Who is the voice of Android 18 in English?

Introducing Android 18

Android 18 is a character introduced in the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. She is a cyborg created by the scientist Dr. Gero to serve as one of the main antagonists in the Android Saga arc of the series. Initially introduced as a ruthlessly cold artificial being bent on following her creators’ orders to kill series protagonist Goku, Android 18 goes through significant character development throughout the series that sees her abandon her villainous origins.

After being absorbed by the villain Cell in an attempt to achieve his perfect form, Android 18 is rescued by Goku’s son Gohan. Following her liberation, she begins a relationship with series regular Krillin and renounces her violent ways. She plays an important role as one of the heroes in later sagas of the series, helping fight off major threats like Majin Buu. This led to her becoming a fan favorite character over the course of Dragon Ball Z and its successor series.

Having originated as an antagonist, Android 18’s redemptive arc and unique design helped her stand out from other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. With her icy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and distinctive outfit, her appearance plays a major role in her popularity as well. Behind her cold exterior, she displays a sassy attitude and dry, cynical wit that many fans find entertaining. Whether as a villain or hero, Android 18 left her mark on the Dragon Ball universe.

Android 18’s First English Voice Actress

The original English voice actress for Android 18 was Meredith McCoy. McCoy started voicing Android 18 in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z in 2000 and continued to voice the character in Dragon Ball GT and video games like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (source).

Before voicing Android 18, Meredith McCoy already had experience voicing major anime characters. Some of her other notable voice acting roles included Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Launch in Dragon Ball, and Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1⁄2 (source).

Recasting Android 18’s Voice in Funimation Dub

When Funimation produced their English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai in 2010, the voice actress for Android 18 was recast from Meredith McCoy to Colleen Clinkenbeard. This was despite McCoy having voiced the character consistently since the original Funimation dub in the late 1990s.

The main reason cited for McCoy being replaced was that she was unavailable to reprise the role at the time of the Kai dubbing. Funimation stated that McCoy’s voice was iconic for Android 18, but they had to find a new actress due to her lack of availability [1].

There was some speculation among fans that McCoy was purposefully excluded due to past conflicts, but no evidence has emerged to support that theory. The consensus appears to be that it was simply a matter of scheduling and availability that led to her being recast in Kai [2].

Meredith McCoy as Android 18

Meredith McCoy was the original English voice actress for the character Android 18 in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. McCoy first voiced the character in the Android Saga which aired in 2000. She continued to voice the role through Dragon Ball Z’s conclusion and into Dragon Ball GT. According to IMDb, McCoy has voiced Android 18 in over 70 Dragon Ball animation episodes and films.

Before voicing Android 18, Meredith McCoy was already an experienced voice actress in anime dubbing. Some of her earliest roles included characters in Sailor Moon, Yuyu Hakusho, and Tenchi Muyo in the late 1990s. Her role as Android 18 was one of her first major recurring parts in a popular anime series. McCoy’s cool and confident take on the character’s personality helped establish Android 18 as one of the most iconic female characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.

McCoy’s Voice Work as Android 18

Meredith McCoy first voiced Android 18 starting with the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z in 1999. She brought the deadly android to life with a cool, sardonic tone that perfectly captured the character’s detached personality. Some of McCoy’s most notable Android 18 voice work includes:

In the Android Saga, McCoy delivered arrogant lines like “Look, he’s kissing the ground, how sweet” when Vegeta groveled before 18, showcasing her cruel and haughty attitude.

During 18’s fight with Vegeta, McCoy nailed her bored, unimpressed tone as she effortlessly dominated the Saiyan prince.

When Cell absorbs 18, McCoy portrayed her fear and desperation, screaming “Let go of me!” as she struggled in vain against Cell’s grasp.

McCoy gave 18 a softer side when interacting with Krillin and their daughter Marron with loving lines like “Oh, my little Marron.”

In later episodes like the World Tournament Saga, McCoy perfectly balanced 18’s sarcastic quips and growing warmth thanks to Krillin’s influence.

McCoy’s vocal performance as 18 in Dragon Ball Z showcased the complex layers of the character over the course of the series.

Critical Reception of McCoy’s Portrayal

Meredith McCoy’s voice performance as Android 18 garnered much praise from fans and critics alike. Critics noted McCoy’s ability to portray the complexities of 18’s character and make her sound both human and robotic at the same time.

McCoy’s vocal tone perfectly captured 18’s cool, sarcastic personality. Her delivery of 18’s deadpan one-liners was consistently humorous. McCoy also excelled at modulating her voice during 18’s more emotional moments, eliciting empathy from the audience.

Many fans agreed that McCoy’s vocal performance helped make Android 18 one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Her voice acting was instrumental in conveying 18’s depth and nuance as a character. McCoy’s excellent work cemented her portrayal of Android 18 as one of the most iconic anime voices.

Critics praised the range McCoy demonstrated, allowing 18 to sound alternately bored, menacing, playful or tender as the scene dictated. Her vocal talents were essential to bringing dimensionality to 18’s character and relationships on the show.


Other Notable Roles by Meredith McCoy

In addition to her iconic role as Android 18 in the Dragon Ball franchise, Meredith McCoy has voiced many other notable anime and video game characters over the course of her voice acting career. Some of her other major roles include:

Nagi Ichinose in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water – McCoy voiced the title character in Nadia, a popular adventure anime series from the early 1990s. Her performance as the spirited young inventor Nagi was praised by fans and critics.

Launch in Dragon Ball – Before voicing Android 18, McCoy got her start in the Dragon Ball universe as the voice of Launch, a supporting character in the original Dragon Ball anime series.

Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special – McCoy lent her voice talents to SNK’s fighting game series Fatal Fury, voicing the female ninja Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special.

Chun-Li in Street Fighter Alpha – She also voiced the iconic Street Fighter character Chun-Li in the Street Fighter Alpha anime movie adaptation.

Her versatility as a voice actress allowed her to bring many iconic anime and video game characters to life throughout her prolific career.

McCoy’s Career After Dragon Ball

After her breakout role as Android 18 on Dragon Ball Z, Meredith McCoy went on to voice characters in several other popular anime series. Some of her major roles included Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Nuriko in Fushigi Yûgi, and Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1⁄2 (citing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meredith_McCoy).

In the 2000s, McCoy continued voice acting but also branched out into other areas. She appeared in minor roles in a few live-action films like My Big Fat Independent Movie in 2005. Additionally, McCoy worked as a radio personality hosting different programs and shows. She also launched a professional organizing business called “The Clutter Fairy” where she helped clients declutter and organize their homes and lives.

Though McCoy slowed down her voice acting in the 2010s, she still occasionally took roles in video games and anime dubs. Some later voice work included Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Pyra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (citing https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0566787/).

Overall, even after her career-making role in Dragon Ball Z, McCoy continued finding voice over and other work in entertainment. However, she gradually focused more on other professional projects and business ventures outside voice acting.

Legacy and Impact as Android 18

Meredith McCoy’s portrayal of Android 18 left a lasting impact and is considered iconic in the Dragon Ball fandom. As one of the main antagonists in the Android Saga and later as a protagonist, Android 18 played a pivotal role in the series. McCoy brought her to life with a cold, detached persona befitting an android, while still conveying subtle touches of humanity.

Many fans feel McCoy perfectly captured Android 18’s aloof yet alluring personality. Her performance stood out for its nuance despite 18’s relatively unemotional nature. McCoy’s voice acting made 18 a fan favorite among Dragon Ball characters. Android 18 remains one of the most popular female characters in Dragon Ball Z to this day, with much credit due to McCoy’s influential portrayal.

Though she only voiced Android 18 for a few years, Meredith McCoy’s take on the character left an indelible mark on the Dragon Ball franchise. Her cold delivery with hints of sarcasm and wit helped make Android 18 an iconic Dragon Ball Z villain. Many look back fondly on McCoy’s time as the voice of Android 18.


Meredith McCoy provided the iconic English voice of Android 18 in the popular Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z during the Android and Cell Sagas. Her standout performance defined the character’s personality and attitude for an entire generation of English speaking fans. McCoy’s turn as the sarcastic, confident fighter made Android 18 one of the most memorable female characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Though she ended up retiring from voice acting shortly after, McCoy’s portrayal of Android 18 remains cherished by fans even decades later. Her significant contribution and influence solidified Android 18 as an integral part of the Dragon Ball lore.

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