Is there a free voice translator app for Android?

A voice translator app allows users to speak into their phone and have their speech translated and read back in another language in real time. This makes communication possible between people who do not speak the same language. For Android users, voice translator apps provide a convenient way to bridge language barriers while traveling or conducting business globally.

With over 2.5 billion active Android devices worldwide, voice translator apps for Android offer users the ability to communicate across languages with little effort. Speaking into an app is often faster and easier than typing translations, making voice translators a useful tool when you need to have a conversation in real time. Whether asking for directions or negotiating a business deal, a voice translator app on your Android device helps conversations flow smoothly, improving understanding and relationships.

Top Free Voice Translator Apps

There are several excellent free voice translator apps for Android that can help you communicate across language barriers.

Some of the top options include:

Google Translate

Google Translate (Android, iOS) is one of the most popular translator apps. It supports over 100 languages for text translation and 44 languages for voice translations. Google Translate can translate speech in real-time, translate text by typing, and even scan text in images using your camera.

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate (Android, iOS) provides voice translation for over 100 languages. It has a simple conversational interface where you can speak into your device and hear the translated speech instantly. The app also supports text translation.


iTranslate (Android, iOS) offers speech-to-speech translation in over 100 languages. It allows you to have bilingual conversations in real-time and also has support for text translations. iTranslate works offline after downloading language packs.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator (Android, iOS) powers real-time voice translations for over 60 languages. You can also translate by typing text, handwriting, or snapping a photo. It has a minimal interface focused solely on translation capabilities.

Features of Free Voice Translator Apps

Free voice translator apps for Android offer several useful features to users. Some of the main capabilities to consider are supported languages, translation accuracy, offline use capability, and speed.

Many of the top apps support 50 or more languages for voice translation. For example, Google Translate handles over 100 languages. This allows travelers to get translations easily in many destinations. Having a broad language selection enables the apps to reach more users worldwide.

Accuracy is critical for voice translation. The top apps employ advanced speech recognition and translation algorithms to detect speech and translate it accurately. For instance, Microsoft Translator uses neural machine translation for high-quality translations. While no app is perfect, optimization helps maximize precision.

The ability to use voice translation offline is also useful when internet access is limited. Apps like Speak & Translate allow downloading languages for offline translations. This makes the apps more reliable for travel and day-to-day use.

Finally, speed is an important consideration. Apps optimize to deliver fast translations, often within a couple seconds. Shorter wait times allow for more natural conversations and quick access to translations when needed.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most popular translation apps for Android. It was first released in 2006 and has been continually updated and improved over the years. Google Translate supports over 100 languages and is powered by Google’s advanced neural machine translation technology.

Some key features of Google Translate include:

– Supports over 100 languages for text translation including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.1

– Uses neural machine translation for high accuracy and natural sounding translations.

– Has an offline mode to translate between downloaded languages without an internet connection.2

– Provides instant text and speech translation using your device’s camera.

– Supports over 50 languages for offline translations when downloaded.

– Offers fast translation speeds forsmooth real-time conversations.

Overall, Google Translate is a highly accurate, full-featured translation app trusted by millions of users worldwide. Its broad language support, neural machine translation, and instant camera translation make it a top choice for Android.

SayHi Translate

One of the most popular free voice translation apps for Android is SayHi Translate by SayHi Labs. It allows you to have conversations in two languages and instantly translates your speech in real-time. The app supports over 90 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more.

The translation accuracy of SayHi is quite good for common phrases and sentences. However, it may struggle with more complex dialog or niche vocabulary. The app can be used offline without an internet connection, which is handy when traveling abroad. The translations are very quick, usually occurring in under a second. One downside is that the free version limits translations to 100 per month.


iTranslate Translator is one of the most popular voice translator apps for Android. Developed by iTranslate, the app has over 100 million downloads and is available for free on the Google Play Store (source).

iTranslate supports over 100 languages for text, voice, and photo translation. It can translate conversations in real-time and has a speech recognition feature that allows speaking a phrase and getting the translation instantly. The app claims to have industry-leading neural machine translation technology for high accuracy (source).

A key feature of iTranslate is the ability to download languages for offline use so you can translate without an internet connection. The app is generally very fast at delivering translations instantly. Users report that speech recognition and offline translations are quick and convenient for travelers.

Overall, iTranslate is an excellent free option for voice translation with Android. The wide language support, offline mode, and fast performance make it a top choice for many users.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator ( is one of the most full-featured translation apps available for Android. It can translate text, voice, conversations, photos, and screenshots into over 70 languages.

Microsoft Translator has a large language database to draw from, ensuring high translation accuracy. It supports offline translations for popular languages like Spanish, French, and Chinese. The app translates speech quickly and smoothly in real-time conversations. Users praise Microsoft Translator’s accuracy compared to other free translation apps.

Some key features of Microsoft Translator include:

  • Supports over 70 languages for text and speech translation
  • Provides highly accurate translations using Microsoft’s robust neural translation technology
  • Enables offline translations for common languages like Spanish, French, German and more
  • Translates speech smoothly in real-time conversations
  • Integrates with other apps for easy photo and screenshot translation

Overall, Microsoft Translator is one of the top options for free voice and text translation on Android devices, offering a rich feature set and reliable performance.

Comparison of Top Free Voice Translator Apps

When comparing the most popular free voice translator apps for Android, there are several key factors to consider:

Features – Google Translate has the most extensive features like offline mode, virtual keyboard for typing translations, and camera mode for translating text in images. SayHi has a simple interface focused just on voice translation. Microsoft Translator offers real-time translations and transliterations.

Accuracy – In testing, reviewers found Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to be the most accurate, with over 90% accuracy in translating common phrases. SayHi was slightly less accurate but performed well translating short phrases. iTranslate’s accuracy depends on the language pair.

Languages – Google Translate supports over 100 languages, while Microsoft Translator handles over 70. SayHi and iTranslate have around 50-60 languages. So Google Translate has the biggest language selection.

Interface – iTranslate and SayHi have simple, straightforward interfaces for just voice translating. Google Translate and Microsoft Translator offer more features and customization options.

Offline Use – Google Translate allows downloading languages for offline translation. The others require an internet connection to work.

Overall, Google Translate stands out as the most full-featured option with excellent accuracy. But Microsoft Translator and SayHi are great alternatives depending on your needs.


Based on the features, ease of use, accuracy, and reviews, the top free voice translator app to recommend for most Android users is CoLang.

CoLang offers robust features like voice translation in over 60 languages, speech-to-speech translation, offline translations, and a conversation mode that makes it easy for two people who speak different languages to communicate. According to user reviews, CoLang delivers fast and accurate translations, even when offline. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

While Google Translate and Microsoft Translator offer similar capabilities, CoLang stands out for its focus on conversational translations and breadth of language support in a free app. For these reasons, CoLang is the best option for Android users looking for a full-featured voice translator app at no cost.


In summary, there are several high-quality free voice translator apps available for Android devices. Google Translate, SayHi Translate, iTranslate, and Microsoft Translator are among the top options, each with unique features like conversation mode, offline translations, and text-to-speech capabilities. While Google Translate is likely the most full-featured and accurate, apps like SayHi offer benefits like greater language variety and a simple interface.

The right translator app can be an invaluable tool for communicating across language barriers. With instant voice-to-voice translation, these apps allow you to have conversations and access information in many different languages. They can help you connect with people worldwide, learn new languages, travel more easily, and access content you otherwise couldn’t understand. So if you’re an Android user looking for a capable translation app at no cost, be sure to try one of the excellent options mentioned here.

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