How do I record a voice message on my Samsung Android?

Recording voice messages on Samsung Android phones is easy with the built-in Voice Recorder app. The app allows you to quickly record, play back, save and share audio memos and messages. While there are some reliability complaints from users, overall the Voice Recorder app provides a straightforward way to capture audio content on your Samsung device.

This guide will walk through the steps to record, play, save and manage voice message files using the Voice Recorder app on Samsung Android phones. We’ll cover how to access the app, adjust settings like audio quality, start and stop recordings, listen to playback, name and save files, find saved recordings, and share or delete messages.

By following this guide, you’ll understand the full process and capabilities for recording voice content directly on your Samsung phone. With some practice, you can use the Voice Recorder app to capture audio notes, thoughts, reminders and messages with ease.


To record a voice message on a Samsung Android device, your phone will need to meet the following prerequisites:

Android Version Requirements: Voice Recorder app is pre-installed on most Samsung devices running Android 4.1 or higher. According to Android market share statistics from December 2022, over 92% of Android devices are running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher [1].

Apps Needed: No additional apps need to be downloaded, as the Voice Recorder app comes pre-installed on Samsung devices.

Permissions Required: The Voice Recorder will need permission to access your phone’s microphone and storage in order to record and save voice messages. This permission is usually granted during initial phone setup.

Open Voice Recorder App

Most Samsung Android devices come with a pre-installed Voice Recorder app. This app allows you to record, play, and manage voice memos directly on your phone.

To find the Voice Recorder app on your Samsung device:

  • Open the app drawer and locate the Voice Recorder app. It has an icon that looks like a microphone.
  • You can also search for “Voice Recorder” from the app drawer search bar.
  • On some Samsung models, swipe left from the home screen to access the Samsung Free page, then tap Voice Recorder.
  • You may find the Voice Recorder in the Samsung folder on the apps screen.

When you first open the Voice Recorder app, you may get a prompt asking for permission to access your phone’s microphone. Make sure to allow this so the app can record audio.

The Voice Recorder app is now ready to use for recording voice messages on your Samsung device.

Record Message

To start a new recording on the Voice Recorder app:

  1. Tap the red Record button at the bottom of the screen. Speak clearly into the microphone at a reasonable volume and distance to ensure the recording is clear.
  2. Most voice recorders have a limit on the length of recordings, usually 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Keep your message concise within the time limit.
  3. When finished, tap the Stop button to end the recording. You can replay your message within the app to confirm it recorded properly before saving.

Aim to make your voice message 20-30 seconds long. Speaking directly into the microphone and minimizing background noise will help ensure your message quality is clear. Tap the Stop button as soon as you finish your message to avoid capturing unnecessary audio.

Play Back Message

Once you have finished recording your voice message, it’s easy to play it back and listen to it. Here are the steps:

Open the Voice Recorder app and tap on the recording you just made. This will bring up the details screen for that recording.

At the bottom of the screen there are playback controls similar to other audio apps. Tap the play icon (a right-facing triangle) to start playback.

The recording will now play through your phone’s speaker or headphones if connected. You can pause and restart playback as needed.

If the volume needs adjustment, use the phone’s volume buttons on the side during playback. The on-screen volume slider can also be used to turn the volume up or down.

Listening to your new recording allows you to check that it has recorded properly before saving or sharing.

Save and Name Recording

Once you finish recording your voice message, you’ll want to save it and give it a descriptive name so it’s easy to find later. On Samsung Galaxy devices, the Voice Recorder app will automatically save your recording to internal storage.

To save the recording with a custom name:

  1. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select “File info” from the menu.
  3. Tap the file name shown under “File name” to edit it.
  4. Type in your desired file name and tap OK to save it.

Giving your recording a name like “Job interview follow-up” or “Birthday voicemail for Mom” makes it much easier to identify later compared to the default filenames like “Recording 1”. You can always rename recordings later if needed too.

Saved voice messages are stored under Voice Recorder’s “Recordings” tab. You can also access them in the My Files app under Audio files.

Find Saved Messages

Once you’ve recorded and saved a voice message, you can easily find it again later to replay or share. Here are a couple ways to locate your saved audio recordings on a Samsung Android device:

Navigate to the Voice Recorder app and select the ‘Recordings’ tab. This will show you a list of all your recordings sorted by date. You can scroll through or search for a specific recording by date, title or content. Tapping on a recording will play it back.

You can also find recordings by using the My Files app. Open the app and navigate to Audio > Voice Recorder. This will show all your saved recordings which you can play or manage.

Finally, you can use the Android search function. Swipe down from the home screen to access search, then type a keyword from the recording or the file name. Matching audio files will appear in the results so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

So in summary, the Voice Recorder app, My Files, and search are the easiest ways to find and replay saved voice messages on your Samsung device.

Share Voice Messages

There are a couple easy ways to share voice messages you’ve recorded on your Samsung Android phone with others:

One common method is to share via messaging apps. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram allow you to attach a voice message and send it to friends or contacts who also have the app installed. Open the messaging app, select the person or group you want to share with, tap the attachment icon, and select the voice message file to send it.

Another way is to email the voice message file. Open your email app and compose a new message. Tap the attachment icon and select the voice recording file from your phone’s storage. Enter the recipient’s email address, add any text you want, and hit send. The recipient will receive the voice message as an audio file attachment they can listen to.

Sharing voice messages through messaging apps or email are quick and easy ways to send audio recordings to friends and family. Just be mindful of the file size if sending through email.

Delete Voice Messages

To delete voice messages on your Samsung Android that you no longer need:

Open the Voice Recorder app and select the “List” tab to view your existing recordings. Swipe left on any recording you want to delete until you see the delete icon. Tap the trash can icon to delete that recording.

You can also tap and hold on a recording, then select “Delete” from the menu that appears. This will immediately delete that voice message.

To delete multiple messages at once, tap the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the app. Select “Delete multiple” then check the boxes next to any messages you want to remove. Finally, tap “Delete” at the bottom to confirm.

Deleted voice messages are moved to the Trash folder within the app. To permanently erase them, open the Trash folder and select “Empty trash” to wipe the deleted recordings. Otherwise, they will stay in the Trash folder.

Keep in mind deleted voice messages cannot be recovered, so only remove messages you are certain you no longer require.


In summary, to record a voice message on a Samsung Android device, you simply need to open the Voice Recorder app, tap the record button, speak your message, tap stop, review the recording, save it, and name it. The recording will be saved on your device and available in the Voice Recorder app. You can also easily share it with others via messaging apps, email, and more.

Some additional features to try in the Voice Recorder app include trimming the start and end of recordings, inserting bookmarks, and changing playback speed. You can also customize settings like the recording quality. With the power of the Voice Recorder app, it’s easy to capture important voice messages and notes on your Samsung Android device.

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