How do I turn on end call sound?

What is End Call Sound

End call sound refers to the sound or vibration that plays when you end a phone call on a mobile device. It is a short audio notification to confirm that the call has been disconnected.

The purpose of having an end call sound is to provide audible confirmation that a call has successfully ended. This prevents confusion about whether the call is still connected. The end call sound indicates the call has been completely disconnected.

Common end call sounds include:

  • A beep or series of beeps
  • A click or popping noise
  • A musical tone or jingle
  • Vibration pulse on the phone

The default end call sound varies by device brand and model. Many smartphones allow you to customize the end call sound in the device settings.

Why Turn on End Call Sound

The end call sound, sometimes referred to as the “call disconnect tone,” serves two main purposes:

1. It provides a satisfying audible cue that the call has successfully ended. The characteristic three beeps indicate to the user that their phone is no longer connected and the call was completed properly (Source).

2. The sound alerts you that the call has been terminated. If you were in mid-conversation and the call suddenly drops with no notification, you may think there is a technical issue or poor connection. The end call tone makes it clear the call was intentionally ended by the other party (Source).

Many users find the end call sound useful and even satisfying to hear. Turning it on ensures you receive this audible confirmation when your calls disconnect.

Check if End Call Sound is Enabled

To check if end call sound is enabled on your phone, follow these steps:

Open your phone’s Settings app.

Go to the Sound or Call settings. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. On Android, go to Settings > Sound.

Look for a toggle or option for “End Call Sound,” “Call End Sound,” “Hang Up Sound,” or something similar. The exact setting name varies between iPhone and Android models.

If the toggle is on, end call sound is enabled. If it’s off, end call sound is disabled.

On an iPhone running iOS 16 or later, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Vibration Patterns and toggle “End Call” on or off.

If you don’t see a specific option for end call sound, it’s likely disabled by default on your device.

Enable End Call Sound on iPhone

Enabling end call sound on an iPhone is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps:

Go to Settings and select Sounds & Haptics. Under the Ringer And Alerts section, toggle on the “End Call Sound” option. This will enable a brief sound effect when ending a phone call on your iPhone.

You can customize the default end call sound by going back to Sounds & Haptics and selecting “Ringtone”. Scroll down and select “End Call” to choose from the available sound effects or pick a song from your music library.

According to discussions on the Apple forums, iOS 16.5 has improved end call sound detection when using speakerphone mode. The iPhone can now distinguish between background noise and your voice to avoid mistakenly triggering the end call sound.

Enable End Call Sound on Android

You can enable the end call sound on most Android devices by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Tap on Sound or Sound & vibration.

3. Look for the setting called “End call vibration” or “Play tone when call ends” and toggle it on.

On Samsung Galaxy devices, go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Vibration feedback and enable “End call vibration.”

On Pixel phones, go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Advanced > End call vibration and turn it on.

Enabling this setting will play a tone whenever you end a phone call so you know the call has been disconnected. The default end call sound is a beep, but you can customize it on some Android devices.

Change Default End Call Sound

Both Android and iPhone allow you to customize the end call sound from the default options.

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > System Sounds to change the default “Call Ended” sound. You can choose from the available ringtones or audio files on your device. To use your own custom audio file, you will need to add it to your Ringtones folder first through iTunes.

On Android, open the Phone app > Menu > Settings > Sound settings. Under “End call sounds” you can select a default sound or use an audio file from your device storage. Tap “Add ringtone” to browse and select a custom audio file.

Changing the end call sound can help personalize your device and make it easier to identify when a call has ended, especially in loud environments.

Troubleshooting End Call Sound

If you are unable to hear the end call sound, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check that your sound settings are not muted – go to Settings > Sounds and make sure nothing is muted.
  • Try toggling the end call sound off and then on again – sometimes refreshing the setting can resolve issues.
  • Restart your phone – a simple restart can often fix minor software glitches relating to sounds.

If none of those basic troubleshooting steps work, you may need to dig deeper:

  • Check if other notification sounds are working – if other sounds have issues it may indicate a larger problem.
  • Inspect any accessibility settings or sound profiles that may be overriding the default.
  • On Android, clear cache/data for the Phone app and reboot.
  • Try updating your device software in case it is a known bug.

If you still cannot get the end call sound working after trying these troubleshooting tips, you may need to contact the device manufacturer for further support. But in most cases, a simple setting adjustment, toggle, or reboot will get the end call sound working again.

Accessibility Options

For those with hearing issues, most phones have visual and haptic options to notify when a call ends instead of playing a sound. According to Apple’s accessibility guide, iPhones allow enabling a flash on the screen when a call ends through the Accessibility settings. Android phones running Google’s software also have similar flash options, as well as the ability to enable vibrations when a call ends, according to Google’s accessibility guide.

Both platforms also allow for customizing the strength and length of haptic feedback when a call ends. For those who rely on these visual or vibration queues to know when a call has ended, tweaking these settings can improve accessibility.

Third-Party Apps

If the default options for end call sounds are limited on your device, you can try downloading third-party apps like Zedge to access more sound options.

Apps like Zedge have large libraries of ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds, and other audio files that users can browse and download. Many of these can be used to customize your end call sound.

The advantage of using a third-party app is the variety – you’ll have many more end call sounds to choose from beyond the default options on your iPhone or Android phone. Apps like Zedge are frequently updated with new audio content across different categories.

To set a Zedge sound as your end call sound on Android, you can download the file and then access your sound settings to select it. On iPhone, Zedge has a built-in option to “Assign as End Call Sound” when previewing ringtones.

Trying out a third-party app is an easy option if you want more choices for customizing your end call sound and aren’t satisfied with the built-in selections.


In summary, turning on end call sound for your iPhone or Android device allows you to hear an audible notification when you end a phone call. This can serve as a confirmation that the call has disconnected.

On iPhone, you can enable end call sounds by going to Settings > Sounds (or Sounds & Haptics) and toggling the “End Call with Sound” option. For Android devices, go to Settings > Sound > Advanced > End call with sound and enable this feature. Most Android and iOS devices have end call sounds enabled by default.

You can customize the default end call sound in your device’s sound settings. There are also third party apps that offer additional custom ringtones and sounds.

Turning on end call sounds is useful for accessibility, so you don’t have to visually confirm the call has ended. It also adds a bit of auditory feedback to let you know the call has successfully disconnected.

With end call sounds enabled, you can rest assured knowing exactly when your calls complete. This simple feature improves the calling experience on mobile devices.

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