What is the best Android double DIN?

A double DIN Android head unit refers to an in-dash car stereo receiver that has a larger screen size and extra height compared to a standard single DIN head unit. Double DIN Android units have dimensions of approximately 4 inches high by 7 inches wide, allowing them to accommodate a larger touchscreen display and interface (Source).

Double DIN Android head units are designed to replace factory standard stereos and provide upgraded entertainment, navigation, and connectivity features. With a large touchscreen, Bluetooth, WiFi, custom apps, and voice control capabilities, double DIN Android units aim to offer a smarter, more customizable in-car experience. They transform the center console into an interactive hub for music, calling, navigation and more.

Display Size and Resolution

Double DIN head units typically come in standard display sizes between 6.2 and 7 inches. The most common display resolutions are 800×480, 1024×600, and 1280×720 pixels. Higher resolutions like 1280×720 (720p HD) provide sharper, more detailed visuals but are generally only found on higher-end models.

According to the Android developer documentation, supporting different screen sizes enables your apps to reach the most users across a variety of devices (source). Most double DIN manufacturers design their systems to be compatible with a range of Android screen sizes and resolutions. A 1024×600 or 800×480 display offers sufficient screen real estate for apps, maps, media playback and more on a double DIN unit.

Overall, the optimal balance of screen size, resolution, and compatibility for most double DIN head units falls in the 6.2 to 7 inch range, with a 720p or 600p resolution. Larger and higher-res displays tend to only marginally improve the experience while driving, so a 720p model around 6.5 or 7 inches is recommended for the best blend of usability, compatibility and value.

Touchscreen Interface

Modern double DIN Android head units feature capacitive touchscreens for an intuitive and responsive user interface. Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of a user’s finger when it makes contact with the screen. This allows for very accurate tracking of gestures and taps compared to resistive touchscreen technology.

Double DIN Android units support common gesture controls like swiping, scrolling, pinching/zooming, and tapping. This allows users to smoothly navigate between menus, control media playback, and access settings. Advanced units even support multi-touch gestures with two or more fingers. This brings a smartphone-like experience to in-car entertainment.

“Capacitive touchscreen technology has enabled automotive head units to deliver a vastly improved user experience compared to traditional buttons and knobs,” said an industry expert from Dual.

Overall, capacitive touchscreens with gesture support allow drivers to access their Android head unit’s features safely and conveniently while on the road. This hands-free control is essential for reducing driver distraction.

Customization and Apps

One of the best features of Android double DIN receivers is the ability to customize and download apps directly on the unit. The Android operating system allows you to install compatible applications on the stereo to enhance your experience.

Most Android double DIN systems have access to the Google Play Store, where you can browse and download entertainment, navigation, connectivity, and convenience apps. Some popular and useful apps include Google Maps, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, calendar sync, dashcam recording, OBDII vehicle diagnostics, and voice assistants like Google Assistant.

You can also customize the look and feel of your stereo system interface, often changing wallpapers, button layouts, themes, and fonts. Some receivers have launchers which let you fully customize the home screen’s icons and widgets. This level of personalization means you can tailor the system to match your preferences.

Overall, the open Android platform allows for incredible app capability and customization directly on an Android double DIN receiver. This flexibility and expandability helps set Android units apart from the more locked-down systems of major car manufacturers. With some research, you can find the perfect mix of apps and customization for your needs. For examples of popular Android car launcher apps, see this video: 3 Awesome Android Car Launcher Apps for your Car Stereo

Navigation and Maps

One of the most useful features of an Android double DIN is built-in navigation and access to mapping apps. Many units come pre-loaded with Google Maps or allow you to download it for turn-by-turn GPS directions. Google Maps provides live traffic updates, alternate routes, lane guidance, and more. Popular third-party navigation apps like Waze can also be installed on Android auto stereos. Waze offers real-time traffic and hazard reporting from its user community.

Having maps and navigation built into your stereo means you don’t have to mount your phone or use a separate GPS device. The big touchscreen makes it easy to search for destinations and follow directions right on the dash. Some units allow you to customize the navigation interface and save favorite places. Overall, having on-board navigation really enhances the infotainment experience and convenience of an Android double DIN.

Audio and Entertainment

When selecting an Android double DIN head unit, audio and entertainment features are key considerations. Most models offer AM/FM radio for accessing local stations. Look for a unit with strong radio reception to avoid static and interference. HD Radio is also a nice upgrade that provides digital-quality sound for FM stations. Bluetooth streaming allows you to play music and podcasts wirelessly from your smartphone. Confirm the unit supports advanced Bluetooth codecs like AptX for higher audio quality. Some head units even feature built-in Spotify, Pandora or other streaming apps so you don’t need to use your phone.

According to one expert review, the Hodozzy 10.1″ Android car stereo touts an AM/FM tuner with RDS and 18 FM/12 AM presets for convenience. Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers quick music streaming from devices. However, it lacks more advanced codecs and onboard streaming apps. For the best entertainment experience, look for a double DIN with diverse audio sources, strong reception, high-quality wireless streaming and integrated streaming apps if desired.

Calling and Messaging

One of the key features of Android Auto is its ability to provide hands-free calling and text messaging while driving. This allows you to stay focused on the road while still being able to communicate.

To enable calling and messaging via Android Auto, simply connect your Android smartphone to the head unit via USB. This will sync your contacts and messages to the head unit’s interface. You can then use voice commands or steering wheel controls to initiate calls and listen to or dictate text messages (1).

Android Auto has Google Assistant integration, allowing you to use natural voice commands like “Call Mom” or “Text John I’m running late”. The Assistant can also read incoming text messages out loud and allow you to dictate replies hands-free (2).

One common complaint is Android Auto routing calls through the phone’s speaker instead of the car’s audio system. This appears to be a bug that Google is working on fixing (3). But overall, Android Auto’s calling and messaging features allow for much safer communication while driving.

Smart Voice Assistants

Smart voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri Eyes Free are very useful features in modern Android double DIN units. With Google Assistant integration, you can access many of the same voice commands that you use on your Android phone or Google Home device. This allows you to get directions, play music, make calls, send messages, check calendar events, hear notifications, control smart home devices, check the news, weather, traffic conditions, and much more completely hands-free just using your voice while driving 1.

Siri Eyes Free is Apple’s solution for integrating Siri’s voice assistant capabilities into the car. It allows you to access key Siri features to make calls, play music, hear and compose texts, get directions, find nearby points of interest, and more. Siri Eyes Free aims to provide many of Siri’s capabilities in a safer manner optimized for the in-car environment 1.

Having a smart voice assistant integrated into your Android double DIN system makes accessing your favorite apps and services easier and safer while driving. Just push a button and speak naturally to get the information you need without distraction.

Top Brands and Models

When it comes to the top Android double DIN brands, there are a few major players that stand out. Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, and Sony are consistently rated as some of the best options.

Pioneer’s AVH-W4500NEX is widely considered one of the best Android auto head units on the market. It has a 7″ touchscreen, built-in Bluetooth and supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Reviewers praise its intuitive interface, customizable screens and excellent sound quality.

Another top pick is the Kenwood DMX907S. This double DIN stereo has a 6.8″ display and is optimized for seamless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. It provides wireless charging and can be customized with downloadable apps and themes.

JVC’s KW-M855BW is a great budget-friendly option that still packs in features like a 6.8″ touchscreen display, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Reviewers note its easy installation and intuitive controls.

Finally, Sony’s XAV-AX5500 is known for its excellent sound quality powered by Sony’s proprietary sound technologies. This double DIN receiver has a 6.4″ touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and video playback capability. It’s sleek, customizable, and delivers a premium listening experience.


When selecting an Android double DIN for your vehicle, the most important factors to consider are:

  • Display size and resolution – At least 6.2 inches and 1280×720 pixels or higher.
  • Touchscreen interface – Capacitive touch and highly responsive.
  • Customization – Ability to download apps and customize the interface.
  • Navigation – Built-in maps and navigation, or ability to download map apps.
  • Entertainment – Support for Bluetooth, WiFi, audio apps, and video playback.
  • Calling and messaging – Hands-free calling and texting when paired to a phone.
  • Voice assistants – Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. for hands-free use.

Focus on finding a double DIN from a reputable brand like Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, or JVC that excels in the features you prioritize. Narrow down your choice by comparing display size, interface, apps, navigation, entertainment options, and voice assistant compatibility. With the right Android double DIN, you can enjoy a powerful infotainment system and excellent in-vehicle experience.

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