How do I use Voicemod on PUBG mobile?

What is Voicemod?

Voicemod is an app that lets you change your voice in real time. It offers various voice changing filters and effects that can modulate your tone and pitch to make you sound like a robot, girl, boy, alien, and more. The app works by processing your voice through audio filters before sending it out to your game, chat app, or livestream.

As described on their website, “Voicemod is the best free voice changer & soundboard software for Windows (coming soon for Linux and Mac OSX). Voicemod Clips is the best voice changer compatible with Discord, PUBG, Skype, CSGO, Overwatch and much more!”.

Some of the key features of Voicemod according to their website include:

  • Voice changing in real time
  • 40+ voices and 50+ sound effects
  • Compatible with major games and chat apps
  • Virtual webcam and mic mode
  • Create unlimited voice avatars
  • Customize each voice filter

In summary, Voicemod allows gamers, streamers, and content creators to transform their voice in real time for a more entertaining and customizable experience.

Installing Voicemod

To use Voicemod on PUBG mobile, you’ll first need to download the Voicemod app on your phone from the Google Play Store or App Store. The app is free to download.

Your phone will need to meet certain minimum requirements for the Voicemod app to work properly. You’ll need an Android 8.0 or later device, or an iOS 11.0 or later device. Your phone will also need a stable internet connection.

After downloading the app, you’ll need to allow it the necessary permissions to function. This includes allowing access to your microphone so Voicemod can detect and modify your voice. You may also need to allow access to your phone’s storage or photos so you can upload avatar images.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and enabled the required permissions, you’ll be ready to connect Voicemod to PUBG mobile and start using voice effects.

Setting Up Voicemod for PUBG

To set up Voicemod for use with PUBG Mobile, you first need to open the Voicemod app and select PUBG Mobile as the application you want to use it with. This allows Voicemod to detect when PUBG is running and inject the voice effects.

After selecting PUBG in Voicemod, you need to give Voicemod overlay permissions in the PUBG Mobile app. This allows the Voicemod overlay interface to display over your PUBG game. Go to Settings > Apps > Voicemod and enable “Display over other apps” permission.

Finally, you need to adjust the audio input and output settings in both Voicemod and PUBG Mobile. In Voicemod, set the input device to your microphone and output device to your headset or speakers. In PUBG Mobile, set the voice chat input and output to Voicemod Virtual Audio Device.

Once these settings are configured, you can launch a PUBG match and Voicemod effects will apply to your voice chat automatically. You can switch effects using the Voicemod overlay menu while in a PUBG game. Make sure to monitor your mic input levels and adjust gain if needed.

For more details, see the Voicemod setup guide for PUBG:

Choosing a Voice

Voicemod has many built-in voices and effects to choose from. You can browse voices by category or search for a specific one. Tap a voice to preview it according to Voicemod’s voice demo page. There are voice packs categorized by gender, language, accent, and style. Some popular options are the Baby voice, Robot voice, Giant, and Clone.

Voicemod also has a community where users can create and share custom voices. Check out the Voicelab voices page to explore community creations.

With so many imaginative and fun options, you’re sure to find a voice modifier that suits your style and preference in PUBG mobile.

Using Voice Effects in PUBG

One of the most fun parts of using Voicemod with PUBG Mobile is applying voice changing effects during gameplay. Simply tap the microphone icon in the Voicemod app to activate the effects for your voice when talking to teammates or opponents in-game. You can switch between hilarious voices and accents seamlessly mid-game for added laughs and trolling.

Voicemod’s effects don’t just work on your own voice – they can also modify your teammates’ and opponents’ voices in real-time for extra chaos. Experiment with robotic filters, helium effects, and more to disguise other players in-game. The possibilities are endless for voice trolling your enemies and squadmates with Voicemod’s massive catalogue of voice presets and modulators.

With just a tap, you can enable and disable voice effects or swap to a new one entirely. Voicemod makes it simple to have fun with your voice while gaming in PUBG Mobile. Surprise your teammates or anger your opponents with a quick voice change at any moment during a match.

Voicemod Subscription Plans

Voicemod offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan includes a limited selection of voices and features. Paid plans unlock additional functionality and customization options.

There are two paid subscription options – monthly and yearly. The monthly subscription costs $3.99 per month and automatically renews each month. The yearly subscription costs $39.99 per year and automatically renews annually. Both paid plans provide access to the full library of over 100 voices as well as advanced voice effects and customization (Voicemod, 2023).

Some key features unlocked with a paid Voicemod subscription include:

  • Unlimited voice changes during gameplay
  • Ability to create and save custom voices
  • Access to exclusive voices and content packs
  • No ads during gameplay

The main differences between the monthly and yearly plans are the length of the subscription period and pricing – the yearly plan provides a longer commitment at a discounted rate. Both plans provide full access to Voicemod’s voices and features after upgrading from the free version (Voicemod, 2024).

Tips for Using Voicemod in PUBG

Using Voicemod with PUBG Mobile can enhance your gameplay experience, but you’ll want to follow some best practices. Here are some tips for getting the most out of Voicemod with PUBG Mobile:

Find voices that match your gameplay style. Browse through the many voice options in Voicemod and pick ones that align with your gameplay persona or strategy. For example, opt for funny voices if you like entertaining teammates or intimidating voices for aggressive play (

Use push-to-talk to avoid open mic issues. Configure your mic settings in PUBG Mobile to use push-to-talk. This prevents teammates from hearing background noise when you aren’t speaking (

Adjust audio volumes so voice is clear. In Voicemod, boost the voice volume and lower the music/sound effect volumes so your altered voice comes through clearly for teammates.

Avoid voices that could be disruptive. While humorous voices can be fun, avoid overly noisy or annoying sounds that could distract teammates during critical gameplay moments.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you run into problems using Voicemod on PUBG Mobile, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. First, make sure you have granted Voicemod all the required permissions and access needed to function properly. You can check this in your phone’s app settings. Also check that your internet connection is stable, as Voicemod requires an internet connection to work. If the voice effects suddenly stop working, try restarting both the Voicemod app and PUBG Mobile – this can resolve temporary glitches.

If you are still having issues, check for any available updates to Voicemod, PUBG Mobile, or your phone’s operating system, as updating apps and systems can fix bugs causing problems. As a last resort, you may need to reinstall Voicemod or reset app permissions. For more help, see Voicemod’s troubleshooting guides like “6 basic checks if Voicemod doesn’t work” (

Voicemod Alternatives

Voicemod is not the only voice changing software available. Here are some top alternatives to consider:

MorphVOX ( is another popular voice changer that works with apps like Discord, Fortnite, VR Chat, and more. It has voice options for male, female, child, celebrity, and creature voices. The free version has limited features while the paid Pro version unlocks additional voice packs and effects.

Clownfish ( is a free voice changing program with options to customize pitch, timbre, resonance, and other aspects of your voice. The interface is easy to use. Clownfish works with most apps that use a microphone. The premium version adds features like text-to-speech with natural voices.

AV Voice Changer ( is known for the wide range of effects and voices it provides, from female to alien to robot options. It works for phone calls, gaming, streaming, and more. The free version has limited saves while the paid Diamond version unlocks full customization features.

Viscom Voice Changer ( is designed specifically for prank calling and online gaming with options like pitch control, voice effects, background sounds, and saving presets. It’s Windows only software with a free trial and paid full version.

When comparing features and pricing between programs, factors like platform support, voice customization options, sound quality, and subscription plans can help determine the best alternative for your needs and budget.


Voicemod is a powerful voice changing app that can be used seamlessly with games like PUBG Mobile to alter your voice and create fun effects. We covered how to download and install Voicemod, connect it to PUBG Mobile, and choose from the many included voice options like male, female, robot, and more.

The setup process involves enabling the mic in Voicemod, launching PUBG Mobile, and selecting Voicemod as the input device. You can then press hotkeys while in-game to activate different voices and effects. Voicemod has subscription plans for accessing additional voices, effects, and features.

Using Voicemod for PUBG Mobile opens up a new level of roleplaying and entertainment with your squad. Some tips include practicing voice lines before matches, not overusing effects, and troubleshooting audio issues. Overall, Voicemod integrates directly into PUBG Mobile to transform your voice and gameplay in just minutes.

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