How do I turn off the typing sound on my Android?

Android devices come with keyboard typing sounds enabled by default. These audible tapping sounds provide audio feedback each time a user presses a key while typing. The clicking noises confirm that their touch registered and a letter was entered successfully. While some users find the typing sounds helpful or enjoyable, others may wish to disable them for a quieter experience.

This feature works across the default Android keyboard as well as most third-party keyboard apps. The specific steps to turn off keyboard typing sounds may vary slightly depending on your device model and Android version. However, the general process involves adjusting sound settings and customizing your keyboard app. With a few quick setting changes, you can easily mute typing noises while maintaining the rest of your audio feedback.

Locate Sound Settings

The first step to turning off keyboard sounds is to open your Android device’s Settings app. The Settings app contains all of the adjustable options for customizing your device. To open it, swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the gear icon labeled “Settings.”

Once you have opened the Settings menu, you need to navigate to the Sound or Audio settings. On most Android devices, you can find these by scrolling down and looking for a section or menu item labeled “Sound,” “Sound & vibration,” “Audio,” or something similar. For example, on a Samsung Galaxy device you would tap “Sounds and vibration,” while on a Pixel you would choose “Sound.”

If you’re unsure where to find the sound settings, you can also search for it using the magnifying glass icon in the Settings app. Just search for words like “sound,” “audio,” “volume,” etc. and it should show you the right menu to open. The important part is accessing the overall sound settings for your Android.

(Source: Change volume, sound, & vibrate settings – Android Help)

Open Keyboard Sounds

Once you are in your device’s Sound settings, you need to look for the option to open Keyboard sounds specifically. On Android, the setting to control keyboard sounds may be named “Touch sounds” or “Keyboard sounds” depending on your specific device and Android version.

Tap into the Keyboard or Touch sounds menu. This will open up the keyboard sound controls and allow you to toggle typing sounds on or off.

If you do not see a menu option specifically called “Keyboard sounds”, look for “Sound effects” or “Other sounds” and see if the keyboard sound toggle is located there. The setting may be nested under a more general sound control category.

Android keyboards can vary across devices, so you may need to hunt around for the right sound settings menu. Knowing that you are looking for the place to control keyboard and touch sound effects specifically will help you find the correct setting to turn off the typing sounds.

Toggle Typing Sound Off

To turn off the typing sound on your Android device, you need to locate the Typing sound or Keypress tone option in your sound settings and toggle it off. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Sound.
  3. Look for an option called Typing sound or Keypress tone and tap on it. This is usually under the System or Other sounds section.
  4. Toggle the switch for Typing sound/Keypress tone off. This will disable the key tapping sound when typing on the keyboard.

Once you toggle this setting off, you will no longer hear the typing sound when entering text on your Android device’s keyboard. The setting change takes effect immediately.

You can always return to the Sound settings and toggle Typing sound back on if you want to re-enable the keypress sounds in the future. The process is quick and simple.

Confirm Setting

Once you have toggled the typing sound off, you’ll want to confirm that it worked. The easiest way is to simply open any app where you can type, like your messaging app or notes app, and type on the keyboard. Listen carefully to ensure that you no longer hear the key press sounds as you type. If the sounds are still playing, double check that the toggle for typing sounds is definitely switched off. You may need to close the keyboard app completely and reopen it for the change to fully take effect. Try typing in a few different apps to be thorough in your testing. Type on the keyboard rapidly and slowly to check if any sounds come through. If after comprehensive testing you confirm that no typing sounds are made when entering text, then you can be assured the setting change was successful and typing sounds are disabled.

Customize Additional Sounds

Beyond just muting the keyboard typing sound, you can customize other notification sounds on your Android as well. Open the Settings app and go to Sounds and vibration. Here you’ll find sliders to control media volume, alarm volume, ring volume and notification volume. Adjust these to mute or turn down sounds as desired.

You can also tap on individual app notifications under Settings > Notifications to customize sounds for specific apps. For example, open the Notifications settings for Gmail and select a unique ringtone for new email alerts. Refer to this guide for more details on customizing notification sounds per Android app.

For even more control, check out an app like MegaSound which lets you customize notification sounds and assign unique ringtones on a per app basis across your Android device.

Keyboard App Options

Some third-party keyboards like Gboard have their own sound settings that you can adjust separately from the system settings.

For example, on Gboard you can go to its app settings and turn off keypress sounds and vibration there, regardless of your device’s main sound settings. This gives you more granular control.

Refer to your keyboard app’s documentation to see if it has custom sound controls. For Gboard, you can find these in Gboard’s Settings menu under Preferences > Audio & Haptics. Other keyboards may have similar options in their apps.

So if you want to mute only your keyboard sounds while keeping other sounds on, look into the keyboard app itself as well as the system sound settings.

Per App Settings

Android allows you to customize notification sounds and other audio for individual apps. While the system settings control sounds globally, each app can override these if allowed. For example, you may want a unique notification tone for an important messaging app.

To change sounds per app on Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications
  2. Select the app you want to customize
  3. Tap Sounds and select a unique tone for that app

This will make the chosen app use its own custom sound instead of the global system sound. Some apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have built-in settings to change notification tones as well. Be aware certain system apps may not allow custom sounds.

Setting per-app notification tones is useful for identifying important alerts at a glance. Just be careful not to go overboard customizing too many apps or you may miss notifications! Focus on productivity, communication and social media apps where personalized audio is most beneficial.

Accessibility Uses

Typing sounds can be an important accessibility feature for visually impaired users. The audio feedback from keyboard clicks and taps helps visually impaired people confirm they have pressed a key successfully. As such, many visually impaired Android users depend on typing sounds and would not want to disable them completely.[1] For those who require typing sounds for accessibility, there are a few options to keep the feature turned on:

  • Use the Android accessibility settings to enable typing sounds.
  • Select an accessibility-focused keyboard app such as TalkBack that is designed for visually impaired users.
  • Utilize voice typing to hear each word spoken aloud as it is entered.

While muting typing sounds is possible for those without visual impairments, it’s important to keep accessibility in mind. Features like typing audio provide critical feedback for the visually impaired. Disabling the setting system-wide removes access for those that rely on typing sounds to successfully use their devices.

[1] “Voice Typing – Android Accessibility Feature – YouTube.”


The process to turn off keyboard typing sounds on Android is relatively straightforward. First, access your device’s Sound settings, usually by opening the Settings app and selecting Sound. Locate the setting for keyboard or typing sounds and open it. This is sometimes labeled Keyboard sounds or Typing sounds. Tap the toggle switch to turn the keyboard sounds off and disable this feature. You may need to hit Back or navigate out of the Sound settings menu for the change to take effect. Finally, open any app where the keyboard is used, like Messages, and confirm that typing no longer triggers any sounds. With just a few taps in the Settings, you can easily mute keyboard sounds on an Android device.

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