Is there an app for Jango?

Introducing Jango

Jango is a free online radio service that allows users to create custom radio stations based on their favorite artists and songs (Jango (website) – Wikipedia). The service was launched in 2006 by Jango Inc. with the goal of providing an alternative to traditional radio stations. Jango’s algorithms analyze user preferences to generate personalized radio stations tailored to each individual user.

One of the key features of Jango is social networking integration. In 2007, Jango became the first music streaming platform to allow users to share playlists and follow other users (Jango (website) – Wikipedia). This social aspect allows users to discover new music through their friends and other members of the Jango community.

In addition to the online platform, Jango is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app provides the same free radio service and customization features as the desktop version. Key features offered by Jango include unlimited skips, favorites, and the ability to save custom stations for offline listening.

Jango on Mobile

Jango provides official mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The Jango app for Android is available on the Google Play store here. It has over 10 million downloads and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Play Store. Reviews praise the ability to create customizable radio stations, unlimited skips, and an ad-free listening experience. On the App Store, the iOS app can be downloaded here. It has a 4+ star rating, with user reviews highlighting the huge music selection, ability to create stations based on favorite artists, and high quality audio.

Both the Android and iOS Jango apps allow you to access the Jango music service on the go. They provide the core Jango experience of creating personalized radio stations based on your taste and listening without any interruptions from ads. With millions of downloads between them and largely positive user reviews, the official Jango apps deliver the platform’s internet radio capabilities conveniently on mobile.

Jango Features on Mobile

The Jango mobile apps for iOS and Android offer many of the key features available on the Jango website, optimized for listening on the go. Some of the main features include:

  • Free unlimited streaming of songs and custom radio stations 1, 2
  • Ad-free listening with no interruptions 1
  • Ability to create customized radio stations based on favorite artists, songs, or genres 1, 2
  • Music recommendation features to discover new artists and songs based on listening history 2
  • Offline listening for when internet connectivity is limited 1

The mobile apps make it easy to take the Jango listening experience anywhere and continue enjoying customized radio stations on the go.

Third Party Jango Apps

Jango does not have an official mobile app, but there are several quality third party apps that provide mobile access to the popular internet radio service. These unofficial apps allow Jango listeners to take their personalized radio stations with them on the go. While Jango’s website is mobile-optimized, dedicated apps offer additional features not available through the web player like offline listening, background play, and universal search. Some of the most popular third party Jango apps include Radio Jango, Radioplayer Jango, and Jango Radio & Music.

Radio Jango is one of the top rated third party Jango apps on both iOS and Android. It provides quick access to Jango’s catalog of user-curated radio stations. Key features include unlimited skips, offline playback, and Chromecast support. With an intuitive interface, Radio Jango makes it easy to find new stations tailored to your musical taste. One limitation is occasional audio ads, but overall it delivers a smooth Jango listening experience on mobile.

Radioplayer Jango is another quality option, allowing you to play Jango stations in a native mobile app. Available for both Android and iOS, Radioplayer Jango provides an ad-free listening experience with unlimited skips and offline playback. Easy station creation and management coupled with a clean design makes this a go-to choice for Jango users looking for a fully-featured mobile app.


Web Access

One of the easiest ways to access Jango on mobile is through the mobile browser. Jango’s website is optimized for mobile, allowing users to stream music directly in their phone’s browser without downloading an app. According to the Jango website, “Jango is fully functional on all modern mobile devices” (

When accessing Jango through a mobile browser, users have access to all of Jango’s core features. They can stream curated radio stations based on artists, songs, or genres, and customize stations by liking/disliking songs that play. Jango’s mobile web interface also allows users to easily search for artists or songs to start radio stations from. Overall, mobile web provides a convenient way to access Jango’s music streaming on-the-go without needing to install a separate app.


While Jango offers a solid music streaming experience on mobile, there are some limitations to be aware of compared to accessing the service on desktop. According to the Jango FAQ page, one of the main limitations is that mobile apps do not have access to Jango’s full music catalog. The selection of songs and artists available may be more restricted.

Another limitation cited on Jango’s Terms & Privacy page is that some features like advanced playlist creation and editing may not be fully supported in the mobile apps. Mobile users cannot access the full suite of playlist tools available on the desktop site.

In addition, reviews on third party app stores frequently cite problems with stability and playback on the mobile apps. Issues like songs stopping abruptly or playlists not loading properly are more prevalent in the mobile experience. While the desktop site is generally very stable, the mobile apps seem to suffer occasional glitches.

Finally, one of the biggest limitations noted in discussions on Quora is the lack of full offline playback support. Unlike some competing services, Jango’s mobile apps do not allow users to save songs for offline listening when internet connectivity is limited.

Tips for Using Jango on Mobile

Jango can be accessed on mobile devices through the mobile website or through the Jango mobile app. The Jango mobile app provides the best experience as it is optimized for mobile usage. Here are some tips for getting the most out of Jango on your mobile device:

Use headphones or earbuds to get the best sound quality while listening to music on Jango. The small speakers on smartphones cannot reproduce the full range of sound.

Download playlists for offline listening when you will not have an internet connection. The Jango app allows you to save playlists for offline listening.

Disable notifications if you find them disruptive. The Jango app provides notifications about new releases and activity. These can be disabled in the app’s settings.

Favorite songs and artists you enjoy so Jango can better tailor recommendations to your tastes. The more you engage with the app, the better the customization.

Follow artists to get notified about new releases and tour dates. The Jango app makes it easy to follow your favorite musicians.

Consider upgrading to Jango Plus for an ad-free experience. The free version includes audio and banner ads.

Use WiFi whenever possible to minimize mobile data usage. Streaming music can use a lot of data.

Adjust audio quality in the app settings to standard definition if bandwidth is limited.

Future Developments

Jango’s mobile apps have room to grow and improve in the future. Some potential developments that could enhance the user experience include:

Adding options for higher quality audio streaming. As noted on the Jango website, the mobile apps currently stream at 64kbps (Jango – About). Upgrading to offer 320kbps streaming could appeal to audiophiles.

Enhanced playlists and queue management. Simple additions like being able to drag and drop to reorder queues could make the apps easier to use.

Expanded social features. Integrating commenting on tracks, sharing playlists, and other social tools could help users connect.

Personalization and customization. Options to customize the look and feel of the app would allow users to tailor it to their preferences.

Support for additional platforms. Expanding to platforms like smartwatches and in-car entertainment systems could give users more ways to listen.

Improved recommendations. Investing in better recommendation algorithms could help Jango suggest more personalized music.

Bug fixes and performance improvements. As with any app, ongoing maintenance and bug squashing will be important.

While Jango’s mobile offering provides a solid listening experience already, these kinds of enhancements over time could make the apps even more powerful and user-friendly.

Comparable Services

Jango on mobile has some key similarities and differences compared to other popular music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Like Pandora, Jango offers free personalized radio stations based on artists or songs you like (1). However, some reviewers note that Pandora seems to provide a less personalized experience compared to Jango, requiring more user input to refine your stations (2).

Compared to Spotify, Jango’s mobile app lacks the extensive music library and on-demand playback that Spotify offers. However, Jango’s focus on radio-style listening can be seen as an advantage for users who prefer more leanback, hands-free listening rather than actively picking songs and albums (3). Jango also competes well in terms of price, offering free ad-supported listening compared to Spotify’s limited free tier.

Overall, Jango on mobile stands out for its hyper-personalized radio stations powered by advanced algorithms. For music discovery and endless playlists tailored to your tastes, Jango provides a compelling free option on mobile.


Jango provides solid music streaming capabilities through both its mobile apps and mobile web access. The official Jango apps for iOS and Android offer the core Jango experience of personalized radio stations along with standard streaming features like playlists and offline listening. While third party Jango apps are limited, the mobile web player gives users full access to Jango on any mobile browser.

Overall, Jango offers a viable music streaming option for mobile users. The official apps provide an optimized experience for listening on the go, with radio recommendations and unlimited skips catered to individual tastes. While there are some limitations like no downloading for offline playback on mobile web, Jango’s core features work across platforms. For music fans looking for robust radio and streaming features, Jango can deliver a satisfying mobile experience.

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