How do I turn off the shutter sound on my Android screenshot?

The shutter or camera sound is the clicking noise that plays whenever you take a screenshot on an Android device. It’s designed to alert people around you that a photo or screenshot was just captured. This sound plays by default on most Android phones and cannot be disabled through the standard Settings app.

The shutter sound plays each time you take a screenshot by pressing the Power + Volume down buttons together or using any other screenshot shortcuts. It will play whether your phone is set to silent/vibrate mode or has media volume enabled. The sound is tied directly to the screenshot action itself.

Some Android manufacturers like Samsung allow you to disable the screenshot shutter sound in the Settings. But on most devices running stock Android, including Pixels and Motorola phones, the sound cannot be turned off through normal means. That’s why users have had to discover alternative methods to mute or bypass the screenshot shutter click.

Check Manufacturer Settings

Many Android phones, especially from major manufacturers like Samsung, have built-in settings to turn off the camera shutter sound. For example, on Samsung Galaxy phones, you can go to the Camera app, tap on Settings, and toggle off the “Shutter sound” option. This will disable the shutter sound for the Samsung Camera app specifically.

Other Android manufacturers may have similar settings buried in the Camera app or Sound/Audio settings, so check your phone’s manufacturer options before resorting to more complex workarounds. The ability to disable shutter sound may depend on your specific phone model and Android version.

Use Silent/Vibrate Mode

One of the easiest ways to turn off the shutter sound when taking a screenshot on your Android phone is to switch to silent or vibrate mode. This prevents any sounds from playing, including the shutter click noise when capturing screenshots.

On most Android devices, you can toggle silent/vibrate mode by using the volume rocker buttons. Press and hold the down volume button until you see the phone vibrate and/or the vibrate icon appear. This will mute all sounds, including the camera shutter when taking screenshots 1.

Alternatively, you can go into the phone’s Settings app and select Sound/Audio. Look for the option to switch between sound, vibrate and mute modes. Selecting vibrate or mute will turn off the shutter sound when capturing screenshots.

The advantage of using silent/vibrate mode is that it’s a quick and straightforward option built into Android. Just remember to toggle sound back on when you need to hear notifications and alerts again.

Use Accessibility Settings

One method to turn off the camera shutter sound on Android devices is to use the Accessibility settings. Many Android devices include an option to disable all sounds through the Accessibility menu. This turns off all system sounds, including the camera shutter.

To disable sounds via Accessibility on a Samsung device, go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Turn off all sounds. On other Android devices, look for Sound/Audio options within the Accessibility settings.

According to Android Central forums, enabling this setting will mute the camera shutter sound until you turn sounds back on in Accessibility.

The main drawback is that you lose all notification sounds and audio feedback. But if you only need the camera to be muted temporarily, the Accessibility route is quick and doesn’t require any extra apps or changes.

Use 3rd Party Apps

There are some third party apps you can install that will disable the camera shutter sound for you. One popular option is NoShutterSound. This app intercepts the camera’s audio streams and prevents the shutter sound from playing when you take a screenshot. Once installed, simply enable the app and you’ll no longer hear the shutter sound when taking screenshots.

Other apps like Shutter Unmute work in a similar way by blocking the camera shutter sound at the system level. These types of apps offer a quick and easy way to disable the sound without having to dig into your phone’s settings or modify system files.

Edit System Files

One method to turn off the camera shutter sound on a Samsung device is to edit the system files directly. This requires gaining root access on your device in order to modify the configuration files that control system sounds like the shutter. According to this XDA post, you can edit the ‘others.xml’ file located in the /system/csc folder to disable the shutter sound.

Specifically, you’ll need to open the others.xml file in a text editor and look for the <ShutterSound> tag. Change the value from 1 to 0 to disable the sound. Keep in mind that modifying system files like this requires root access, may void your warranty, and could cause stability issues if not done properly.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires rooting your phone, which can be complicated. However, editing the configuration files directly does provide a way to permanently disable the shutter sound at the system level.

Use ADB Commands

One method to disable the camera shutter sound on Android is by using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands. ADB allows communicating with an Android device over USB and can modify various settings.

To use ADB to turn off the camera sound, you first need to enable USB debugging on your Android device. You can find this setting under Developer options in your device’s settings. Once enabled, connect your phone to your computer via USB.

Next, you will need ADB installed on your computer. You can download ADB as part of the Android SDK Platform Tools package. With ADB set up, open a command prompt or terminal and enter:

adb devices

This will verify your device is connected. Then enter:

adb shell settings put global camera_sound 0

This will disable the camera shutter sound. You can revert it back by changing the 0 to 1.

The main benefits of using ADB is that it does not require root access and works on most Android devices. The downside is that it requires a computer and enabling USB debugging. Overall, ADB provides a simple way to toggle the camera sound on or off if you are comfortable with some basic command line usage.

Download Modded Camera APK

One way to disable the shutter sound on Android is by downloading a modded camera app APK that has had the shutter sound removed or disabled. For example, some modded versions of the Google Camera app (also known as GCam) available from forums like XDA Developers do not have a shutter sound when taking photos 1.

However, using an unofficial modded camera app has some downsides to consider. The app may not be as stable or fully-featured compared to the official camera app from your device manufacturer. There is also a security and privacy risk with installing apps from unknown sources. Additionally, modded camera apps may lack other standard camera features besides just the shutter sound.

Cover Speaker

One simple physical way to block the shutter sound on your Android phone is to cover the speaker with tape. Here’s how to do it:

Identify the speaker location on your specific Android model. It’s typically located on the rear bottom or side area. You can find speaker diagrams for your phone online.

Cut a small piece of strong tape, such as duct tape, packing tape or electrical tape. Make sure it’s large enough to fully cover the speaker opening.

Completely cover the speaker opening with the tape. Apply firm pressure to seal all edges down tightly.

Test taking a screenshot or photo. The tape should mute or significantly muffle the shutter sound.

If the shutter sound is still audible, try layering on additional pieces of tape. Adding more layers can further dampen the noise.

When ready to restore the speaker sound, simply remove the tape. Take care not to damage the delicate speaker mesh underneath when peeling it off.

Covering the speaker with tape is quick, reversible, and doesn’t require any device alterations or downloads. Just make sure to remove the tape before trying to play audio or music through your speaker.


There are various methods Android users can try to mute or disable the shutter sound when taking screenshots on their devices. The easiest options involve using your phone’s built-in settings like Silent/Vibrate mode, Accessibility settings or checking your manufacturer’s options. For users with root access, editing system files or using ADB commands can also work. Third party apps like Mute for Screenshots offer quick fixes. As a last resort, you can cover your speaker with tape or download a modded camera APK. In summary, the shutter sound can be muted through built-in settings, apps, system modifications or hardware workarounds. Choose the method that best fits your device and comfort level.

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