to link to Google Voice.

While this method allows precision in choosing exactly which contacts to add, it can be time consuming if you want to link a large number of contacts. For a quicker option, see the section on importing all contacts below.

Importing All Contacts

You can quickly import your entire phone contact list into Google Voice in just a few steps:

Open the Google Voice app and tap on the Contacts tab at the bottom. Then tap on the settings icon in the top right corner and select “Import.” This will begin the process of importing all of your phone’s contacts into your Google Voice contact list.

The Google Voice app will access your phone’s contacts and copy them over. Depending on how many contacts you have, this may take a few minutes to complete. You’ll see a progress indicator letting you know the status.

Once finished, all of your phone contacts will be visible in the Contacts tab in the Google Voice app. You can then use these contacts for calling, texting, and more, all through your Google Voice number.

Importing your full contact list is the fastest way to connect your existing phone contacts with Google Voice. After importing, your contacts will stay synced between your phone and Google Voice automatically.

Syncing Contacts

To enable contact syncing between your phone’s address book and Google Voice, you first need to turn on contact syncing in your Google Voice settings. This allows Google Voice to access the contacts stored on your Google account and sync any changes between the two.

On your computer, go to the Google Voice website and sign into your account. Click on the settings gear icon and go to Settings > Contacts. Make sure “Sync Contacts” is enabled. This will allow syncing between your Google Contacts and Google Voice.

According to Google’s support article (, newly added contacts will now automatically sync between your Google account and Google Voice. Any edits or deletions will also sync. However, this two-way syncing is only available for Android phones. For iPhones, contacts can only be synced one-way from your Google account to Google Voice.

Linking on iPhone

To link your iPhone contacts to Google Voice, first open the Contacts app on your iPhone. Tap on the Groups tab at the bottom of the screen. Create a new group and name it “Google Voice.” You’ll add contacts to this group that you want to sync with your Google Voice account.

Tap the group you just created, then tap “Add Contact” at the top right. Select the contacts you want to add to the Google Voice group from your full contacts list. You can add individual contacts one by one, or tap Select All to add your entire contacts list.

The contacts you add to the Google Voice group will now be linked and synced with your Google Voice account. You can manage these contacts either in the Contacts app on your iPhone under the Google Voice group, or in your Google Voice account online.

To sync any updates you make on one platform to the other, open the Contacts app on your iPhone, tap Groups and tap the Google Voice group. At the bottom, tap “Update All Contacts” to sync changes from your Google account. You can also tap “Update This Group” to just sync changes made to contacts within the Google Voice group.

For more help syncing your iPhone contacts, visit Google Voice support.

Linking on Android

To link your phone contacts to Google Voice on an Android device, open the Contacts app and tap the menu icon. Select Settings and then tap on your Google account under Accounts. Make sure the Contacts to display option is set to All contacts. Finally, check the box next to Contacts to sync to enable contact syncing between your Android device and Google Voice.

According to Google Support, contacts added in Google Voice will automatically sync across devices when contact syncing is enabled. However, iPhone and iPad address books cannot directly sync contacts with Google Voice.

Using Linked Contacts

One of the most useful aspects of linking your phone contacts to Google Voice is being able to easily make calls using your Google Voice number. To make a call using your linked contacts:

  1. Open the Google Voice app.
  2. Tap on the “Contacts” tab at the bottom.
  3. Find the contact you want to call.
  4. Tap on the contact’s name to open their contact card.
  5. Tap on the “Call” icon next to either their mobile or home number.

This will initiate a call using your Google Voice number to the number stored for that contact. One way to confirm the call is going through Google Voice is to look for the “Via Google Voice” text displayed on the call screen.

To check if a contact is linked to your Google Voice account:

  1. Open the Contacts tab in the Google Voice app.
  2. Look for the Google Voice icon next to the contact’s name – this indicates they are linked.
  3. You can also tap on the contact and look under their phone numbers. Linked numbers will say “Mobile via Google Voice” or “Work via Google Voice.”

Knowing which of your contacts are linked makes it easy to place Google Voice calls to them right from the app.


If you are having issues with your contacts syncing properly between your phone and Google Voice, there are a few common problems to check:

Contacts Not Syncing

If your contacts are not syncing at all between your device and Google Voice, first make sure you have a stable internet connection on both devices according to this Google support article. If you have a good connection, try unlinking and relinking your contacts in the Google Voice app settings. You may also need to check that auto-sync is enabled in your account settings.

Duplicate Contacts

It’s common to end up with duplicate contacts after linking Google Voice and your native contacts app. Check through your contacts on both ends and merge any duplicates. According to this article, you can also try clearing the app data/cache and re-syncing.

Missing Contact Info

If some of your contact info like phone numbers or addresses are missing after syncing, you may need to selectively choose which groups sync according to this guide. You can also try unlinking, merging all duplicates, and relinking.


In summary, linking your phone contacts to Google Voice provides several key benefits. It allows you to access all your contacts directly within the Google Voice app and make calls or send messages using your Google Voice number. Syncing contacts eliminates the need to manually add each one. Both Android and iPhone users can easily link contacts by importing from their native address book or adding individual entries.

If you need any further assistance getting your contacts linked to Google Voice, visit the Google Voice Help Center for tutorials, troubleshooting tips, and additional support resources. The help center covers all aspects of using Google Voice, from account setup to advanced features.

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