How do I turn off the sound when I plug in my Samsung charger?

What Causes the Samsung Charger Sound?

The sound that occurs when plugging in a Samsung charger is caused by coil whine from components inside the charger. Coil whine is a high-pitched noise generated by vibrations in the coil of inductors when power runs through them. It typically occurs at high frequencies that are within the audible range for humans.

Specifically, the noise comes from the transformers and chokes inside the charger that manage the power delivery. The electrical current going through these coils causes them to vibrate slightly and emit a buzzing or hissing sound.

This noise does not indicate any defect or issue with the charger itself. It is simply an inherent side effect of the high-frequency alternating current these components operate at. The noise may be more noticeable in some chargers compared to others depending on factors like coil design and quality.

So in summary, the source of the buzzing or hissing noise in Samsung chargers is simply electromagnetic coil whine at work. It is normal behavior and not a cause for concern about the charger’s function.

Understanding the Purpose of the Sound

Samsung devices make a sound when plugged into a charger to provide an audible alert that the device is charging. This sound serves as a confirmation that the charger is properly connected and power is flowing into the device’s battery.

The charging notification sound helps the user know that charging has initiated without having to look at the screen. It is part of Samsung’s user interface and experience design to provide charging status feedback through multiple senses.

“The sound produced when charging your Galaxy device is an intentional alert to let you know that your device is successfully connected to power and is charging the battery.” (Source)

When the Sound Can Be Disruptive

The charging sound from Samsung devices can be disruptive or unwanted in certain situations. For example, many users report the sound being annoying when trying to sleep at night (Source). Since Samsung phones and tablets are commonly charged on a nightstand next to the bed, the repetitive charging noises can prevent you or your partner from falling asleep.

The sounds may also be disruptive in quiet places like a library, office, or study area. If you need to charge your device while in a quiet environment, the periodic charging noises can be distracting and distract others around you.

Ultimately, the charging sound serves an important purpose in conveying charging status. However, Samsung realizes there are times you may wish to disable it. Let’s look at the various methods available to turn off the charging sound when needed.

Checking Your Samsung Device Settings

Accessing your Samsung device settings is the first step to controlling sounds like the charging notification. To open the settings menu on a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet:

– Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification shade, then tap the settings icon (shaped like a gear).

– Or open the app drawer and tap the Settings app icon.

This will open the settings menu where you can search for and adjust sound settings. For example, you can search for “charging sounds” or “notifications” to quickly find relevant options.

Here are some helpful Samsung support articles on accessing your device settings:

Turning Off the Charging Sound

The easiest way to turn off the charging sound on your Samsung device is through the device’s settings. Here are the steps to disable the sound:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device.
  2. Select “Sounds and vibration” or “Sounds and haptics.”
  3. Look for the “Charging sound” or “Charger connected sound” option.
  4. Tap on the option and toggle the switch off to disable the charging sound.

This will prevent your Samsung device from playing any sound when you connect it to a charger. The setting change applies to all chargers used with your device.

If you ever want to re-enable the charging sound, simply go back to the “Charging sound” option in Settings and toggle it on again.

For more details, refer to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 support article on managing the charging sound here:

Using Third-Party Methods

There are some creative ways to mute the charging sound without altering any settings in your Samsung device. One simple solution is to use small stickers or tape to cover the speaker holes where the sound comes from. You can find speaker hole or port blocker stickers on many online marketplaces that are made specifically for muting charger noises without blocking other audio. Just make sure the stickers are easily removable and don’t leave a residue.

Another option is to use a headphone jack adapter or USB-C adapter that has a built-in switch to mute audio. These act as a physical mute button when plugged into your device while charging. For example, this 3.5mm headphone jack adapter allows you to toggle audio on and off as needed.

There are also creative DIY solutions like small pouches or boxes that can surround your phone while charging to muffle the sound. As long as air can still pass through, this may be an easy homemade option for muting charger noise.

Trying a Different Charger

When your Samsung device is plugged into certain Samsung chargers, it will make a notification sound to confirm the device is charging. However, using a non-Samsung brand charger likely will not produce the same charging sound.

Since the sound is specific to Samsung chargers, switching to a different third-party or brand name charger can eliminate the noise during charging. There are many high quality chargers available from companies like Anker, Belkin, Mophie, and RAVPower that should charge your Samsung device silently.1

Just make sure any third-party charger you buy is compatible with fast charging for your specific Samsung device. Branded chargers from reputable companies that support the USB Power Delivery and USB fast charging standards should work well without the charging notification sound.

Using Wireless Charging

Another option to silence the sound when plugging in a Samsung charger is to switch to using a wireless charging pad instead. Certain wireless charging pads, like Samsung’s own branded models, do not make loud or disruptive sounds when charging your device. According to a Reddit discussion, wireless chargers tend to be very quiet or completely silent when in use: “I have a Samsung fast wireless charger, one of the upright desk ones. With no phone on it it’s essentially completely silent.”

Therefore, wireless charging could be a simple solution if you want to avoid the potential noise of plugging in a wired Samsung charger. Just keep in mind that not all wireless chargers are created equal – some third party models could still emit faint noises. Checking product reviews beforehand can help determine which options are the quietest.

Additional Sound Settings to Adjust

Beyond just turning off the charging sound, there are other useful sound controls you can adjust on your Samsung device. This includes changing the volume for media and apps, as well as enabling do not disturb mode to mute notifications and calls.

To control the volume for media like music and videos separately from your ringer and notifications volume, go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume. Here you can drag the sliders for media, notifications, system sounds, and more to customize the volume levels on your device (Samsung).

You can also enable do not disturb mode by swiping down from the top of your screen and tapping the do not disturb icon. Or go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Do not disturb to customize when and how long you want to mute sounds (Samsung). This is useful for muting interruptions for a set time like at night or during a meeting.

Getting familiar with these additional sound controls can help you better manage notifications and volumes on your Samsung device for your preferences and situation.

When to Get Help

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps like changing your Samsung device’s sound settings, switching chargers, and the unwanted sound when charging persists, it’s time to contact Samsung support. Reaching out to the Samsung experts directly through their support channels can help diagnose and resolve the root cause of the pesky charging sound.

Samsung provides several options to contact their support team and get assistance. You can call their customer service line, chat with a support agent online, or set up a technician appointment if necessary. Describe the charging sound issue in detail along with the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried already. Samsung support can walk through additional checks, resetting your device, replacing parts if needed, and ensure your Samsung phone, tablet, or other device gets back to charging silently.

With hands-on help from Samsung’s knowledgeable support staff, they can pinpoint why the undesired charging sound is happening and fix the problem so you can charge without disruption. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Samsung support if you can’t resolve the annoying charging sound on your own – they have the expertise and resources to get your device charging quietly again.

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