What is the best forScore alternative for Android?

forScore is a popular sheet music and PDF reader app for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Developed by forScore, LLC, forScore has been available on the App Store since 2010 and has become one of the top apps for musicians to read, annotate, and organize sheet music and other documents on their Apple devices (forScore on the App Store). The app allows users to upload PDF files, sync libraries between devices, take notes, highlight passages, and more. Based on its long-standing popularity and positive reviews, forScore has essentially become the go-to app for handling sheet music on iOS.

However, forScore is only available on iOS and iPadOS, not on Android. This leaves many Android users searching for good forScore alternatives so they can efficiently read, organize, and annotate PDFs on their devices. While there is no direct equivalent for forScore on Android, several apps offer similar features and capabilities. This article will explore the top options for Android users looking to mimic the forScore experience on their devices.

What Makes forScore Great on iOS

One of the biggest advantages of using forScore on iOS is its robust ability to annotate PDF sheet music. The app allows you to highlight, add text, draw, and add stamps directly onto digital sheet music to take notes and mark parts [1]. This makes it easy to mark fingering, dynamics, reminders, and more right on the page.

forScore also excels at sheet music organization and library management. You can create setlists, reorder pages, add bookmarks, and organize your sheet music library however you prefer. This level of customization helps keep all your materials neatly organized and accessible [2].

In addition, forScore integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive for easy access to your sheet music library from multiple devices. You can also record and play along to audio with the app’s robust audio tools.

Top forScore Alternatives for Android

Here are some of the top alternatives to forScore for Android devices:

MobileSheets Pro

MobileSheets Pro is one of the most fully featured sheet music apps available for Android. It offers advanced organization and setlist management tools, audio track playback, annotation capabilities, and supports many file formats like PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML (Source). The app costs $14.99 but offers a free trial version.

MusicNotes Sheet Music Viewer

MusicNotes Sheet Music Viewer provides access to over 400,000 professionally arranged sheet music titles. The app has an intuitive interface and supports annotations, playback, transposition, and more. There is a free ad-supported version as well as a premium ad-free version for $4.99/month (Source).

Songsterr Tabs & Chords

Songsterr is focused specifically on guitar tabs and chords. It provides access to over 500,000 high-quality, user-contributed tab arrangements. The app offers realistic virtual fretboards, tempo adjustment, transposition, and more. The basic app is free with additional in-app purchases available.

Paid Alternatives

Two of the most popular paid alternatives to forScore on Android are MobileSheets and OnSong.

MobileSheets (Google Play) offers many similar features as forScore, including annotating sheet music, transposing scores, and hands-free page turning. It also has multiple organizing methods like playlists and setlists. However, the interface is not quite as polished as forScore’s and the library management can be more cumbersome.

OnSong (onsongapp.com) has a slick, modern interface optimized for tablets. It allows importing from cloud storage services and has robust organization with setlists. OnSong also offers audio sync, MIDI playback, and chord charts. However, the cost is higher than MobileSheets and it lacks some helpful tools like score annotations.

Overall, MobileSheets likely provides the closest paid alternative to replicate the forScore experience on Android. But it does lack some of the refinement and ecosystem integration that makes forScore so beloved on iOS.

Free Alternatives

While forScore is only available on iOS, Android users have some decent free sheet music apps to choose from. Two popular options are MuseScore and MusicNotes.

MuseScore is an open source sheet music app that gives you access to a large library of free sheet music. You can download scores directly within the app and play them with a metronome and recording features. However, MuseScore lacks more advanced features like annotations and audio waveform displays.

MusicNotes also offers a large selection of free sheet music to browse and download. However, the free version is ad-supported and limits how many scores you can access per month. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version for unlimited access and features like annotations. Overall, MusicNotes provides a better free experience than MuseScore but still lacks key features compared to forScore.

Pros and Cons of the Top forScore Alternatives

When comparing the top alternatives to forScore on Android, there are some key pros and cons to consider for each app:

MobileSheets Pro



  • Less intuitive interface and steeper learning curve
  • More expensive than some competitors
  • Smaller sheet music library than forScore



  • Huge library of pop, rock, and Broadway sheet music
  • Cloud storage for access across devices
  • Audio samples to hear melodies


Both apps have strengths in different areas. MobileSheets Pro offers deeper annotation tools while MusicNotes has a wider selection and audio samples. However, neither fully replicates the forScore experience on iOS.

Key Differences from forScore

forScore is considered one of the best sheet music apps available, especially for iOS users, so Android alternatives inevitably have some key differences. Here are some of the key features that differentiate Android options from forScore on iOS:

  • Limited annotation tools – Apps like MobileSheetsPro have more basic markup tools compared to forScore’s advanced highlighters, annotations, shapes, etc.
  • No linked audio – forScore allows you to easily link audio or MIDI files to scores for playback and accompaniment. This isn’t readily available in most Android alternatives.
  • Restricted organization features – forScore offers robust libraries, setlists, bookmarks, and folders to neatly organize your sheet music. Android apps provide more basic organization.
  • No automatic page turning – forScore uses page-turn pedals and Bluetooth accessories to automatically progress through your score hands-free. This functionality isn’t supported in Android apps.
  • No Apple Pencil support – forScore is optimized for Apple Pencil, allowing you to handwrite directly on your music. Android apps don’t integrate as well with styluses.

While Android options work well for basic music reading and practice, iOS users will notice limitations compared to forScore’s advanced tools and tight ecosystem integration.

Workarounds and Solutions

While Android lacks a perfect equivalent to forScore, there are some workarounds and solutions to help deal with the limitations of Android options for sheet music:

Use a file management app like File Manager to organize your sheet music files into folders on your Android device, simulating the library functionality in forScore.

Try using a stylus pen optimized for drawing and annotating on touchscreens, like the Adonit Dash, for easier navigation and markup of sheet music.

Consider using scanning apps like Adobe Scan to quickly digitize printed sheet music.

Use Bluetooth pedals, like PageFlip Firefly, to turn pages hands-free while playing music.

Try reducing animation and transition effects in your Android OS developer settings for better performance with sheet music apps.

Use an Apple iPad with forScore via screen mirroring apps like AirServer as a workaround.

The Best forScore Alternative

Based on the analysis in this article, the best forScore alternative for Android is MobileSheets. MobileSheets offers the most similar feature set to forScore, including a clean interface, robust organizational tools, support for annotated PDFs, audio playback, and advanced markup options like highlighting and bookmarks. It also offers cloud storage integration and one of the largest catalogues of sheet music available. While the free version is somewhat limited, the paid Pro upgrade is very reasonably priced compared to other options. MobileSheets Pro provides additional features like automatic page turning, MIDI input, and expanded collections of sheet music.

MobileSheets strikes the best balance between replicating the forScore experience on Android while also providing some unique capabilities not found in forScore. The simple, efficient interface will feel familiar to forScore users while offering Android-friendly enhancements. While NKoda and Newzik have strengths in certain areas, MobileSheets offers the most well-rounded feature set tailored to the needs of musicians seeking an alternative to forScore on Android.

For those seeking a free option, ChordSheet Maker is a decent choice, though the interface and features are not on par with MobileSheets Pro. However, it can work well for simple playback and practice. Overall, MobileSheets Pro represents the best investment for a full-featured forScore replacement on Android.


In summary, while there is no direct equivalent to forScore on Android, MobileSheets Pro is the closest paid alternative and Trello is a great free option. MobileSheets Pro offers robust annotation, library management, and sync across devices but lacks integration with digital stores. Trello provides flexibility through customizable boards and workflows but has limited annotation capabilities. The ideal solution may be using both MobileSheets Pro for sheet music management and Trello for setlist/gig organization. Overall, MobileSheets Pro is recommended as the best paid forScore alternative on Android due to its sheet music specialization, while Trello excels as a free alternative for general organization. Neither fully replicates the forScore experience, but they come the closest on the Android platform.

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