What music players are Chromecast enabled?

Chromecast is a streaming device from Google that allows you to cast audio, video, and images from your mobile device or computer to a TV or speaker. It works by connecting to your home WiFi network and allowing enabled apps on your phone, tablet, or laptop to send content to the Chromecast device plugged into your TV or speaker system.

For music, this means you can cast music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora etc. to a speaker system that has Chromecast built-in. Many smart speakers and AV receivers now come with Chromecast audio support, allowing you to easily stream music throughout your home. You can control playback and volume from your mobile device, as well as group multiple Chromecast-enabled speakers together for whole home audio.


The entire line of Sonos wireless speakers and soundbars are Chromecast enabled, allowing you to cast music, radio stations, podcasts, and more directly from your phone or tablet to your Sonos system. Simply tap the Cast button from a compatible app, and select your Sonos speaker as the output. Sonos supports both Google Cast and Apple AirPlay 2 for seamless streaming.

Some of the most popular Sonos models that work with Chromecast include the Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Sonos Move, Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, and Sonos Roam. The multi-room audio capabilities of the Sonos ecosystem make it easy to start music in one room and expand it throughout your home.

With a Sonos system, you don’t need to manually disconnect and reconnect to different speakers. You can effortlessly control your music from any room. Sonos also stays in sync, so the audio plays perfectly from multiple speakers without any lag or delay.


Bose is another major player in the audio equipment space that offers select products with Chromecast built-in. Specifically, some of Bose’s newer smart speakers and soundbars come with Chromecast support, allowing you to cast music, radio stations, playlists and more directly from your mobile device or laptop.

For example, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300, 500, and 900 all have Chromecast built-in, so you can stream audio from your favorite apps without any need for additional dongles or adapters. The Bose Portable Smart Speaker and Bose Home Speaker 300 also both support Chromecast streaming.

With these Bose devices that have Chromecast enabled, you simply connect to WiFi, link your streaming apps, and then press the Chromecast button within the app to start streaming your content. The Chromecast protocol allows you to group multiple speakers as well for multi-room audio capabilities.

So if you’re looking for a premium, stylish soundbar or smart speaker that integrates Chromecast, Bose has some solid options to consider. Just double check the specific model to confirm Chromecast support if you want that functionality out of the box.


Many JBL Bluetooth speakers have Chromecast built-in, allowing users to cast music from compatible apps directly to the speaker (Source). Popular JBL models with Chromecast include the JBL Link Portable, JBL Link 10, JBL Link 20, and JBL Link 300. With Chromecast built-in, these speakers can be added to speaker groups along with other Chromecast-enabled devices for whole-home audio. JBL also offers the JBL Link Music smart speaker which runs on the Google Assistant and has Chromecast capabilities.

Users have reported being able to group their JBL Chromecast speakers with other brands like Sony and Russound to achieve multi-room playback (Source). However, some users have experienced issues casting to JBL speakers from certain apps after updates (Source). Overall, JBL’s Chromecast integration makes their Bluetooth speakers a flexible option for whole-home audio and casting music.


A number of Sony speakers and receivers are compatible with Chromecast audio streaming. Sony releases a list of compatible models on their support page. These include many wireless Hi-Res audio speakers and home theater systems with Chromecast built-in. For example, current products like the Sony STR-DN1080 A/V Receiver, SRS-XB43 Bluetooth speaker, HT-A9 Home Theater System, and HT-A7000 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar all support Chromecast audio streaming.

To use Chromecast functionality, download the Sony Music Center app, available on both iOS and Android. Users can then stream music and podcasts from 100+ streaming services including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music. The Music Center app also provides multi-room syncing between Chromecast-enabled Sony speakers.


Denon’s HEOS-enabled wireless speakers, like the Denon Home 150 and Home 250, are compatible with Chromecast. HEOS speakers seamlessly link with other HEOS devices to create a multiroom audio system with hi-fi sound. You can stream music through the HEOS app from over 100 music streaming services and cast audio to all HEOS speakers synchronously using Chromecast functionality. The HEOS app also gives you playback controls, and you can group HEOS speakers dynamically to match what’s playing in different rooms of your home. Overall, Denon’s HEOS wireless speakers offer seamless Chromecast integration for multiroom audio.

Chromecast-enabled speakers from Polk Audio

Polk Audio offers two lines of wireless Chromecast-enabled speakers. The cost-conscious Atrium line includes 25 different patio speakers, marine speakers, and rock speakers to suit your budget and situation. For a premium listening experience, the high-end Reserve series speakers offer deep bass response and pristine audio. Some Reserve models also support Chromecast, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Airplay 2, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect.

What stands out with Polk Audio speakers is their deep realistic sound, sturdy materials and easy connectivity. Polk’s exclusive Power Port technology produces clean, distortion-free bass. The Precision Virtual Array tweeter design provides clear, detailed high frequencies for a real-life surround sound experience. Choose Polk Audio for a durable outdoor Chromecast speaker that you can tailor with the features and connectivity you need.


Yamaha’s music system called MusicCast supports Chromecast built-in functionality for certain products according to the Yamaha USA website. This allows you to stream music and audio from compatible apps on your mobile device or computer to MusicCast products like wireless speakers, AV receivers, and sound bars using the Chromecast protocol.

The MusicCast system creates a whole home audio system that can be controlled by the MusicCast app. By integrating Chromecast built-in, MusicCast gains voice control through Google Assistant and compatibility with many Chromecast-enabled apps.

Some of Yamaha’s receivers and products that include Chromecast built-in are the MusicCast 50 wireless speaker, MusicCast 20 wireless speaker, MusicCast BAR 40 sound bar, and RX-V685 AV receiver among others according to Yamaha.

Other Options

There are a few other speaker brands that are Chromecast enabled. Some other options include:

  • Altec Lansing – Several of Altec Lansing’s higher-end speakers like the ALP-XP800 come with built-in Chromecast support.
  • Grace Digital – Grace Digital offers the CastDock X2 and CastDock X4, which are wireless speaker docks designed specifically for Chromecast streaming.
  • Niles – Select Niles in-ceiling and outdoor rock speakers come Chromecast-ready.

These and some other brands give you additional options if you’re looking for speakers beyond the major brands listed earlier that support Chromecast built-in.


In summary, there are a variety of common music player brands that are compatible with Chromecast, enabling you to stream content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to your home speaker system. The brands discussed that have Chromecast-enabled models include Sonos, Bose, JBL, Sony, Denon, Polk Audio, and Yamaha. With companies continually updating their product lines, new speakers and receivers with Chromecast built-in are frequently being released. Additionally, many soundbars, AV receivers, and wireless multi-room speakers now include Chromecast integration for convenient music streaming throughout your home.

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