What is the A2DP volume app?

What is A2DP?

A2DP stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. It is a Bluetooth profile that allows for streaming high-quality audio between devices. As described by Bluetooth SIG, “This profile defines the requirements for Bluetooth devices necessary for support of the high-quality audio distribution. The requirements are expressed in terms of roles and procedures required for the transport of high quality audio content” (Bluetooth SIG).

The A2DP profile enables wireless headphones, speakers, car audio systems, and other devices to stream stereo-quality audio from sources like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It allows for audio transmission through Bluetooth with minimal loss in quality, making it ideal for listening to music and other media. Without A2DP, audio streamed over classic Bluetooth connections would be reliant on the headset profile, which is designed for only voice quality transmission rather than high fidelity music and sounds.

How A2DP Works

A2DP allows two Bluetooth devices to communicate using the A2DP protocol to stream high quality audio. The audio source, such as a smartphone, encodes and transmits the audio over Bluetooth to the receiving device like headphones or speakers. The receiving device then decodes and plays the transmitted audio.

The A2DP profile defines how to stream music via Bluetooth from one device to another. It allows the source device to transmit a stereo audio stream to the sink device. The audio is compressed using codecs like SBC, AAC, aptX, or LDAC to allow transmission over Bluetooth. The sink device decompresses the audio before playing it.

With A2DP, the source device controls the playback features like play, pause, skip track, etc. The sink device simply receives the encoded audio and plays it. This allows wireless streaming of music, videos, games, etc. from a smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

A2DP Volume App

The A2DP Volume app is designed to provide independent volume control for the A2DP Bluetooth profile. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) handles high-quality stereo audio streaming over Bluetooth and is commonly used for wireless headphones, speakers, etc. However, some users find the maximum volume level over A2DP is too low for their liking.

The A2DP Volume app lets you boost the volume beyond the system limit imposed on the A2DP Bluetooth profile [1]. This makes it useful for those who want louder audio when using Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Essentially, the app acts as a standalone volume controller to amplify the sound from your device to your Bluetooth audio device.

By installing the A2DP Volume app and connecting to a Bluetooth audio device using the A2DP profile, you can increase the volume up to 200% over the normal maximum volume. This gives you enhanced control over your listening experience if the default A2DP volume is not loud enough for your preferences.

Why You Might Need It

The main reasons you may need an A2DP volume app include:

Bluetooth audio source volume is too low – The volume from your Bluetooth audio source, like a phone or tablet, may be lower than you want through your car speakers or Bluetooth headphones. The A2DP protocol limits how loud the source can be.

Volume limited by source device – Your Bluetooth audio device like a phone may limit maximum volume output. This can result in lower volume even if your car speakers or headphones can handle more.

Want more volume than system allows – Android and iOS limit the maximum volume output allowed over Bluetooth. An A2DP volume app can override this limit and allow output beyond system maximums.

How the A2DP Volume App Works

The A2DP Volume app works by intercepting the audio stream being transmitted over Bluetooth from your phone to your car stereo or Bluetooth speaker. It does this by integrating with the phone’s Bluetooth stack. The app then amplifies the volume and re-encodes the audio stream before sending the boosted audio signal to the connected Bluetooth device. This results in an increased volume level compared to what you would normally get without the app.

Specifically, the A2DP Volume app works in the following way:

  • Intercepts the audio stream being transmitted over the A2DP Bluetooth profile
  • Applies volume amplification to boost the audio signal
  • Re-encodes the amplified audio stream
  • Transmits the boosted audio stream to the connected Bluetooth stereo or speaker

By tapping into the Bluetooth A2DP audio stream and modifying the signal, the A2DP Volume app is able to increase the volume output without needing to adjust the volume on your phone itself. This provides a simple software solution to obtain louder volume levels over Bluetooth.

Using the App

To use an A2DP volume app, you first need to download and install it on your device from the app store. Popular options include A2DP Volume on Android or Bluetooth Volume Control on iOS.

Once installed, connect your Bluetooth audio device like headphones or a speaker. You may need to pair the device initially if it’s the first time connecting.

Open the A2DP volume app and you’ll see controls to adjust the volume beyond the system limit. The app overrides the default Bluetooth volume restrictions and gives you more granular control.

You can then adjust the volume up or down as needed for your audio device. The app essentially removes the volume limit imposed by the Bluetooth A2DP profile. Just be careful not to increase the volume to dangerous levels that could damage your hearing.


The A2DP Volume app provides several key benefits for users who want to increase the volume levels when streaming audio over Bluetooth:

Get louder volume over Bluetooth – The main purpose of the A2DP Volume app is to boost the volume output when streaming music or audio to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. It can help override low default volume levels set by car stereo systems or other Bluetooth devices.

Override low volume issues – Some Bluetooth devices limit the maximum volume for safety reasons. The A2DP Volume app bypasses these restrictions so you can turn the volume up higher if needed.

Simple to use – The A2DP Volume app provides a clean, minimal interface to increase or decrease the volume. Users don’t have to dig through complex settings. Just launch the app and adjust the volume up or down.


While the A2DP Volume app can help solve Bluetooth audio issues, there are some downsides to be aware of:

Using the app to boost audio volumes can reduce audio quality at very high volumes, as it’s overriding the default volume limits set by the Bluetooth device. Pushing the volume too high can introduce distortion and clipping.

The app also drains battery life faster since it keeps the phone CPU active during audio playback. Without the app, the Bluetooth device would handle decoding and audio processing itself in hardware. Forcing the phone to do this work instead uses more power (1).

Additionally, the app doesn’t work reliably with all music/video apps and Bluetooth devices. For example, it may not function properly with YouTube or Bluetooth speakers from certain manufacturers. The compatibility can be spotty.

So while the A2DP Volume app offers a solution for low Bluetooth volumes, it comes with some potential drawbacks to consider before use.

Top A2DP Volume Apps

Here are some of the top A2DP volume apps for Android and iOS:


  • Volume Booster GOODEV – This popular Android app has over 10 million downloads and a 4.6 rating. It can boost volume by up to 30dB and includes an equalizer and bass booster.

  • Volume Booster – With over 5 million downloads and a 4.4 rating, this app increases overall volume and has customizable presets for music, movies, podcasts and more.

  • Sound Amplifier – From the same developer as Volume Booster, this app has a 4.6 rating. It provides extra volume for music, videos, games and voice calls.


The Bottom Line

The A2DP Volume app provides a simple yet effective solution for boosting the volume of overly quiet Bluetooth audio streams. For many users frustrated by Bluetooth volume limits, especially in vehicles, this app offers a handy workaround to crank up media playback to desired levels.

The app couldn’t be much simpler to use – just enable it, set your preferred volume boost amount, and you’re good to go. No need to fiddle with settings every time you connect a device. The app runs seamlessly in the background.

However, the app is not without some limitations. It only works to boost A2DP audio streams, so other Bluetooth profiles like phone calls are unaffected. Some users report bugs or inconsistencies with certain phone models or Bluetooth speakers. There is also a lack of customization options beyond the main volume boost. Finally, accessibility could be improved with features like gesture controls.

Overall, the A2DP Volume app succeeds in delivering a quick and convenient solution for boosting quiet Bluetooth audio to more acceptable levels. For those fed up with Bluetooth volume restrictions, especially in vehicles, this simple app can provide the volume boost needed to enjoy music playback. Just be aware of some potential bugs and lack of customization before relying on it as your main volume booster.

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