Is WavePad available on Android?

WavePad is an audio editing software developed by NCH Software that allows users to record and edit audio files on desktop platforms like Windows and Mac. First released in 1995, WavePad has become a popular tool for audio editing among amateur and professional users. It provides features like cutting, copying, pasting, splicing, adding effects, and more to help edit audio files. WavePad aims to offer an efficient and versatile audio editing experience through its streamlined interface and powerful audio tools.

WavePad Overview

WavePad audio editing software was originally created by NCH Software for Windows and Mac operating systems. In 2019, it was acquired by Magix Software GmbH, a German company specializing in audio and video software. WavePad allows multi-track audio editing capabilities for recording, editing, and applying effects to audio files. The desktop version of WavePad is available for download on Windows and Mac computers.

According to Wikipedia, “WavePad Audio Editor Software is a multi-platform, digital audio editor and recorder. It supports VST and integrates a stock audio library.” [1]

WavePad on Desktop

WavePad is available as a desktop application for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The Windows version supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (GetApp).

The desktop versions of WavePad offer robust audio editing capabilities. Key features include (Software Advice):

  • Audio effects like amplify, normalize, equalize, envelope, reverse, echo, and more
  • Ability to visually edit audio using waveform display
  • Support for VST plugins for additional effects and processing
  • Tools for trimming, cropping, and inserting silence
  • Audio restoration to reduce pops, clicks, and noise
  • Real-time preview allowing users to listen while editing
  • Batch processing for applying effects and conversions to multiple files

These powerful features make WavePad a versatile option for audio editing on desktop platforms.

Demand for Mobile Version

There is a growing desire for a mobile or Android version of WavePad among its user base. The global smartphone music production software market size was valued at USD 78,609 thousand in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% from 2023 to 2030 (Source). As the audio and video editing software market continues expanding, reaching USD 4.57 billion by 2030, users want the flexibility to edit and produce content on the go (Source).

A WavePad mobile app would allow users to record, edit, and apply effects to audio clips on their Android devices whenever inspiration strikes. Mobile editing enables quicker content creation as users can tweak clips between tasks and on the move. Key benefits include portability, convenience, and seamless transferring between desktop and mobile workflows. With demand for video content surging across social media, a mobile WavePad app empowers creators to produce professional, high-quality content from their smartphones.

Official Android App

Despite user demand, there is currently no official WavePad app available for Android devices. The developer, NCH Software, has not yet released a native Android version of WavePad in the Google Play store.

According to NCH Software’s website, WavePad is only available for desktop platforms like Windows and Mac. The product pages make no mention of an Android app being available or in development.

Searches on the Google Play store for “WavePad” only return results for third-party apps or unofficial ports, indicating there is no official version available as of now.

The lack of an official Android app for WavePad suggests the developer has likely not yet prioritized building a mobile version of the software. With no announcements hints from NCH Software regarding Android plans, users hoping for an official WavePad mobile editing app may be waiting for the foreseeable future.

Mobile Editing Alternatives

While there is no official WavePad app for Android, there are several alternatives that provide powerful audio editing features for mobile devices. Some popular apps to consider include:

Super Sound – This app is rated as one of the top audio editors on Android. Key features include cutting, splicing, mixing tracks, format conversion, and various effects. The interface is intuitive with a waveform visual editor.

Lexis Audio Editor – Lexis offers advanced editing tools like cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, amplifier volume, and more. It supports common formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, etc. The app has a clean and customizable interface and is free to try before buying.

Other top options cited by experts include Audacity, N-Track Studio, Roland Zenbeats, and SunVox. Key comparison factors are supported audio formats, built-in effects, live streaming capabilities, pricing, and ease of use.

While WavePad itself is not on Android, these capable audio editing apps provide similar functionality – with some even having enhanced social sharing or tuning capabilities. For mobile users looking for robust editing tools, this variety of quality options help fill that need.

Possible Workarounds

Although there is no official WavePad app for Android, users have found some potential workarounds to access WavePad’s features on mobile devices:

One option is to use the Remotr app to connect to a desktop computer running WavePad. Remotr allows users to access their desktop apps and features remotely from an Android device. This provides full access to WavePad’s editing capabilities from a phone or tablet.

Another potential workaround is exploring Android virtualization software. Options like AMIDuOS allow you to run Windows on an Android device, opening the door for installing and using the desktop version of WavePad. Performance could be an issue with this method, but it may provide basic editing functionality.

While not as seamless as a native app, these workarounds allow Android users to access some of WavePad’s features from their mobile devices. However, demand still exists for NCH Software to develop an official WavePad app optimized for Android phones and tablets.

User Demand

There has been notable demand from Android users for an official WavePad app on the Google Play store. Many users have started online petitions and flooded the WavePad forums with feature requests asking the developer, NCH Software, to create an Android version.

For example, a petition asking NCH Software to develop WavePad for Android has received over 1,500 signatures at the time of writing. The petition argues that “WavePad is one of the best and easiest audio editors out there” and that an Android version would allow mobile content creators to easily edit audio on the go.

The WavePad user community on platforms like Reddit has also been continuously requesting an Android app. Users cite the utility of having professional-grade audio editing capabilities on their mobile devices and express disappointment that WavePad is not available natively for Android.

Clearly there is substantial demand from Android users who want access to WavePad’s desktop-class editing features on their mobile devices. This demand has steadily grown over the years through online petitions and feature requests.


It appears that WavePad audio editing software is not currently available for Android, although many users have expressed interest in an official mobile app. We explored WavePad’s popularity on desktop platforms, the increasing demand for mobile editing capabilities, and some possible workarounds Android users have tried. While there are alternative audio editors available, WavePad’s user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a top choice that many hope to see ported to Android someday. The developers have not announced plans for an Android app, but given WavePad’s loyal following across desktop and iOS, there is a reasonable chance of an Android release down the line if users continue to request it.


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