Is BandLab free on Android?

BandLab is a free, web-based and mobile digital audio workstation (DAW) application that allows users to create, record, collaborate on, and share music online. Developed by Singapore-based startup BandLab Technologies in 2015, BandLab aims to make high-quality music creation accessible to everyone through its simple interface and social features.

BandLab offers a full-featured DAW for free on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and web browsers. On mobile devices, users can record vocals and instruments, add virtual instruments, arrange compositions, mix tracks and share songs. The app also includes a large sound library and auto-mastering tools.

In addition to the free version, BandLab offers a paid subscription called BandLab Pro with advanced tools for audio editing, expanded cloud storage and analytics. However, the core recording, editing and sharing capabilities remain free for everyone.

BandLab’s Free Offerings

BandLab offers a full-featured free version of its music creation platform that is available across all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac ( The free version of BandLab provides users with a wide range of tools for creating music online collaboratively.

With the free version of BandLab, users can record vocals and live instruments, compose music with MIDI and virtual instruments, mix tracks with a full mixing console, add effects, master tracks, and share their creations. BandLab’s free version comes with an unlimited number of tracks, projects, sound and effect packs, and collaborators (

Users of the free version can also access BandLab’s library of royalty-free loops, samples and presets to enhance their productions. BandLab Sounds currently offers over 500,000 free audio loops and samples covering 120+ instruments and styles ( Everything needed to make complete tracks is available for free on BandLab.

BandLab Pro

BandLab Pro is a paid premium subscription that provides users with additional tools, exclusive content, and extra perks. According to BandLab’s membership FAQ, BandLab Pro costs $14.95 per month when paying monthly, or $149.50 per year when paying annually.

This subscription provides a “Backstage Pass” that unlocks behind-the-scenes content from popular artists. There are also discounts on music gear, ability to monetize tracks, and advanced statistics about your music and listeners. Overall, BandLab Pro aims to provide serious musicians and creators with the premium tools they need to grow their audience and career.

Free vs Pro

BandLab offers both a free and paid pro version of its software. The main differences are:

Free version:

  • Includes access to BandLab’s core tools like audio/MIDI recording, editing, mixing, and effects
  • Cloud storage is limited to a certain amount of free space for projects
  • Some plugins, libraries, and workflows may not be included
  • Ideal for beginners, hobbyists, and those who don’t need advanced tools

Pro version:

  • Gets you unlimited cloud storage for an unlimited number of projects
  • Access to all available plugins, sample libraries, and instruments
  • Advanced tools and additional functionality suited for serious creatives
  • Bundling options with hardware products

Generally, the free version is great for casual users while the pro version unlocks more capabilities for professionals. Depending on your needs, the free offering may be sufficient to get started producing music and audio. Some users even prefer BandLab over paid options like Pro Tools for its accessibility and interface (source). Upgrading to pro mainly benefits those wanting additional storage, plugins, and premium features.

Getting BandLab on Android

BandLab is available for free download on Android devices through the Google Play Store. According to Malavida, BandLab’s Android app turns your device into a portable music recording studio and social network for sharing your musical creations.

To download BandLab on your Android device, you’ll need to meet the following system requirements:

  • Android 5.0 or later
  • An internet connection (3G or higher recommended)
  • Microphone access (for recording)
  • 200MB of storage space

With a compatible Android device that meets these requirements, you can easily download BandLab for free from the Google Play Store to start creating music on the go.

Using BandLab’s Free Tools

BandLab offers an impressive amount of free features on Android devices that let users create, record, edit, and share music.

The app’s recording tools make it easy to lay down audio tracks using a phone or tablet’s built-in microphone, or by connecting instruments, mics, or other gear. BandLab offers multi-track editing with an unlimited number of tracks, so users can build full arrangements and productions directly on an Android device for free. As this video shows, there are virtual instruments, effects, EQ, panning, and automation options available.

Once a project is complete, BandLab allows free users to export their music in common formats like MP3 for sharing on other platforms. The app also includes built-in sharing options to publish songs directly to streaming sites like YouTube and SoundCloud. This facilitates getting your music out to listeners while taking full advantage of BandLab’s free mobile recording studio.

Pro Features on Android

BandLab offers additional features and services with BandLab Pro on Android. The highlights of these Pro benefits include access to more instruments, effects, samples, and plugins for music production and composition. Users also gain access to the Mastering service for professional audio mastering and distribution options like direct SoundCloud upload. Some specifics of the Pro tools and services available on Android devices include:

  • Over 20 additional software instruments like orchestral strings, synths, electric guitars, and more
  • An expanded sound FX and FX plugin library for mixing and effects
  • Hundreds more loops, samples, and soundscapes to enhance productions
  • The Mastering service provides professional mastering tailored to each song
  • Uploading directly to SoundCloud for easy song distribution

So in summary, upgrading to BandLab Pro on an Android device unlocks more advanced tools for creating rich, fully produced songs as well as useful distribution features. The services span instruments, effects, samples, mastering, and sharing (BandLab – Music Making Studio – Apps on Google Play). With Pro, Android users gain capabilities approaching a full production studio.

Limitations of the Free Version

One of the key limitations of BandLab’s free version is the track length limit. According to BandLab’s help article, free users are limited to creating tracks up to 15 minutes long. This restriction applies to both audio and MIDI tracks.

In addition to track length limits, the free version also has restrictions on access to certain effects, audio samples, and storage space. Free users only get 2GB of cloud storage for saving their projects and audio samples. The selection of audio effects is also limited compared to BandLab Pro subscribers. However, the core effects like EQ, compression, reverb etc are still available for free users.

So while BandLab’s free offering provides plenty of tools for casual music creation, users who need longer form tracks, more storage, and advanced effects will need to upgrade to BandLab Pro. The 15 minute track limit and 2GB storage cap are the most significant constraints faced by free BandLab users on Android and other platforms.

User Reviews

Overall, BandLab receives very positive user feedback from Android users on the Google Play Store, where it currently has a 4.7 star rating based on over 400,000 reviews. Users praise BandLab’s free offerings for Android, calling it an “outstanding” app “loaded with lots of built in presets” and good for musicians “on the go.”

The free tools and capabilities of the Android version are highlighted positively in reviews on Capterra. Users mention the wide array of mixing tools, audio effects, and instruments available for creating music, even without the paid version. Some note a learning curve with the tools, but say BandLab works well once you understand the interface.

A few users experienced technical issues or found limitations with the free version on Android compared to iOS and desktop. However, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive about BandLab’s capabilities given its free status, making it popular for Android users looking to make music on mobile.


To sum up, BandLab’s free offering for Android provides users with a robust set of tools for creating music completely free of charge. You get unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, a large library of virtual instruments, effects and loops, a basic mixer, and the ability to share your projects online and collaborate with others.

While the free version lacks certain advanced features like stem export, surround sound mixing, and templates, it has more than enough to get a novice or hobbyist music producer up and running. Experienced producers may want to consider the paid BandLab Pro subscription to unlock additional capabilities.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, fully-featured free DAW for Android, BandLab is a great choice to start recording, editing and sharing your musical ideas without spending any money.

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