How do you repeat a song on Android music player?

Android devices come with a default music player app that allows you to play audio files stored on your device. This music player has several options for controlling music playback, including the ability to easily repeat a playing song.

There are actually multiple ways to repeat a song using the Android music player app. You can use the playback controls within the player, access repeat functions through the playback menu, or change settings in the main app menu. Some Android devices also have music playback widgets that offer quick access to repeating songs.

In this guide, we will cover the various methods you can use to repeat a playing song on the default Android music player. Whether you want to loop a song automatically or repeat it manually, the Android music app provides several flexible options to suit your listening preferences.

Locate the Playback Controls

When a song is playing in an Android music app, playback controls will appear in the notification shade at the top of the screen. These allow quick access to repeating, pausing, skipping tracks and more without having to open the music app itself (Android Developer Documentation). The playback notification will show details like the song title, artist, and album art. Swiping this notification sideways will reveal playback control buttons for repeating, shuffling, previous/next track etc. This is the fastest way to control music playback on Android.

The playback notification will persist as you use other apps, allowing constant music controls. In Android 11 and higher, playback notifications from multiple media apps are collected in a swipeable carousel (Android Central). This gives quick access to playback controls for different music, podcast or audio apps from one place.

Repeat Button

Most Android music players have a Repeat button in the playback controls that allows you to toggle between different repeat modes. Tapping on this button cycles through the options of repeating the current song, repeating all songs, or turning repeat off.

When the Repeat button icon shows a single curved arrow, it will repeat only the currently playing song. Tapping it once will change the icon to two arrows, indicating the Repeat All mode is now active, where the entire playlist or album will keep playing on loop. Tapping it again will turn off the repeat function and the icon will revert to a plain play button symbol without arrows.

So in summary, tapping the Repeat button goes through these modes:

  • No repeat (default)
  • Repeat single song
  • Repeat all songs
  • No repeat

This provides a quick way to toggle repeat modes during music playback without having to navigate menus. Check your music player’s interface to locate the Repeat button among the playback controls at the top or bottom of the screen. It is usually represented by one or two curved arrows.

Repeat via Playback Menu

The playback menu provides another way to repeat a song in the Android music player app. To access this menu, simply tap the album art or cover image that’s displayed on the lower portion of your screen during music playback. This will open up a menu overlay with various playback options.

Look for the “Repeat” option in this menu and select “Repeat song.” This will make the currently playing song repeat continuously until you disable this option. The repeat icon (a looping arrow symbol) will display on the seek bar to indicate song repeat is enabled.

To stop repeating and resume normal playback, open the playback menu again and choose “Repeat off.” The repeat icon will disappear when repeat is disabled.

Repeat via App Menu

Most Android music player apps have a main menu that provides access to settings and other options. To open this menu in your music player app, tap the 3-dot or 3-line “hamburger” icon typically found in the upper right corner.

Once in the main menu, tap “Settings” and look for options related to repeat or playback. There may be a toggle switch for “Repeat” or “Repeat current song” specifically. Enable this setting to turn on repeating of the currently playing song.

For example, in Google Play Music, open the left side menu > Settings > General, and turn on the “Repeat current song” option. This will make your music player app continuously repeat the current song during playback until disabled.

Use a Widget

Many Android music players include widgets that allow you to control music playback directly from your home screen. To add a music widget:

  1. On your home screen, touch and hold an empty area.
  2. Tap “Widgets” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll through the available widgets and select your music player’s widget.
  4. Drag the widget to your preferred location on the home screen.

Once added, you can use the widget’s repeat button to toggle repeat mode on or off. The widget may also give quick access to shuffling, queuing, playlists, and more. Using a dedicated music widget saves you time by avoiding opening the full music app.

Popular Android music apps like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Samsung Music offer handy widgets to repeat your favorite tunes.

Third-party Apps

In addition to the default music players on Android, there are many popular third-party apps you can use to play and repeat music:

Spotify ( – Tap the repeat icon (a loop arrow) at the bottom of the screen to repeat the current track. Tap it again to repeat the entire playlist.

Amazon Music ( – Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Now Playing view. Tap the repeat icon (three lines) to cycle through no repeat, repeat track, and repeat playlist options.

YouTube Music – Tap the More Options icon while a song is playing. Choose ‘Loop’ to repeat the current track.

These popular music apps allow you to easily repeat songs or entire playlists with just a tap. Their intuitive interfaces make repeating tracks simple.

Repeat All Songs

To repeat an entire playlist or album on an Android device, there are a few options:

From the playback controls, tap the repeat button to toggle on repeat mode. This will repeat the current album or playlist endlessly. You can also go into the menu for your music player app and find the repeat setting to enable repeat for all songs.

Some music apps like Repeat Player have repeat all functionality built-in. Using a dedicated app like this can make repeating an entire playlist or album simpler.

Additionally, most music players have a shuffle mode option. Turning on shuffle while repeating an album or playlist will vary the order of the songs on each repeat playthrough.

Enabling repeat all and shuffle is a great way to listen to an entire collection of songs without hearing them in the same order every time.


There are a few common troubleshooting scenarios if songs aren’t repeating properly on your Android music player:

Repeat function isn’t working

If the repeat button or repeat function doesn’t seem to work, try the following:

  • Close and restart the music app. This can refresh the settings.
  • Check if repeat is supported for certain types of files or playlists, as compatibility can vary.
  • Make sure your Android OS and music apps are updated to the latest versions for full compatibility.

Song skips to the next track unexpectedly

If a song is not repeating properly and instead skips to the next track, try these solutions:

  • Disable any “Gapless Playback” or crossfade features in your music app which can interfere with looping.
  • Check that you don’t have any automation rules or equalizers enabled that skip tracks or limit playback.
  • If using Spotify, disable the “Automix” setting to prevent unexpected song transitions.

If issues persist with the built-in Android music apps, consider downloading a popular third party music player app like BlackPlayer EX or Neutron Player which may offer better reliability.

Concluding Recommendations

In summary, there are various ways to repeat a song on Android’s default music player as well as third-party apps. The key methods covered include using the repeat button, repeat options in the playback or app menu, widgets, and downloading specialized apps.

For seamless music playback, make sure to close unused apps running in the background. Additionally, download songs to your device instead of streaming to avoid interruptions. Some of the most recommended music apps for different needs are:

  • YouTube Music – integrates streaming and locally stored music
  • Poweramp – has robust audio quality and customization options
  • Pulsar – beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Musicolet – features zero ads while still having full functionality

The best music player app ultimately depends on your priorities and how you listen to music. Try out a few to see which has the look, features, and usability you prefer.

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