How do I make calls directly from a Google Voice number?

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a telephony service offered by Google that provides users with a free phone number. This number can be used to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access additional features like voicemail and call routing.

According to the Google Voice website, some of the key features of Google Voice include:

  • Getting a free phone number
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call routing to choose which phone(s) ring when you receive a call
  • SMS (text messaging) support
  • Affordable long distance calling rates

The Google Voice service integrates with the Phone app on Android smartphones or the Google Voice website. It essentially gives users an additional phone line with extra features, separate from their mobile carrier phone number.

Making calls with Google Voice

You can make calls directly from your Google Voice number using either the mobile app or the website. Google Voice’s mobile app for Android allows you to tap on a recent or favorite contact and call them directly using your Google Voice number. On the website, you can click on a recent contact in the Calls tab and select “Call” to dial their number using your Google Voice number.

So whether you prefer using the app on your mobile device or calling from your computer on the Google Voice website, you have the flexibility to place calls with your Google Voice number rather than your regular phone number. This gives you additional options when communicating.

Using the mobile app

To get started making calls directly from your Google Voice number, you’ll first need to download the Google Voice app on your mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

After installing the app, open it up and sign in using your Google or Gmail account credentials. This will link your Google Voice number to the app.

To make a call, simply tap on the “Call” icon at the bottom and enter the phone number you want to call. The app will automatically connect the call using your Google Voice number as the caller ID. You can also access your call history, voicemail, and texts all within the convenient mobile app interface.

Using the website

One convenient way to make calls directly using your Google Voice number is through the website. Making calls directly from the website is easy:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Google Voice account
  2. On the left side, you’ll see the call widget. Click on the number pad icon to open the dialer.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to call. You’ll see your Google Voice number displayed so you know that’s where the call will originate from.
  4. Click the phone icon or hit enter to make the call. The call will connect right through your browser as long as your microphone and speakers are enabled.

The call widget available right on the website makes it very easy to make Google Voice calls without having to rely on your phone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make calls from anywhere through the browser.

Calling Options

Google Voice provides several options for making calls directly from your Google Voice number, whether from a mobile device or computer:

You can call any number directly from your Google Voice number by using the mobile app or placing calls through the website. This allows you to keep your personal number private if needed.

Another benefit is free calls to other Google Voice users. Since the service utilizes Voice over IP (VoIP), calls between Google Voice numbers within the U.S. and Canada are free.

For international calls, Google Voice offers low rates to landlines and mobile phones in many countries around the world. International calling rates start at $0.01 per minute to many destinations.

Call quality

Call quality when using Google Voice depends on the reliability of your internet connection. As Google Voice calls are made over the internet (VoIP), any disruptions to your connection can lead to issues with call clarity or drops [1]. In general, call quality is very good when calling standard landline or mobile numbers in the US and Canada. However, some users have reported quality issues when calling rural numbers or places outside North America [2].

Other features of Google Voice

In addition to making and receiving calls, Google Voice offers some handy features including:

Voicemail transcription

Google Voice can automatically transcribe your voicemails using speech recognition technology. You can read the transcriptions in the app or have them emailed to you so you don’t have to listen to each voicemail.

Call screening and blocking

The call screening feature allows you to screen calls and avoid unwanted robocalls. You can also easily block specific numbers if needed. Google Voice gives you greater control over the calls you receive.

Customizable greetings

With Google Voice you can set a custom voicemail greeting for all callers, or tailor greetings for specific callers. For example you could set up a professional greeting for work contacts, while a more casual one can play for your friends and family.

Using your existing number

You can port your existing number to Google Voice, so you can keep using the same phone number instead of having a separate Google Voice number and your existing number (Port your Google Voice number). Porting your existing number to Google Voice consolidates numbers – instead of having a separate carrier number, work number, and Google Voice number, you can have one Google Voice number that rings through to all your devices.

To port your existing number, go into your Google Voice account settings and select the option to port a number (Port your Google Voice number). There is a $20 one-time fee to port your number over. The process can take a few days for the number to fully port and start working through Google Voice.

Porting your existing number lets you forward calls and texts to your cell phone, landline, work phone, and other devices all through your Google Voice number (which is actually your existing phone number!). It ties together all your numbers under one account.


While Google Voice offers many benefits, it also has some limitations to be aware of. One key limitation is that Google Voice does not support emergency calling. Since Google Voice requires an internet connection to work, if you lose connectivity, you will not be able to call emergency services. This makes Google Voice risky to rely on as your only phone service.

Another notable limitation is that Google Voice is not optimized for business use. The free version of Google Voice does not allow for shared number access or easy collaboration features that businesses require. There are workarounds by upgrading to the paid Google Voice for Workspace, but there are still caps on the number of users. For most businesses, especially larger ones, a more full-featured business phone system would be better suited to their needs.


To recap, Google Voice provides a variety of useful features beyond just making calls from your Google Voice phone number. With the mobile app or website, you can:

  • Make calls directly from your Google Voice number.
  • Choose to display your GV number or linked number when calling others.
  • Access voicemail transcripts, blocking, and other features.

By using the Google Voice mobile app or website to make calls, you can take full advantage of your Google Voice phone number capabilities. This allows you to separate your personal and work calls, avoid sharing your real mobile number, and access Google Voice features.

Overall, Google Voice gives you enhanced phone communication tools while allowing you to make calls directly through your Google Voice number. The mobile app and website make it easy to start using your Google Voice number for all your calling needs.

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