How do I silence Yahoo Mail notifications on Android?

Yahoo Mail’s notifications on Android devices can sometimes become excessive and irritating. With Yahoo Mail being one of the most popular email services, many Android users want to keep using it but don’t want to be bothered by too many unnecessary notifications.

This article provides an overview of the issue of excessive Yahoo Mail notifications on Android devices, and a guide on how to customize, silence or disable notifications based on your preferences. We will cover notification settings within the Yahoo Mail app itself, as well as broader device notification settings and third party apps that can help manage notifications.

Check Notification Settings

The first step in disabling Yahoo Mail notifications on an Android device is to check the notification settings within the Settings app. Open your phone’s Settings app and tap on “Apps & Notifications” then scroll down and tap on “Notifications.” Here you will see a list of apps that have recently sent notifications, including Yahoo Mail if applicable.

Tap on “Yahoo Mail” within this list to open the notification settings specifically for this app. From here you can toggle different notification options on or off, like blocking notifications entirely or customizing which notification types are enabled [1]. The options vary slightly between Android versions but generally allow granular control over Yahoo Mail alerts.

Disable Notifications Entirely

You can completely disable notifications for the Yahoo Mail app to silence them. This will turn off all notifications, so you won’t receive any alerts about new emails or other activity.

To disable Yahoo Mail notifications entirely on Android:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap “Apps & notifications.”
  3. Select “See all apps.”
  4. Find Yahoo Mail in the list and tap on it.
  5. Toggle off “Show notifications” to disable notifications.

With notifications turned off for Yahoo Mail, you won’t receive any visual, audio, or vibration alerts. This means you’ll need to manually open the app to check for new emails.

To re-enable Yahoo Mail notifications, return to the app’s notification settings and toggle “Show notifications” back on.

Customize Notification Types

You can customize your notification settings on Android to change which types of Yahoo Mail notifications you receive. For example, you may want to mute non-essential notifications but keep important ones like incoming emails.

To adjust notification types in the Yahoo Mail app:

  1. Open the Yahoo Mail app and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Notifications.”
  4. Under Notification Types, toggle off any types of notifications you want to mute such as “Account Activity” or “News.”

This allows you to silence non-critical Yahoo Mail notifications while still receiving alerts for new emails. You can also customize notifications for individual accounts within the Yahoo Mail settings.

According to Android’s developer guidelines, using the standard notification template when building notifications ensures the best experience across different Android versions (source).

Set Quiet Hours

One way to silence Yahoo Mail notifications during certain times is to set up Quiet Hours in your Android device’s Settings. Quiet Hours allows you to schedule specific times where all notifications will be muted.

To set up Quiet Hours on your Android device:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Sound.
  3. Tap on Do Not Disturb.
  4. Tap on Turn on now to enable Do Not Disturb or tap on Schedules to set up a schedule.
  5. If using Schedules, tap Add rule and select the days and times you want Quiet Hours enabled. You can create multiple schedules.
  6. Under People, you can optionally add contacts that can bypass Quiet Hours if needed.

With Quiet Hours enabled during your set times, all notifications including those from Yahoo Mail will be silenced. Just be aware that critical notifications like alarms will still sound. Quiet Hours gives you more customization for silencing notifications during certain nighttime hours or events compared to just enabling Do Not Disturb.

For more details on setting up Quiet Hours, visit How To Set Up Quiet Hours On Your Android Device.

Control Vibration

You can control whether your Android device vibrates when you receive Yahoo Mail notifications. This allows you to turn off vibration alerts specifically for Yahoo Mail.

In your device’s Settings app, go to Sounds and vibration > Vibration intensity. From here, you can set the vibration intensity for notifications to off. This will prevent vibration for all app notifications.

To customize vibration alerts per app:
– Open Settings and go to Apps & notifications > Notifications.

– Tap Advanced > App notifications.
– Select Yahoo Mail.
– Toggle “Vibrate” off.

Some Android skins like Samsung One UI also allow per-app vibration control. Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Vibration intensity to find app-specific customization options.

You can also use third party apps like Awesome Notifications to fully customize vibration patterns for individual apps.

Manage Individual Account Settings

Rather than setting notification options for Yahoo Mail universally, you can adjust notification settings on a per account basis instead. This provides more granular control over notifications for each email account you have added to the Yahoo Mail app.

To do this, open the Yahoo Mail app and tap the menu icon in the top left. Then select “Settings” and choose “Accounts.” Here you will see a list of any Yahoo Mail accounts you have added to the app.

Tap on the account you want to configure notifications for. On the next screen you will see notification options specific to that account, including enabling/disabling notifications, vibration, and sound. Change these options to your preferences.

Repeat this process of tapping into accounts and tailoring notification settings for each one. This will allow you to disable notifications for some accounts while keeping them enabled for others.[1]

Use Do Not Disturb Mode

One of the easiest ways to silence Yahoo Mail notifications on your Android device is to enable Do Not Disturb mode. This mode mutes all sounds and vibrations, allowing you to avoid distractions from notifications.

To enable Do Not Disturb on Android:

  • Open the Settings app and tap Sound & vibration or Notifications.
  • Tap Do Not Disturb and toggle it on.
  • You can customize options like allowing exceptions for contacts or repeating callers.

Do Not Disturb will silence all notifications from all apps, including Yahoo Mail. You can set a schedule for when Do Not Disturb turns on automatically, like at night. Just remember to turn it off again when you want to receive notifications normally. The quick settings menu also makes it easy to toggle Do Not Disturb on and off as needed.

According to Google support, Do Not Disturb blocks sound, vibration and visual interruptions. This mode gives you a break from distractions when you need to focus or rest.

Install Third-Party Apps

The Android app store offers additional notification manager apps that provide more controls than what’s built into Android natively. Apps like FilterBox, NotifyBuddy, and Notification Manager give you enhanced capabilities to filter, block, customize, and manage notifications from all your apps.

These dedicated notification manager apps let you do things like set quiet hours, create highly customized notification profiles, automatically silence certain apps, apply do not disturb modes, and more. They provide very granular control over all the notifications that appear on your Android device.

While the native Android notification settings may be enough for basic management, third-party apps provide more advanced tools to truly silence Yahoo Mail notifications. They’re worth checking out if you need more powerful and precise notification blocking.


There are a variety of ways to silence Yahoo Mail notifications on your Android device. The easiest approach is to go into your device’s Settings app and disable notifications for the Yahoo Mail app entirely. However, this will silence all notifications.

For more granular control, you can customize notification types within the Yahoo Mail app itself. This allows you to disable specific types of notifications, like chat messages or marketing emails, while still receiving more important alerts.

Using Do Not Disturb mode is another option to automatically silence notifications during set times like at night when you don’t want to be disturbed. You can also control whether notifications vibrate with the Sound settings.

In summary, evaluate your notification preferences and choose the approach that makes the most sense for gaining control over Yahoo Mail alerts without missing anything important. Customizing notifications within the app provides the most flexibility, while disabling notifications entirely or using Do Not Disturb are quicker, blanket options.

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