Why is my Apple Music stuck on loading?

Apple Music is a popular streaming music service from Apple with over 90 million subscribers worldwide. Like any software service, Apple Music can occasionally encounter issues that prevent it from working properly. One common problem users report is the app getting stuck on the loading screen and failing to fully load content.

This loading issue prevents Apple Music users from accessing their music libraries, playlists, radio stations, and other features in the app. The streaming service relies on a stable internet connection and proper account credentials to load all the available content. If there are disruptions during the loading process, Apple Music can freeze up indefinitely while displaying only a spinning wheel.

Troubleshooting and resolving loading issues in Apple Music involves investigating potential causes like network connectivity problems, account and payment conflicts, storage limitations, software bugs, and device performance. With some focused troubleshooting and the right fixes, users can typically get Apple Music loading properly again.

Common Causes

One of the most common causes of Apple Music getting stuck on loading is having an outdated version of the app or operating system. According to discussions on the Apple forums, not being up-to-date can lead to syncing and loading issues. It’s important to keep the Apple Music app updated to the latest version through the App Store. Additionally, make sure your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device is updated to the most recent iOS or iPadOS version. Outdated operating systems are a prime culprit for Apple Music glitches. Run Software Update to download the newest iOS/iPadOS and app updates to see if that resolves the stuck on loading problem.

Connectivity Issues

One of the most common reasons for Apple Music getting stuck on loading is connectivity problems. If you are unable to connect to the internet properly, Apple Music will fail to load content.

Specifically, issues with your WiFi network can prevent Apple Music from working. For example, some users have reported Apple Music not loading when connected to certain WiFi networks, but working fine on cellular data. Trying disconnecting from WiFi and using mobile data instead to see if that fixes it. You can also try resetting your router or modem, updating their firmware, or adjusting settings to change channels or frequencies in case of interference. [1]

Likewise, VPN connections can sometimes disrupt access to Apple Music. Turn off your VPN and connect directly to check if that allows Apple Music to load. VPN encryption and routing can cause conflicts that prevent Apple Music from connecting properly. [2]

Cellular data issues like weak signal strength, throttling, or data restrictions can also hamper Apple Music connectivity. Try moving to an area with better reception. You may want to check with your carrier that your cellular plan doesn’t throttle or restrict music streaming.

Account and Payment Problems

One of the most common reasons Apple Music gets stuck on loading is an issue with your Apple Music subscription payment. If your subscription has expired or your payment method was declined, Apple Music will get stuck trying to verify your account status.

To fix this, you’ll need to check on your subscription status and update your payment details. As suggested in the Apple discussions thread “Apple Music not working after payment”, go to the Subscriptions section in your Apple account and confirm your Apple Music subscription is active. If it is expired or disabled, you’ll need to renew it with a valid payment method.

You can also try following the steps in this Apple discussions thread for troubleshooting declined payments that may be causing Apple Music to get stuck. Making sure you have an active subscription with updated payment details should resolve any account-related loading issues.

Insufficient Storage Space

One common reason for Apple Music getting stuck on loading is insufficient storage space on your device (Source). When your iPhone or iPad starts running out of storage, it can cause performance issues and make apps freeze or crash.

Here are some things you can try to free up storage space:

  • Clear the Apple Music cache – Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check how much space Apple Music is taking up. Tap on Apple Music and choose “Offload App” to clear the cache.
  • Turn off “Download in Dolby Atmos” in Settings > Music if enabled. This takes up a lot of space for high quality audio.
  • Go through and delete any downloaded Apple Music songs/albums you no longer listen to.
  • Offload unused apps, photos, and videos. You can easily redownload them later if needed.
  • Enable “Optimize Storage” in Settings > Music so Apple Music automatically removes downloaded songs you haven’t played in a while.
  • Upgrade your iCloud storage plan if needed so you can store more content in the cloud.

Clearing cached data and offloading unused apps can quickly free up gigabytes of space. This should prevent Apple Music from getting stuck on loading due to insufficient device storage.

Corrupt Data

One potential cause of Apple Music getting stuck on loading is corrupted data in the app or music library. This can happen if there are issues downloading or syncing your music library. Some signs of corruption are missing album artwork, songs not playing, or errors trying to access your library. To fix corrupt data:

First, try reinstalling the Apple Music app, which forces a clean install of the necessary data. On an iPhone, uninstall the app, restart the device, and re-download it from the App Store. On Mac, uninstall Apple Music from System Preferences, restart, and reinstall. This often resolves library corruption issues.

If reinstalling doesn’t work, you may need to reset your music library. On Mac, hold Option while clicking the Music app icon, then select “Choose Library” and create a new empty library. On iPhone, go to Settings > Music > Delete Downloaded Music to erase and redownload. As a last resort, you can unlink your Apple ID from Apple Music and relink to start fresh.

Resetting or recreating your music library can resolve stubborn corruption problems. Just be prepared to re-download your music catalog.

Software Bugs

On occasion, issues with Apple Music loading can be caused by bugs or glitches in iOS itself. A few known iOS bugs that may trigger Apple Music loading problems include:

iOS 14.3 animations bug – An issue with transition animations would cause the Music app to crash and freeze. Apple addressed this in later iOS 14 updates. (Source)

iOS 15.1 Music library syncing – Some users reported trouble syncing their Music library after updating to iOS 15.1. Restarting the phone or toggling sync Library on/off could temporarily resolve it. (Source)

If you suspect an iOS bug is preventing Apple Music from loading properly, try rebooting your iPhone and updating to the latest iOS version. You can also toggle sync Library on/off or uninstall/reinstall the Music app as a workaround until Apple addresses the bug in a future software update.

Device Performance Issues

iPhones and iPads that are older or have outdated software can sometimes struggle to run Apple Music properly. This is especially true if you have an older device running the latest iOS version, as the hardware may not be optimized for the newer software.

If you are using an iPhone 6 or older model, the limited RAM on these devices can make loading Apple Music a slow and laborious process. The app requires a certain amount of memory and processing power that older iPhones simply lack.

Likewise, outdated and unsupported versions of iOS that are no longer receiving updates from Apple can compound performance issues. Apple Music may not run smoothly on iOS versions that are more than a few years old.

If you are experiencing Apple Music loading problems on an aging iPhone or iPad, the simplest solution is to restart your device. Hold down the power button until you see the “slide to power off” message. After the device is fully powered down, turn it back on and try Apple Music again. This resets the RAM and clears any software glitches that may be interfering with the app.

You can also try force quitting the Apple Music app by double tapping the home button and swiping up on the app preview. Then launch Apple Music again to reload it fresh. Resolving any memory leaks or software issues plaguing the app.

For older devices, upgrading your iPhone or iPad can provide the necessary hardware and iOS version to run Apple Music smoothly. If that’s not an option, try closing other apps before launching Apple Music to free up system resources.

Contact Apple Support

If you continue to experience issues with Apple Music not loading, your best option is to contact Apple Support directly for troubleshooting assistance. Apple provides several technical support options:

  • Call Apple Support at (800) 275-2273 for U.S. customers. Wait times may be longer than usual due to high call volumes.
  • Initiate a live chat through the Apple Support website. Chat hours are 24/7.
  • Schedule a phone call or chat with an Apple Support advisor through the Apple Support app.

When contacting Apple Support, be prepared to provide your Apple ID and password for verification. Also have your iOS device nearby so you can walk through troubleshooting steps if needed. Support specialists may be able to pinpoint the cause of the loading issue and provide fixes to get Apple Music working again.


To recap, there are a few common reasons why your Apple Music app may get stuck on the loading screen:

– Connectivity issues like a poor WiFi or cellular connection can prevent Apple Music from loading properly. Make sure you have a stable, high-speed internet connection.

– Account problems like an expired subscription or payment issue will block access to Apple Music. Check your subscription status and payment details.

– Insufficient storage space on your device won’t allow Apple Music to download and cache songs. Delete unused apps and media to free up storage.

– Corrupt data or software bugs can sometimes cause Apple Music to freeze. Try rebooting your device or reinstalling the app.

– Older devices may have performance issues loading the Apple Music app. Upgrade your device if possible.

If you continue experiencing issues, contact Apple support for troubleshooting help to get your music library loading again.

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