Which VirtualDJ is the best for Android?

VirtualDJ is one of the most popular DJ software programs out there, with over 100 million downloads to date. According to VirtualDJ’s website, the software packs advanced DJ technology that’s perfect for beginning DJs as well as professional performers. In this guide, we’ll overview and compare some of the top options for VirtualDJ software on Android mobile devices: VirtualDJ Turntable, VirtualDJ 2021, Virtual DJ Studio, and Cross DJ. We’ll assess them based on key criteria like features, interface, ease of use, sound quality, and price to determine which Android VirtualDJ software is the best overall.

What is VirtualDJ?

VirtualDJ is a professional DJ software that allows DJs to mix music and add effects in real-time. It is used by DJs around the world for live performances, club sets, mobile DJing, and more. VirtualDJ is popular because it offers a complete set of tools and features, including:

  • Powerful mixing console with 4 decks, crossfader, equalizers, filters, and more
  • Beat matching and key sync for smooth song transitions
  • Huge library of samples, loops, and effects like flanger, echo, pitch shift, and more
  • Automatic generation of beat-matched playlists with smart suggestions
  • Integration with Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming services
  • Support for timecoded vinyl, MIDI controllers, and other DJ hardware

According to AlternativeTo, “With effects, samples, and transitions that rival only the best hardware, VirtualDJ is used by more than 150,000 DJs the world over.” Its versatility, features, and performance explain why it so popular for DJs on Windows and Mac.

Criteria for Comparison

There are several key criteria to consider when comparing VirtualDJ apps:

  • Features: Number of decks, effects, samples, video mixing, etc.
  • Sound quality: Bitrate, EQs, audio engine performance.
  • Effects: Types and number of effects like echo, flanger, phaser, etc.
  • Ease of use: Intuitiveness of the interface and workflows.
  • Cost: One-time or subscription pricing.
  • Compatibility: OS support like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.
  • Hardware support: Types of DJ controllers and gear compatible.

We will analyze some of the most popular VirtualDJ software options across these criteria to determine the best choice for Android.

VirtualDJ Turntable

VirtualDJ Turntable is a version of VirtualDJ software specifically designed for DJs using traditional turntables and vinyl records. The software transforms your laptop into a high-tech ‘vinyl’ player, allowing you to scratch, beatmatch and perform tricks using the turntable as a controller.

Key features of VirtualDJ Turntable include:

  • Works seamlessly with turntables like the Pioneer PLX-1000 using the RCA cable inputs
  • Includes high-resolution scratch waveforms for precision scratching
  • Advanced audio capabilities like keylock, pitch scaling, effects
  • Supports all major audio file formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC
  • Automix and one-click beatmatching

Some of the pros of VirtualDJ Turntable are its compatibility with professional gear, advanced audio features, and user-friendly interface. A potential downside is that it requires proper turntable setup and hardware to work effectively.

VirtualDJ Turntable is available as a free download but the full Pro Infinity version costs $299.

VirtualDJ 2021

VirtualDJ 2021 is one of the newer VirtualDJ apps available for Android. Some key features of VirtualDJ 2021 include:

  • Advanced audio engine with EQs, filters, and effects
  • Ability to play music videos along with audio
  • Support for hi-res audio formats
  • Real-time sampler and sequencer
  • Integration with DMX stage lighting
  • Includes over 100 DJ effects for creative mixing

Some pros of using VirtualDJ 2021 are its powerful mixing capabilities, integration with professional equipment, and continually updated effects and features. The main downside is the cost – at $129.99 currently it is one of the more expensive DJ apps for Android. But for professional DJs, the price may be worth it for the pro-level tools.

Overall, VirtualDJ 2021 is geared more towards professional DJs rather than casual users. It has an extensive feature set for live performances and music production. But the complexity and cost may be overkill for hobbyists.

Virtual DJ Studio

Virtual DJ Studio is a popular DJ app for Android that offers a lightweight and easy-to-use interface for mixing music. Key features of Virtual DJ Studio include:

  • DJ effects like flanger, phaser, echo, etc. to enhance your mixes
  • Looping and cue points for creative remixing of tracks
  • Keylock for adjusting a track’s speed without changing its pitch
  • Waveform display to visualize mixes
  • Thousands of free DJ sound effects and samples

Some pros of Virtual DJ Studio are its simple UI, extensive sound effects, and low cost. The basic app is free with ads, while the pro version costs a one-time fee of $4.99 to unlock additional features and remove ads.

However, some downsides are the lack of Spotify integration, not being able to connect external controllers, and occasional lag/instability issues reported by some users.

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is a popular DJ software app developed specifically for Mac users. Some key features of Cross DJ include:

  • Multi-deck mixing interface
  • Support for MP3, AAC, AIFF, and WAV audio files
  • Built-in effects like EQ, filters, flanger, pan, and pitch bend
  • Beat-matching and syncing capabilities
  • Integration with iTunes library

Some pros of Cross DJ are its user-friendly interface targeted at beginners and its integration with Mac’s media library for easy music loading. However, there are some limitations compared to advanced DJ software like lack of video mixing capabilities or advanced effects and controllers.

Cross DJ is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99 as a one-time purchase. There is a free trial available to test out features before buying.

(Source: https://mac.softpedia.com/get/Audio/CROSS-DJ.shtml)

Comparative Analysis

Based on the key criteria of features, performance, interface and price, here’s how the top Virtual DJ apps for Android compare:

VirtualDJ Turntable – This app has basic DJ features for mixing tracks and adding effects. It has a simple, user-friendly interface optimized for touchscreens. However, it lacks more advanced options and has only basic performance capability. Its free version has ads while the paid version is affordable at around $5. https://musictech.com/guides/buyers-guide/best-dj-software/

Virtual DJ 2021 – This is one of the most fully featured DJ apps available. It offers advanced functions like beat grids, sync, looping, cue points and video mixing. Performance is excellent thanks to specialized audio engines. The interface has a steep learning curve but is very customizable. At $149, it is one of the most expensive options. https://www.digitaldjtips.com/best-dj-software/

Virtual DJ Studio – A mid-range option in terms of features and price. Offers good core mixing abilities, effects, sampling and editing tools. Performance is reliable for basic to intermediate DJ needs. Clean interface is well organized and customizable. Priced around $49 so a good value.

Based on these comparisons, Virtual DJ 2021 stands out as the most full-featured and capable software for professional DJ use. It’s one of the top music industry standards for advanced creative mixing and production work. More casual DJs may prefer the more affordable simplicity of VirtualDJ Turntable. Virtual DJ Studio strikes a good balance for hobbyists looking for reasonable capability without a steep learning curve.


Based on the analysis, the best VirtualDJ app for most Android users is VirtualDJ 2021. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • VirtualDJ 2021 has the most features of all the apps reviewed, including advanced effects, video mixing, lyrics support, and hardware integration.

  • It has an intuitive interface that is easy to learn for beginners, yet still powerful enough for professional DJs.

  • The audio engine is high quality and customizable, allowing you to tweak the sound exactly how you want.

  • There are both free and paid versions available, so you can try it out without spending money initially.

  • It receives frequent updates from the developers Atomix Productions to fix bugs and add new capabilities.

  • There is an engaged user community that provides tutorials, tips, and support for getting the most out of VirtualDJ.

While the other VirtualDJ apps reviewed have merits, VirtualDJ 2021 stands out as the most versatile and full-featured. It meets the needs of most Android users looking for an advanced digital DJ solution. The combination of power, customizability, and ease of use makes VirtualDJ 2021 the best overall choice.


VirtualDJ software is a powerful tool for DJs looking for versatility and advanced capabilities on mobile devices. We looked at leading options like VirtualDJ Turntable, VirtualDJ 2021, Virtual DJ Studio and Cross DJ.

VirtualDJ 2021 stood out with its unique Sync algorithm that aligns beats, comprehensive effects and loops for mixing, expansive content library access, and intuitive touch interface optimized for Android. It provides the tools professional DJs expect while adapting seamlessly for any mobile DJ.

So for both amateur and professional DJs alike looking for the most capable and fully-featured VirtualDJ software for Android, Virtual DJ 2021 is highly recommended.

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