Is music Paradise free?

Music Paradise is a popular Android app that provides free music downloads. The app was originally called Music Paradise Pro when it was first released over 10 years ago in 2011. However, the Pro was eventually dropped from the name. Music Paradise allows users to download and listen to music for free on their Android devices. The app offers a large catalog of songs and albums across various genres including pop, rock, hip-hop, classical and more. Users can find both popular hits as well as more obscure tracks.

According to Uptodown, Music Paradise lets you “download today’s top hits” and listen to “free music that’s completely free of charge.” The app aims to provide an easy way for Android users to expand their music libraries and access new tunes without any costs. Overall, Music Paradise has established itself as a go-to free music downloader for the Android platform over the past decade.

Music Paradise’s Pricing Model

Music Paradise offers both free and paid tiers of service. The free version of Music Paradise provides users access to a limited music library and features only basic functionality. There are advertisements present in the free version as well.

For full access, Music Paradise offers paid subscriptions which unlock the full music library catalog and advanced features like high quality audio, no advertisements, unlimited skips and replays, and downloads for offline listening. Paid subscriptions range from $4.99/month for an individual plan to $14.99/month for a family plan covering up to 6 users.

In summary, Music Paradise employs a “freemium” pricing model where basic features are available for free but a paid subscription unlocks the full potential of the app and a more premium user experience. This allows them to appeal to casual listeners with the free tier while monetizing their most engaged users through paid plans.

Free Features

Music Paradise offers several features for free users. With a free account on Music Paradise you can search and stream over 10 million songs across various genres including pop, rock, hip hop and more (Source). There is no limit to how many songs you can stream for free. You also get access to Music Paradise’s playlist generator which creates custom playlists based on your listening history and favorites. Additionally, free users can follow other members and see what music they are listening to. The app is available for free download on Android and iOS devices. While free users can access a substantial music library and playlist features, the app does contain ads and audio quality maxes out at 192kbps for free users.

Paid Features

Music Paradise offers additional features and benefits for users who purchase a paid subscription plan. According to the company’s terms of service, paid memberships remove advertisements, unlock higher quality 320kbps audio downloads, and provide full access to Music Paradise’s library of over 20 million songs TOS – Music Paradise.

With a paid subscription, users can download an unlimited number of songs each month. Downloaded songs are stored in the user’s offline music library and can be played anytime without an internet connection. Paid members can also use advanced search filters to find music by bitrate, genre, release date, and more Music Paradise Pro.

Additional features exclusive to paid members include creating and sharing playlists, following other users, accessing exclusive content releases, and integration with iOS widgets for quick access to recently played songs and playlists Music Paradise Player MP3.

Free Music Content

Music Paradise has a large library of free music available for streaming without any ads or restrictions. It offers over millions of free MP3 songs across many genres including pop, rock, hip hop, dance, jazz, classical and more. Users can stream unlimited full-length tracks and albums from both well-known and independent artists.

The free music library is updated regularly with new releases and chart hits. Music Paradise has partnership deals with music labels which allows it to offer a extensive catalog of free music. Overall, the free content provides a robust sampling of music that covers mainstream hits as well as niche and unsigned artists.

Paid Music Content

Music Paradise offers additional music content through paid subscription tiers. The free version of Music Paradise provides access to a limited music library with ads. By upgrading to a paid subscription, users gain access to Music Paradise’s full 60 million song catalog without advertisements (Music Paradise Pro for Android – Download the APK from … –

The paid versions of Music Paradise remove ads, unlock offline listening and high quality 320kbps audio, and add exclusive content not available in the free version. For example, certain new release albums and exclusives from top artists can only be accessed by paying subscribers. Upgrading also increases the number of downloads and devices supported (Music Paradise Pro for Android – Download – Softonic).

Overall, while Music Paradise offers a free ad-supported music player, upgrading to a paid subscription provides a premium ad-free experience with additional features and exclusive music content.

Audio Quality

There are differences in audio quality between the free and paid versions of Music Paradise. The free version offers 128kbps MP3 quality audio (Music Paradise 701 MK2 Preamp and tube rolling), which provides decent quality for casual listening. The paid version offers lossless audio quality up to 1411kbps FLAC files, providing audiophile-level sound quality according to reviewers (Music Paradise BS3 bookshelf speaker review – [English]). The higher bitrate lossless files allow you to hear more detail and dynamic range in the music.

So in summary, the free version offers good enough quality for everyday listening, while the paid version provides exceptionally high fidelity sound for discerning listeners who want studio-quality audio reproduction.


Music Paradise offers a free tier with advertising and a paid tier without ads. On the free version, there are audio and banner ads that support the app. As reviewed on Softonic, “You can turn off these ads on Music Download Paradise’s preferences screen.” However, they note “Advertisements are a small price to pay for free music.”1 So users who wish to avoid ads entirely will need to upgrade to the paid version.

Device Availability

Music Paradise can be accessed for free on iOS and Android devices through the official Music Paradise app. However, some features are limited in the free versions. The paid version called Music Paradise Pro is available on Android, but not on iOS due to App Store restrictions (Source).

On Android, Music Paradise Pro unlocks additional features like high quality 320 kbps MP3 downloads, unlimited skips, no ads, and integration with Android Auto. The free version on Android limits download quality to 128 kbps and inserts ads. Music Paradise Pro for Android can be downloaded from third party app stores like Uptodown (Source).

For iOS users, the App Store only offers the free version of Music Paradise which has limited features. The paid Music Paradise Pro version is not available on iOS due to App Store restrictions against downloadable content. So iOS users are limited to 128kbps quality and ads in the free Music Paradise app.

Free Trial

Music Paradise offers a free trial period so users can test out the paid features before committing to a subscription. According to the Music Paradise terms of service, “Subscription can start with a free trial period. The free use period is indicated in the information window when launching” ( The free trial allows access to premium features like high-quality audio and ad-free listening. This gives users the chance to experience Music Paradise Pro before deciding if they want to pay for a subscription.

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