Why would Google Voice stop working?

Google Voice is a telephony service offered by Google that provides users with a phone number for making calls, sending texts, and voicemail. It integrates with the user’s existing phone number and works on smartphones, computers, and tablets.

While Google Voice offers convenient features, some users have reported issues with the service suddenly stopping working. This results in an inability to make or receive calls and send texts as normal through their Google Voice number.

Google Voice Overview

Google Voice is a virtual phone number and call management service provided by Google. It offers features such as:

  • Free phone number – You can choose a phone number with any area code to use as your Google Voice number.
  • Call forwarding – Incoming calls to your Google Voice number can be forwarded to multiple phones simultaneously or sequentially.
  • Voicemail transcriptions – Voicemails left on Google Voice are automatically transcribed and emailed to you.
  • Text messaging – You can send and receive text messages from your Google Voice number.
  • Call screening – Google Voice can screen calls and provide you with a transcript of the caller’s message before connecting the call.
  • Call recording – You can record inbound and outbound calls made with Google Voice.
  • Conference calling – Google Voice allows conference calls with up to 10 participants.

With the Google Voice app or website, you can manage your account, view call logs, listen to voicemail, and access other features from any internet-connected device.

Potential Causes

There are several main reasons why Google Voice may stop working for users:[1][2]

One of the most common issues is account problems. If a user’s Google Voice account becomes inactive or suspended due to prolonged periods of no use, it can cause the service to stop functioning. Google may also disable accounts that violate their terms of service.

Connectivity problems like unstable internet connections, using unsupported devices, or network issues with a user’s mobile carrier can prevent Google Voice from working properly. The app relies on an internet connection, so any disruption in service can cause problems.

Issues with the Google Voice app itself or problems with Google’s servers can also lead to outages. App crashes, glitches, and backend server maintenance can all temporarily make Google Voice unusable.

Complications when porting your existing phone number to Google Voice can also cause disruptions in service. The porting process doesn’t always go smoothly, which can leave users unable to use Google Voice normally.

Finally, conflicts with third-party apps that integrate with Google Voice can sometimes break functionality. Problems with these external apps can end up interfering with Google Voice as well.

Account Issues

One of the most common reasons Google Voice stops working is if your account gets suspended or disabled. According to Google’s support page, Google may temporarily block your Voice account from calling and texting if they detect suspicious activity. Having your account suspended prevents you from accessing any Google Voice features.

There are a few reasons Google may suspend your account. These include: violating Google’s policies, sending spam messages or voice calls, misusing your number, or having a compromised account. If your account is disabled, you will see an error message like “Unable to access a Google product” when trying to log in, as noted on Reddit.

To recover a suspended account, you will need to appeal to Google and prove you own the account. This involves waiting for Google to review your appeal and hopefully reinstate your account. It may take some time to regain access. Having your primary Google account suspended can also disable associated services like Voice.

Connectivity Problems

One of the most common reasons for Google Voice to stop working properly is connectivity problems. Issues with your WiFi, mobile data, or general internet connectivity can prevent Google Voice from functioning correctly.

If you are connected to an unstable or slow WiFi network, calls made through Google Voice may cut in and out or not connect at all. Similarly, if you have a weak mobile data signal, you may be unable to use Google Voice reliably for calling or messaging. Google Voice requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance.

As per Google’s troubleshooting guide, you should ensure you have at least 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed for your internet connection to avoid call quality issues (source). Try toggling between WiFi and mobile data to determine if one provides better connectivity for Google Voice.

You can also try resetting your modem/router if the issues persist on WiFi. DNS server or network configuration issues can sometimes disrupt Google Voice even with decent connectivity. If you are still unable to resolve connectivity problems, you may need to contact your internet service provider for assistance.

App and Server Issues

Sometimes Google Voice may stop working due to problems with the Google Voice app itself or issues with Google’s servers. The Google Voice app relies on connecting to Google’s servers to make and receive calls and texts. If there are glitches in the app’s coding or if the servers go down, this can prevent Google Voice from functioning properly.

App issues that may cause problems include bugs in the latest app update that cause crashing or freezing, inability to connect to servers, or features not working as intended. Server outages at Google can also knock out Google Voice service intermittently if the servers that manage call routing and SMS go down.

According to an article on JustCall.io[1], app crashes, freezes, and inability to connect to Google’s servers are some of the most common Google Voice app issues reported that lead to service disruptions. Users may experience app force closing, disappearing contacts, or inability to make calls or send texts. Google Voice relies on stable app performance and backend server availability, so any outages there can cause Google Voice to stop working.

To fix Google Voice app issues, users can try updating to the latest version of the app, rebooting their device, reinstalling the app, or clearing app cache and data. For server outages, users may just need to wait for Google to resolve the problem on their end.

Number Porting Complications

Porting your phone number to or from Google Voice can sometimes cause disruptions that lead to Google Voice stopping working.

Number porting is the process of transferring your phone number from one carrier to another. When porting your number to Google Voice, issues can arise if the number is not eligible for porting according to Google Voice’s requirements. For example, most VOIP phone numbers cannot be ported into Google Voice.

Even if your number is eligible, there may be technical issues during the porting process that cause problems. As noted on the Google Voice Help Forum, some users have encountered an “Oops” error message related to porting that caused disruptions to their Google Voice service (source).

Porting issues are more likely to occur if you try to port your number while abroad instead of within your home country, as advised by Google Voice porting guidelines. Overall, porting complications can lead to accounts becoming frozen or phone service being interrupted.

Third-Party App Conflicts

One potential cause of Google Voice stopping working is conflicts with third-party apps that connect to the service. Google Voice integrates with many popular messaging apps and services to enable VoIP calling, texting, and more. However, bugs in these third-party apps can sometimes interfere with Google Voice functioning properly.

For example, if you use the Google Voice app on your Android phone, issues with other apps that have access to SMS permissions could disrupt receiving texts to your Google Voice number. Resetting app permissions or troubleshooting crashes in messaging apps like Android Messages may help resolve the problem.

Additionally, third-party apps like Pushbullet and Join that mirror notifications between devices can overload Google Voice with duplicate messages. Try disconnecting or reconfiguring these apps if you notice delayed or missing texts.

Overall, pay attention to any apps that link to your Google Voice account and watch for updates after Google releases new versions of their mobile apps. Developers often scramble to maintain compatibility in their integrations, which can temporarily cause Google Voice to malfunction.

Fixes and Solutions

If you are experiencing issues with Google Voice, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get it working again:

First, check your internet connection. Google Voice relies on a stable internet connection, so issues like slow internet speeds or connectivity problems can prevent calls and texts from going through properly. Try switching wifi networks or turning off wifi and using mobile data to see if that resolves the problem.

You may also want to try reinstalling the Google Voice app, as app crashes and glitches could be preventing normal function. On Android, uninstall the app and redownload it from the Play Store. On iOS, delete the app and reinstall it from the App Store [1].

Double check that you don’t have a VPN enabled, as that can sometimes interfere with Google Voice. Turn off any VPN services and see if Google Voice begins working properly without it.

If you recently ported your phone number to Google Voice, there may be delays or issues if the porting process didn’t complete fully. Contact your phone carrier to verify the number porting completed, then follow up with Google Voice support if needed.

Try disabling or removing any third-party apps that integrate with Google Voice, such as messaging apps. Narrow down if an app conflict is causing the issues.

As a last resort, you may need to contact Google Voice support for additional troubleshooting. Provide details on when the issue began and what troubleshooting you’ve already tried.


As we’ve seen, there are many potential causes for Google Voice not working or stopping unexpectedly. The main culprits come down to account issues like an incorrect password, connectivity problems like your device or network not being able to reach Google servers, app glitches or server outages on Google’s end, complications porting your number, or conflicting third-party apps.

Remedies include double checking your password and account settings, troubleshooting your internet connection and restarting your device, updating or reinstalling the Google Voice app, researching reported outages, performing a fresh number port, removing problematic third-party apps, and contacting Google Voice support if all else fails. Hopefully one of these solutions will successfully get Google Voice working again so you can continue enjoying its features.

In summary, while Google Voice stopping unexpectedly can certainly be frustrating, the problem is usually temporary and able to be fixed by patiently working through potential causes. As long as you methodically rule out account, connectivity, app, server, and porting issues, you should be able to get Google Voice humming again in no time.

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