Is there a sleep timer in Amazon Music?

What is a Sleep Timer?

A sleep timer allows music or audio to automatically stop playing after a set period of time. This prevents music from continuing to play all night while you sleep. Sleep timers are commonly found on music apps, TVs, radios, computers and other devices that play audio.

Sleep timers can be set to stop playing audio after a specific duration, such as 30 minutes or 1 hour. Once the sleep timer reaches the end of the preset time, the device will automatically stop the audio playback. This allows you to fall asleep listening to music without having it play distractingly through the night.

Sleep timers provide an easy way to make sure you don’t use up bandwidth streaming music all night or wake up to music still loudly playing. They give users control over their audio experience, letting them customize when playback should stop.

Does Amazon Music Have a Sleep Timer?

Currently, the Amazon Music app does not have a built-in sleep timer feature. Sleep timers allow you to set a countdown timer so the music automatically stops playing after a set amount of time. This can be useful for listening to music as you fall asleep without having it play all night.

Some users have reported that the Android version of the Amazon Music app does include a sleep timer option in the settings. However, this feature is not universally available across platforms. The iOS, desktop, and web versions of Amazon Music currently lack a built-in sleep timer.

Amazon Music’s lack of a sleep timer has been a common complaint from users who enjoy listening to music as they drift off to sleep. Many popular music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music include sleep timer functions. Unfortunately, Amazon has not yet added this capability natively into the Amazon Music experience.

While a sleep timer is not natively included, there are some workarounds Amazon Music users have found to mimic the functionality. For example, you can use a separate sleep timer app on your device alongside the Amazon Music app. There are also Alexa voice commands available on Echo devices to stop playing music after a certain amount of time.


Tips for Falling Asleep to Music Without a Sleep Timer

If Amazon Music does not have a built-in sleep timer, there are a few workarounds you can try to fall asleep listening to music without having it play all night long:

Set a sleep timer on your phone instead of in the app. Most smartphones have a built-in timer or clock app that allows you to set a sleep timer. You can program it to automatically stop playing music from any app after a set amount of time (ex. 30 minutes). This way, you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night just to turn the music off. See this Reddit discussion for tips on using your iPhone’s timer for this purpose.

Use Alexa voice commands to stop music after X minutes. If you have an Alexa device like an Amazon Echo, you can simply say “Alexa, stop playing in 30 minutes” and it will automatically stop the music for you. This works for music playing from various apps including Amazon Music.

Manually stop music before falling asleep. While not as convenient, you can always start playing music but manually stop it once you start feeling sleepy. This takes some extra effort but ensures you won’t be kept awake all night by music that is still playing.

Benefits of Listening to Music Before Bed

Listening to music can provide a number of benefits that can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Studies have shown that soothing music, especially music with a slow tempo of 60-80 beats per minute, can reduce stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the most common barriers to falling asleep quickly. Music’s relaxing qualities can lower your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure, bringing your body into a state of calm that aligns with restful sleep (

The soothing nature of calm music helps your body physically relax by lowering muscle tension. Mentally, it also distracts from stressful thoughts that can keep you awake. Listening to slow, gentle music makes it easier to clear your mind, stop worrying, and transition into sleep. The familiar, predictable nature of music also provides a sense of comfort. Research shows that adults fall asleep faster and sleep better when listening to relaxing classical music versus silence (

Risks of Sleeping with Music Playing

While listening to music at bedtime can be relaxing, there are some risks associated with sleeping with music playing all night long. One concern is that music can mask subtle noises that could indicate a problem. For example, your alarm system beeping or strange sounds from pipes or appliances may go unnoticed if you are wearing headphones and sleeping with music on. This could prevent you from waking up to deal with issues that require attention.

Another potential downside is that lyrics and changing songs can disrupt the quality of your sleep 1. Even if you think you are sleeping soundly, your brain is still taking in auditory stimuli when listening to music at night. This extra sensory input can fragment your sleep cycles rather than allowing you to fall into deep, uninterrupted sleep. Light and disrupted sleep often leads to feeling less rested upon waking.

Alternatives for Falling Asleep to Music

If you don’t want to leave music playing all night or don’t have access to a sleep timer, there are other options to help lull you to sleep.

One alternative is using a white noise machine or app. White noise is a consistent background sound that can help drown out disruptive noises that might keep you awake. The soothing, gentle noise blocks disturbances so your brain can relax into sleep more easily.

Another option is listening to ASMR videos. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and consists of soothing sounds like whispering, tapping, and crinkling. It creates pleasant tingling sensations that can promote relaxation and sleep.

You can also try falling asleep to guided sleep meditations. Soothing voices lead you through calming visualizations and deep breathing to clear your mind before bed. This can distract from worrying thoughts that interfere with sleep.

Finally, listening to audiobooks or bedtime stories is another alternative. As you focus on the narrative, your mind gets absorbed in the story rather than being left to race about stressful topics.

How a Sleep Timer Works

A sleep timer is a function built into many music apps and devices that allows you to set a countdown timer until the music automatically stops playing. You simply select the amount of time you want the music to play before shutting off – usually anywhere from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.

When you set the sleep timer, it will begin counting down in the background. Once the time is up, the app or device will automatically stop playing the music. This spares you from having to get back up to turn it off before falling asleep.

Sleep timers are very convenient for people who like listening to music as they fall asleep but don’t want it to play all night long. It allows you to fall asleep to your favorite playlist or album without having to worry about manually turning it off halfway through the night.

Most music apps like Spotify and Apple Music have a sleep timer function built in. Many smart speakers and digital audio players also include a sleep timer option right in their settings. So whether you’re streaming music from your phone, playing songs through your Echo, or listening on a old school CD player – there’s likely a way to set a sleep timer.

Sleep Timer Options in Other Music Apps

Many other popular music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music have built-in sleep timer options that allow you to set a timer to stop the music after a certain amount of time. This can be very useful for falling asleep to music without having it play all night long.

Spotify’s sleep timer can be set to stop playing after 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes 1. Pandora’s sleep timer has options for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes 2. YouTube Music has a sleep timer with options for 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes 3.

So the default timer length options across these major music apps tend to range from just 5 minutes on the low end up to 1 hour on the high end. This provides a good amount of flexibility to choose the ideal sleep timer length for your needs.

Requesting a Sleep Timer for Amazon Music

Currently, Amazon Music does not have a built-in sleep timer feature. However, many users have requested for Amazon to add this capability to their music app. If you would like Amazon Music to implement a sleep timer, the best way is to submit feedback directly to Amazon.

According to this Amazon page, a sleep timer is one of the most requested features for Amazon Music. There are many requests on forums and social media from users who want the ability to have Amazon Music automatically stop playing after a set amount of time. This allows people to fall asleep listening to music without having to manually stop it or keep it playing all night.

To request that Amazon add a sleep timer feature, you can use the feedback option in the Amazon Music app. On the “Home” tab of the app, scroll to the bottom and tap “Send feedback”. Here you can write a message to the developers asking them to implement a sleep timer. You can also submit feedback through the Amazon website by going to the “Help” section and clicking “Send feedback”. The more users that request this feature, the more likely Amazon will be to add it.

Until a sleep timer is added to Amazon Music, there are some alternative options like using an Amazon Echo’s sleep timer or a third party app. However, directly requesting the feature from Amazon is the best way to potentially influence them to add this useful setting to help their users fall asleep to music.


To recap, Amazon Music currently does not have a built-in sleep timer feature. This means there is no way to set Amazon Music to automatically stop playing after a set amount of time. While this can be inconvenient if you like to fall asleep listening to music, there are some workarounds.

For now, you can try setting a sleep timer on your Alexa device if you use Amazon Music through that. You can also set a sleep timer on your phone’s clock app to stop music playback after a certain time. Using a third party app like Sleep Timer is another option to automatically stop music.

Hopefully Amazon will implement a native sleep timer in their Amazon Music app soon. For now, be sure to stop playback manually or try one of the suggested workarounds if you want to fall asleep listening to music.

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