What is the alternative to forScore for Android?

forScore is a popular sheet music reader and digital score app available exclusively for iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. First launched in 2008, forScore allows musicians to view, annotate, and play sheet music digitally. Some of its key features include support for PDF files, a variety of annotation tools, audio playback, and page-turning capabilities with bluetooth foot pedals. As iOS-only software, forScore’s functionality has been limited to Apple devices and isn’t available for Android users. This has left many musicians wishing for similar software options on the Android platform.


Why Seek an Android Alternative?

forScore is arguably the best sheet music app available, but it is only available on iOS devices. With Android holding 70.77% of the global smartphone market share as of August 2023 according to StatCounter, there is a huge base of potential users that cannot access forScore.

Having a sheet music app on your Android device provides many benefits over paper sheet music. Apps allow you to easily store a vast library of sheet music digitally, quickly search and organize your music library, annotate sheet music, transpose keys, adjust audio playback speed, turn pages hands-free with a pedal, and more. Android users deserve access to these helpful features for managing and performing sheet music.

Therefore, for the many musicians, teachers, students, and others who use Android phones or tablets, it is worthwhile to explore the best available alternatives to forScore that provide similar sheet music management capabilities.

Top 3 Recommended Alternatives

For Android users seeking an alternative to the popular iOS sheet music app forScore, there are several great options to consider.


One top choice is MusicPad, which offers an intuitive interface, page turning capabilities, and support for PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML formats. Users highlight MusicPad’s responsive design and compatibility with Bluetooth pedals for hands-free page turning.


MobileSheets is another robust Android option praised for its organization features, including setlists and libraries. It also excels at annotation tools, audio playback, and chord charts. The pro version unlocks enhanced customization.

My Music Book

For simpler needs, My Music Book offers a streamlined way to view, print, and annotate sheet music on Android. The free version includes ads, while the pro upgrade ($3.99) unlocks bookmarking, auto-scroll, and additional features.


MusicPad by Agile Partners is a versatile music app available for Android that allows users to play a variety of instruments and create music using intuitive touch controls (source). Some of the key features of MusicPad include:

  • Realistic instruments like piano, drums, guitar, and more
  • Robust recording and editing tools
  • Support for MIDI devices and controllers
  • Sharing and exporting options
  • Hundreds of audio loops and sound effects

A major pro of MusicPad is the highly responsive and natural touch controls for playing instruments. The app provides an experience comparable to real instruments. However, some users report the selection of instruments and sounds could be more extensive (source).

MusicPad is available for $3.99 on the Google Play Store with no additional in-app purchases. This one-time cost makes it very affordable compared to other music creation apps.

MobileSheets Pro

MobileSheets Pro by Zubersoft is one of the most popular sheet music apps available for Android tablets. Features include advanced organization, annotation tools, audio playback, and cloud storage integration.

The features of MobileSheets Pro include:

  • Import PDFs, images, and musicXML files
  • Annotate sheet music with highlights, notes, and drawings
  • Setlists for organizing your library
  • Playback tools with metronome and loop functions
  • Cloud storage integration with Google Drive and Dropbox

The pros of MobileSheets Pro are the extensive organization features, audio capabilities, and smooth user interface. The major downside is the cost at $14.99 (one-time purchase). However, the free version is fairly robust for trying out the app.

Overall, MobileSheets Pro is an excellent option for Android users looking for professional-level sheet music management and practice tools. The combination of features, usability, and fair one-time pricing make it a top choice.

My Music Book

My Music Book is a digital sheet music manager designed for musicians to organize their sheet music library (source). It allows you to import PDF sheet music files, annotate them, organize them into setlists, and even transpose on the fly. Some key features of My Music Book include:

– Library management – Categorize your sheet music into folders. Search and filter your library.

– Annotations – Highlight, draw, add text boxes, and sticky notes to mark up sheet music.

– Setlists – Create and organize setlists from your sheet music library.

– Transposition – Instantly transpose sheet music to any key.

– Hands-free page turning – Use Bluetooth pedals for hands-free page turning.

– Cloud sync – Sync your sheet music library across devices.

The pros of My Music Book are that it has robust organization and annotation features tailored specifically for musicians. It also smoothly handles a large sheet music library. The cons are that the transposition feature only works on simple melodies and chord charts, not full orchestral scores. There are also some complaints about the app being buggy or crashing occasionally.

My Music Book is a paid app that costs $12.99 on iOS.

Honorable Mentions

There are a couple other sheet music apps for Android worth mentioning as honorable alternatives to forScore:

MobileSheets – While not quite as full-featured as the top recommendations, MobileSheets provides a solid sheet music viewing experience with support for annotated notation, audio playback, setlists, and more.

Songsterr – Songsterr is primarily focused on guitar and bass tablature, but also supports notation and chords. Its large library of tabs and song playback features make it a decent option for certain musicians.

Key Differences from forScore

While forScore is widely considered one of the best sheet music apps available, especially for iOS, the top alternatives for Android do have some key differences:

MusicPad lacks some of the advanced annotation features available in forScore, like drawing and freehand annotations 1. However, it tries to make up for this with a simple, clean interface and focus on core features like audio playback, transposition, and libraries.

MobileSheets provides more formatting options than forScore, allowing you to customize note colors, staff sizes, and more. It also connects better to Bluetooth pedals and page turners 2.

My Music Book has a more limited free version compared to forScore. The full version is also more expensive. However, the app syncs seamlessly across devices and has handy features like taking notes during practice 3.

In general, the main trade-offs seem to be fewer annotation features but cleaner interfaces and better device connectivity versus forScore’s unparalleled annotation capabilities.

Which is the Best?

Based on research and reviews, MobileSheets Pro seems to be the best Android alternative to forScore. MobileSheets matches forScore’s features and capabilities while being less expensive with a one-time purchase instead of a subscription. Users switching from forScore report that MobileSheets has a similar layout and workflow while offering robust annotation and organization tools (Source).

MobileSheets also edges out MusicPad based on recent reviews and comparisons. While MusicPad has a long history as one of the first sheet music apps, MobileSheets appears to have more active development and support from the developer, consistently releasing updated versions. Users switching from MusicPad to MobileSheets cite an easier workflow, better annotation features, and reduced crashing and bugs (Source).

Overall, MobileSheets Pro matches or exceeds the features of both MusicPad and forScore while offering better value as a one-time purchase. For android users seeking the best alternative to forScore, MobileSheets Pro is the top recommendation based on capabilities, value, and user experiences.


In summary, there are several viable alternatives to forScore for Android users. MusicPad, MobileSheets and My Music Book all offer robust sheet music management and annotation features at a fraction of the cost of forScore. While they may lack some of the polish and refinement of forScore, their basic functionality is on par for most musicians’ needs.

For Android users looking to effectively manage a digital sheet music library, MobileSheets Pro is likely the best option. It matches or exceeds forScore in functionality, works great on Android tablets, and has a one-time cost that is cheaper than a year’s forScore subscription. Musicians who want a simpler, free option should check out MusicPad. In the end, Android users have quality choices that can replace forScore without breaking the bank.

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