How does precise volume app work?

The Precise Volume app provides more granular control over device volume than what the native volume keys allow. Developed by Precise Volume LLC, it’s available on both Android and iOS devices.

With most smartphones today, pressing the volume keys only adjusts volume in large increments, usually around 15-20 steps from silent to maximum volume. The Precise Volume app allows volume control in over 150 increments, providing much finer precision.

This enables users to fine-tune volume to precisely the right level. Key features include separate volume control for ringtone, media, notifications, and system sounds. An on-screen volume slider provides manual adjustment in tiny increments. Users can also create automated volume profiles that automatically change volume based on time of day, location, or running apps.

Creating a 3D Model

Precise Volume uses your phone’s camera and photos to create a 3D model of a room with precise measurements. The app guides users to take a series of photos by slowly panning around the room. Computer vision technology analyzes the overlapping photos to determine the room’s dimensions, reconstructing it in 3D.

As you take photos, the app shows gray outlines for surfaces detected like walls, floors and ceilings. Once you’ve taken enough photos to capture the entire room, Precise Volume processes the images to generate a 3D model. An augmented reality view allows you to examine the finished 3D model, validated against your original photos for accuracy. The app perfectly captures complex architecture with vaulted ceilings, stairs, or unusually shaped rooms.

Overall, Precise Volume makes it quick and easy for anyone to create a measured 3D model of a room just by taking photos with their phone’s camera. No special equipment or technical expertise required!

Measuring Volume

Precise Volume uses your phone’s camera and augmented reality technology to calculate room and object volume with a high degree of accuracy. To measure a room’s volume, you simply open the app, point your camera around the room, and Precise Volume will construct a 3D model and provide real-time volume calculations. According to users on Reddit, the volume calculations are accurate to within 5% for most rooms.1

You can also measure the volume of specific objects or furniture by focusing the camera on them. The app is able to isolate the object and calculate its dimensions and volume. For irregularly shaped objects, the volume estimates may be less accurate, but still provide a useful estimate for space planning and home design purposes.

One downside is that the app requires good lighting conditions to properly construct 3D models. The volume measurements can be thrown off in dark rooms or when pointing at highly reflective surfaces. Overall though, Precise Volume sets a new standard for volume calculation apps with its ease of use and impressive accuracy.

Using Augmented Reality

One of the key features of Precise Volume is its augmented reality capability. This allows users to view the 3D models created in the app in an AR environment using their device’s camera.

The AR feature is useful for visualizing the size and scale of objects. After creating a 3D model of an object like a couch or TV, users can view it directly in their physical space using AR. This helps give a realistic sense of the object’s dimensions.

Users can walk around the 3D model and view it from different angles using their device’s camera. They can even place multiple models together to see how pieces of furniture or decor might fit and look in a room.

According to the app’s description on Google Play, the AR feature leverages advanced plane detection so the models have accurate placement and perspective within the real environment. This takes the guesswork out of determining whether an object will fit or how it will look in a space.

Overall, the AR capability adds an interactive, visual element that helps users make more informed home design and furniture choices. It brings their 3D models to life in their actual living spaces in a way not possible with static images alone.

Integration with Home Design Apps

Precise Volume integrates with popular home design apps like SketchUp and AutoCAD to allow for seamless volume measurement while designing rooms and spaces. After creating a 3D model in SketchUp or AutoCAD, the model can be imported into Precise Volume to calculate total volume. This allows architects, designers, and homeowners to get an accurate read on room volume when planning HVAC needs, material estimates, furniture layouts, and more.

The integration works smoothly thanks to Precise Volume’s compatibility with common 3D model file types like .skp and .dwg. Once the model file is imported, Precise Volume’s augmented reality feature aligns the model into the actual physical space for the most accurate volume measurements possible. This tight integration with SketchUp and AutoCAD improves workflow and saves time compared to manual volume calculations.

Pricing and Plans

Precise Volume offers both a free version and paid subscription plans. The free version includes basic volume control features like volume boost, preset volume profiles, and audio equalizer.

For advanced features, Precise Volume offers monthly and yearly subscription plans. The Plus plan costs $2.99 per month or $14.99 per year with features like unlimited volume profiles, bass booster, surround sound, and removable ads. The Pro plan is $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year and adds a 10-band equalizer and additional app customization options.

Overall, the free version provides basic functionality while the paid plans unlock more advanced audio tuning and personalization features. Users can choose the level of features they need based on their audio preferences and budget.

Privacy and Data

Precise Volume collects usage data and analytics to improve the app, but does not collect any personal or identifiable information according to their privacy policy. The app only accesses the audio permissions needed to control volume levels and does not collect microphone or recording data.

Precise Volume states that they use industry standard encryption and security measures to protect user data. User preferences and settings are stored locally on the device and not sent externally. The app also allows users to opt-out of analytics collection in the settings if desired.

Overall, Precise Volume aims to collect the minimum amount of data required for functionality and improvements, while giving users control over sharing information. The privacy policy provides transparency into what is gathered and how it is secured.

Pros and Cons

Precise Volume offers several benefits as a volume control app, but also has some limitations users should be aware of.

Some of the key pros of Precise Volume include:

  • Very granular volume control, with the ability to fine-tune volume in increments as precise as 0.1% (according to Google Play listing)
  • Separate volume controls for media, notifications, ringtones, and system sounds
  • Volume boost to make audio louder than max system volume
  • Equalizer to customize audio
  • Favorite volume presets for quick access

However, Precise Volume also has some drawbacks:

  • No longer compatible with Android 9 and above (according to Reddit users)
  • App has not been updated since 2018, so may have bugs or lack newer features
  • May cause conflicts with system volume controls or other audio apps
  • Requires overlay permission which raises security/privacy concerns for some

Overall, Precise Volume offers very precise volume tuning but has not kept up compatibility with newer Android versions. Users should weigh the pros and cons before downloading.

Use Cases

The Precise Volume app has many practical uses in day-to-day life. Here are some examples of common usage scenarios:

Listening to music or podcasts: The app allows you to adjust the volume in small increments to get it just right, rather than the large jumps in volume on most devices. This is especially useful with headphones.

Watching movies or videos: You can increase or decrease the volume precisely to hear dialogue clearly without loud action scenes blasting your ears.

Using your phone in public places: Turn the volume down lower than normally allowed on your phone so you don’t disturb others around you.

Bedtime listening: Lower the volume below the normal minimum to listen to audio at a comfortable level as you fall asleep.

In noisy environments: Boost the volume higher than usual maximum to hear above background noise on flights, commutes or crowded places.

Gaming: Tweak the volume level so sound effects, music and dialogue are balanced the way you like.

Presentation settings: Set volume limits for presentations so music or sounds play at an appropriate level.


In summary, Precise Volume is an innovative app that allows users to easily measure the dimensions and volume of any room or object using just a smartphone camera. The app creates a detailed 3D model and calculates precise cubic footage and dimensions. Augmented reality technology overlays the measurements directly onto the real-world view of the space.

Precise Volume integrates with many popular home design apps and contractors’ tools to provide seamless workflow. The app offers subscription plans for extended features and storage. While some users may be concerned about privacy, Precise Volume states they do not share or sell data to third parties. Overall, Precise Volume is a convenient and novel way for homeowners, contractors, and interior designers to gain space measurements quickly and accurately using mobile technology.

In conclusion, Precise Volume is an innovative app that makes measuring volume and dimensions easy and convenient. For those needing accurate spatial measurements, Precise Volume is a handy tool that eliminates the need for manual measuring.

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